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Fish diet: is it worth it to try?

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What do they eat?

As the name implies (Latin: piscis — a fish), pescetarians like fish. It is the basis of the diet — from simple tilapia to tuna and salmon. They also eat seafood, vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, eggs, dairy products (the latter two categories is optional).

The description of this diet similar to the Mediterranean, but the meat is still permitted. But pescetarians not against ready meals, whereas in most diets it banned. The rest of them, of course, much in common.

Is it worth it to become pescetarian?

If you can’t live without meat, then probably not. In other cases, it is both delicious and healthy. Pescetarians get a complete set of antioxidants plus fatty acids family omega. So, on health care. Unlike those who do not eat fish at all, they have no problems and vitamin B12.

People who choose this type of food, and suffer less from heart disease, diabetes, dementia, and depression. And all thanks to charge omega-3 and omega-6!

I get tired of fish?

Adherence to this diet does not mean that you are waiting for the fish casserole for Breakfast, chowder for lunch and hake fillet for dinner. Enough to eat fish or seafood once a day or even 5 times a week to get all the necessary substances. It is recommended to avoid wild and exotic fish, which can contain more mercury than permitted.

In short, the harm from this diet there is no, and the benefit is very large, especially if you are not too fond of seafood. In addition, this diet helps to lose weight before the new year holidays. Try it!

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