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Fitness and menstrual cycle pros and cons

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Fitness and menstrual cycle pros and cons
The contents

  • The benefits of fitness for delicate problems
  • Limitation for physical activity
  • Causes of menstrual disorders
  • The role of nutrition for good health

There has long been a belief that girls, women are categorically forbidden sport, any physical activity during the menstrual cycle. Even girls in school were exempted from physical education lessons, considering that it may cause certain harm to the health.Now related to this physiological condition has changed.

The benefits of fitness for delicate problems

Whether or not to change their usual way of life in this period or this is not necessary? This question bothers most of the girls and their mothers.

Today, many believe that a light workout is not only harmless, but useful in this period. For example, workout helps to decrease the pain during menstruation, to cope with the mood swings. This is because even moderate physical activity enhances blood circulation in the pelvic organs and provides a large supply of oxygen in the body. In addition, sports contribute to the production of endorphin — the hormone of happiness.

However, despite the benefit of training, it is recommended to reduce the intensity of the exercise, choosing a more relaxed sports. These include yoga, stretching, breathing exercises, which do not reduce the effectiveness of training. In addition, they calm the nervous system, normalize sleep, which is very important in these days.

These recommendations are ideal for a healthy female body. If there are any health restrictions, chronic disease, from sports at this period should be abandoned.

Limitation for physical activity

The positive influence of sport exercises on the female body obviously. However, there are some rules of conduct that must be observed in these few days to avoid unwanted effects and complications.

Menstrual cycle, even if it flows quietly, without pain, is a reason to refuse to perform such exercises as:

  • Berezka: stand on the blades with the lifting of the legs and splaying them over the head. This causes stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs and the development of endometriosis;
  • the bridge, with emphasis on the shoulder and rise of the pelvis;
  • exercises to strengthen the press, since they can increase the pain and discharge;
  • running, jumping. It is better to replace on Hiking at a moderate pace;
  • power fitness with weights, cardio, aerobics with dumbbells or other weights which can increase blood flow to cause General malaise and weakness of the body.

Not wanting to interrupt the training process in this period, you can do relaxation exercises. Such fitness will greatly benefit and improve health.

Also during menstruation is not recommended to visit bath, sauna, Solarium. This, as well as lifting weights, can cause bleeding.

The menstrual cycle is not a reason to limit yourself and to completely abandon their traditional way of life and moderate exercise. But this applies only to those who have no contraindications. So, cancel the workout for women who are diagnosed with fibroids, dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, exacerbation of other gynecological diseases, severe cramping pain in the abdomen, lower back, headaches or dizziness, extreme weakness, profuse discharge during menstruation.

Causes of menstrual disorders

Some girls flatly refuse from fitness, fear of hormonal failure.

The violation of the cycle is influenced by several reasons. For example, playing sports on the initial stage can delay menstruation for a few days. But with regular exercise for two to three months, the situation stabiliziruemost.

In addition, hormonal impact frequent stressful situations, chronic fatigue, insomnia, a significant amount of excess weight or, conversely, a low percentage of fat.

A strict diet, which is often resorted to girls together with many hours of grueling workouts also cause violations of hormonal failure. Desired weight loss wraps negative consequences for the organism and overall health. Unfortunately, often this problem can be solved only through long-term medical treatment that is prescribed by a doctor based on the analyses and results of the survey.

Also crashing can cause the hormones that increase stamina, increase in muscle mass. They are popular among bodybuilders. As you know, large doses of hormones, in particular testosterone, is not the best way affect the of estrogen. Their regular use eventually leads to complete cessation of the menstrual cycle in women.

The role of nutrition for good health

Special attention is given the power of the fairer sex in the period of the menstrual cycle. Someone has noted increased appetite, someone does not experience hunger. Since at this time the body is weakened, it is necessary to pay special attention not only intensity, but also your diet. It is considered that overeating, abuse salty, smoked, fatty, fried and spicy food affects the overall health and mood. The same effect of alcoholic beverages. It is recommended to limit the consumption of coffee, strong tea.

During the menstrual cycle should avoid stringent restrictions in diet as this may cause dizziness, weakness, nausea.

In the menu it is advisable to include vegetables, fish, meat low-fat varieties, fruit, cheese, yogurt — foods that help to fill shortage of essential vitamins and minerals. No less useful are complex carbohydrates in the form of pasta durum grains. Do not forget about drinking regime — the normal 1.5-2 liters of clean water a day. Recommended five-time meal in small portions.

In General meals these days should be light so as not to overload the digestive organs, the intestines. A balanced diet will help to avoid discomfort and pain.

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