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Fitness after a break: the features of the exercise program

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Fitness after a break: the features of the exercise program
The contents

  • Actions for short breaks in gym
  • A work plan with a long pass fitness workouts
  • Objective reasons for the gaps exercise

Having decided to do fitness, you need to understand that exercise will be effective, and the result is noticeable only under the condition of regular exercise. Caffeine haphazardly and skipping training sessions, it is impossible to achieve a positive result reduce excess weight and increase muscle mass. But due to certain life circumstances sometimes fitness classes to skip, so it is important to know what to do in such cases and how to compensate for the forced lack of exercise for some time.

Actions for short breaks in gym

A short break in the fitness training is the period from one day to one month. A correction plan a fitness program depends on the following factors:

  • the number of missed days;
  • the nature of the fitness classes scheduled for missed period of time;
  • groups of muscles that need to be worked out.

Focusing on how long trainings were carried out, the following action plan that compensates the forced break in physical exertion:

  • if you omit one fitness exercise at the first opportunity you need to visit the gym and work out that part of the program that was not implemented.

Ideally, if this happens the next day. But if the lesson plan is painted, for example, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and skipped training on Wednesday, then on Friday you need to perform the entire set of exercises for Wednesday. Thus, the whole scheme moves one training day;

  • the consequence of interruption to the training process duration 2-4 days is the high probability of regression in the achieved result, so you may need to get one training day back and repeat the exercises performed before the break.

However, if previous practice had the character of a tough, pass in 2-4 days can contribute to achieving the supercompensation effect, while the muscles will be able to fully recover. In this case, getting to work after a break, you need to adhere to scheduled training plan, using a little less weight than usual;

  • if fitness training is not carried out within 1-2 weeks, we can talk about partial rastrineobola, which is why you need to make the training process tangible adjustments.

These changes suggest a higher concentration of the warming-up load, a significant decrease in weight (50-60% of maximum), reduction of exercise intensity and easy option training complex;

  • if the training process was interrupted for 3-4 weeks, then progress to the results, at least, stopped.

Again to achieve effective and sustained improvement in physical form, need to get back to the program fitness the initial level and gradually increasing the load to stimulate muscle development. This process will take not as much time as beginners, because the majority of muscle fibers within 3-4 weeks though and stopped progressively strengthened, but maintained sufficient level of training. Due to this particular muscles, even after a break of 4 weeks between the fitness workouts can be fast enough to be in a good physical form.

A work plan with a long pass fitness workouts

If the exercise is interrupted for a long period of time — from 1 month to a year or more, to increase the level natrenirovannosti need to put a lot of effort. The complexity of the work depends on the duration of the break. It is obvious that to improve your fitness if you skip 4-5 weeks of fitness classes easier to compensate for than 12 months passive lifestyle. To be able to make progress after a long break, you need to take the following measures:

  • conduct regular fitness training. If gaps in the training process was caused by an injury, the damaged part of the body be loaded with maximum caution in order not to provoke deterioration;
  • to work with the appropriate working weight, increasing it if when you exercise there is no tension in the muscles and feeling close to muscular failure.

Objective reasons for the gaps exercise

Despite the fact that the regularity is the main condition of effectiveness of exercise, there are some objective reasons why exercise can and should be skipped to preserve the health and good physical shape:

  • physical ailment caused by exacerbation of chronic diseases or infestation of the body by viruses or infections.

This condition is very often accompanied by a pronounced pain, fever and General weakness. When these symptoms fully operate during fitness classes is impossible, because the body spends energy not for the activation of the protective functions and disease, and physical activity. In such circumstances, the effectiveness of exercise approaches zero, and the condition can only get worse;

  • the recovery period after illness, injury or surgery.

In such cases the body needs time to normalize the work of all systems and fully restore injured areas of the body. This requires tremendous inner resources, so spend them on the exercise in a given period of time is not recommended;

  • overtraining caused by too frequent and high-intensity training.

In an effort to achieve the most effective results, many beginners to fitness are committing a serious error — do not allow the muscles to recover efficiently, constantly loading them. This leads to exhaustion and lack of progress when you exercise. For this reason, it is necessary to allocate a few days for complete rest.

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