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First in fitness: where to start?

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First in fitness: where to start?
The contents

  • Why people begin to engage in fitness?
  • How to start fitness?
  • How to ensure the effectiveness of training and exercises?

Today fitness has ceased to be something exotic and unusual. In English this term means “fit, in good physical shape”. More and more people choose a convenient form of training, individual program and power plan. Basically, their goal is to get rid of extra pounds and become slim and toned. But in order to choose the appropriate exercises, you need to know more about the capabilities your body to choose the right power scheme and practice regularly.

Why people begin to engage in fitness?

The first and most fundamental motivation for joining a fitness is the weight loss. Poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, genetic predisposition and other problems lead to weight gain. The presence of extra pounds especially negatively reflected on physical and mental state of the person. So he decides to do fitness.

Regular exercise is necessary not only for those who wants to get rid of excess weight, but also to those interested in maintaining the desired result. All efforts for weight loss will not be able to sense when the old weight back again and in much greater volume. In addition, training for fitness is not just helping lose weight, but also to “build” the body, make it strong and muscular.

Unfortunately, not all are able to maintain the required pace of the exercise. One fitness gradually get tired, they start to miss training under various pretexts, and, in the end, all stop classes. Other timetable change or events occur that are incompatible with regular exercise. But some people still resume regular fitness classes, and do not abandon the idea of building a strong and healthy body.

Once a person decides to start with fitness classes, it is necessary, first, to consult with medical experts and pass the necessary tests. Then you must come to the sports club to choose a coach and a personal exercise program.

How to start fitness?

After checking the health status of the next step to starting any fitness should be a choice of sports club and training time. When choosing a time, consider the work schedule and daily download of after work. Ideally, beginners should visit a gym 2-3 times a week. The coach should have a big enough experience, the appropriate education and certification. A highly qualified coach is always ready to answer customer questions regarding the selection of meal plans and exercise.

Those who are just starting exercise, it is best to do in the group. If a person loves to chat with other people in the group he can find like-minded people, and will give him extra pleasure. You can do individual training, but under the guidance of a coach. When you reach a certain rate class can have a little workout at home.

For classes, you must choose comfortable clothes, which should not be tight or too spacious. The best option would be a tracksuit. Women should avoid cosmetics, perfume, and remove jewelry. Those who have decided to engage seriously in “building” your own body, you should give up bad habits.

Every trainer in the gym to perform its function. Before the start of classes by a qualified trainer should tell the disciples about the purpose of the exercise machines and sports equipment. They are designed to work with a specific group of muscles. At the beginning of each session is usually performed a warm-up.

Basically, the result of training depends on their regularity and on the implementation of the recommendations of the coach. Every beginner student is concerned with the question: when will be the result? First of all, the result of training is to improve the physical condition and health. And for this the coach should choose exercise according to his age and condition.

How to ensure the effectiveness of training and exercises?

The effectiveness of training depends on the motivation of a particular student. If his goal is to throw and continue to hold weight, you should choose one kind of training, if build muscle, then another. In order to exercise brought pleasure, it is necessary to diversify, for example, alternate power and cardio training, or add yoga or swimming. In the beginning it is not recommended to do the workout too intense, because after fatigue the person may lose interest in studies.

Regularity is the main success of the training. You should not abandon them because of laziness, because it indicates the lack of motivation of the student. The time allocated for training should not be filled by anything else. But if you feel unwell or unwell it is better to skip a workout. You should not attend classes and when symptoms of incipient cold or flu — exercise to the detriment of their own health will not bring pleasure, besides there is a serious risk of infecting other students.

A successful strategy of “building a body” is not possible without the correct power supply. The diet chooses the coach, and it includes normative consumption of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Of course certain products it is necessary to refuse from, for example, sweets, fast food, pastries and alcoholic beverages. Vitamin complexes and biologically active additives should be selected only on the recommendation of a coach or nutritionist.

One of the most common mistakes novice is the expectation of quick results. So many are willing to literally exhaust yourself many hours of training and forget about diet. This approach causes serious harm to health and health, and does not help to lose weight or build muscle quickly. If exercise bring student fun, it will not be to skip them, and after a while will be able to enjoy enhanced wellbeing and physical fitness.

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