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Fish Oil by Optimum Nutrition

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Fish Oil by Optimum Nutrition – essential Supplement for the health of athletes and ordinary people. Gone are the days when fish oil was an unpleasant addition to the diet, drank spoons and nobody liked him. With Fish Oil capsules from Optimum Nutrition any unpleasant taste you feel – only good for the heart, blood vessels, the hormonal system and restore. Omega-three fatty acids recognized as one of the indispensable additives for the health of children and adults, they should be in the diet every day, as they help the body to work correctly. And they improve the absorption of all supplements, promote secretion of vitamin D and help maintain muscle definition. Is there a reason to take fish oil from a “HE”?

Source of omega-three in the human diet are quite rare for our latitude products. Is a fatty marine fish, olives, avocado, and Flaxseed oil. Most people only from time to time include them in your diet. So taking fish oil Supplement – a necessary measure.


In one capsule Supplement contains:

  • 300 mg of omega-three fatty acids;
  • 1 g fish oil;
  • 5 mg of cholesterol;
  • 10 kcal

In addition, the composition includes substances that comprise the softgel supplements. This vanillin, glycerin, food glaze additives and gelatin. All this organic matter, which will not cause harm.

How to take Fish Oil from Optimum Nutrition

Fish Oil from Optimum Nutrition you need to take 1-2 capsules 2-3 times a day. Athletes facing serious training loads may consume more omega-three. Those who have a low weight, or not yet trained can do two techniques. Omega-three, it is logical to use together with ordinary food, so they digest better. Athletes who use sports nutrition, used to add softgels reception sportpit. Indeed, there will be no harm if you drink your capsules protein shake, or diluted in water, BCAA.

Do you need courses? No, we do not accept, for example, linseed oil or olives courses. Omega three the body needs every day so they can be taken without stopping. Supplement is no different unpleasant taste, it is convenient to take with you, it does not spoil after opening.

Omega three will not affect other additives, so they can be used in conjunction with amino acids, creatine, protein and other sports nutrition.


It is the leading brand in the sports nutrition market. Negative feedback is almost there. Of course, there are people who argue that the manufacturer is demanding too high a price for a jar of sports nutrition, but also such ingredients which are contained in ordinary food. But belief expensive is debatable, especially considering the fact that fish oil is much more expensive, if you try to eat all the normal red fish.

In addition, the product has a neutral taste, and unpleasant side effects from the gastrointestinal tract not cause. Capsules can make even those who can not tolerate fish oil in all types. They did not find the “fish” smell and taste if they do not chew.

In General, if you believe the authors of the reviews, no problems with the additive does not occur, and since its introduction in the diet, recovery after strength training is improving and other supplements work better too. So fish oils from “Optimum Nutrician” recommended for use by both professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

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