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Finnish walking technique and the use of aerobic physical activity

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Finnish walking technique and the use of aerobic physical activity
The contents

  • The use of the Finnish walking as aerobic physical activity
  • The technique of walking and the features of the fitness
  • Tips for fitness training with sticks

The Finnish walking — the gentle physical activity of aerobic character, which can be used to solve most of the problems with the figure and health. This type of walking involves using special poles reminiscent of ski that you need to build, taking a step. Nordic walking was invented by the sportsmen-skiers from Finland who needed to train during the offseason in order to have a good physical form and steadily increase the level natrenirovannosti.

The use of the Finnish walking as aerobic physical activity

Nordic walking with sticks, like any other aerobic exercise is extremely useful to humans. In practice, this benefit manifests itself in positive changes in the body arising from regular cardio:

  • improves the function of the cardiovascular system.

This is due to the fact that during the fitness training, in which the main physical activity is walking with sticks, quickens the pulse. As a result, the heart is forced to pump more blood, shortening and relaxing. Therefore heart muscles are strengthened and more efficiently perform its vital functions, leading to the normalization of the circulatory system;

  • lungs are developing.

The body during an aerobic fitness requires plenty of oxygen, so the alveoli of the lungs more expanded to accommodate a larger volume of oxygen;

  • strengthens muscles of the entire body.

When doing this kind of walk exercise get not only the muscles of the lower limbs, and bark, as is usually the case in a classic walk, but the muscles that makes up most of the major muscle groups of the entire body;

  • accelerated metabolic processes.

This result causes an increase in the blood concentration of oxygen is the main catalyst of all processes in the body. With a good metabolism, all organs receive more nutrients system function better, and the body expends a lot of calories both during fitness training, and after it. The latter fact, obviously, is extremely important for people suffering from excess weight and want to resolve this problem;

  • increases the functionality of the joint and ligamentous apparatus.

Classes physical exercise aerobic in nature stimulate the production of synovial fluid that nourishes the joints and protects them from premature abrasion and increases their mobility;

  • fitness classes with sticks improve brain function, due to the fact that its cells get more oxygen.

The person becomes more focused, attentive, he disappeared, memory problems;

  • stabiliziruemost the work of the CNS.

Resulting in increased efficiency and stress resistance;

  • it normalizes the functioning of the endocrine system.

Which begins to produce more hormones that improve mood. Most people say that after fitness classes felt a burst of energy.

The technique of walking and the features of the fitness

To obtain all the benefits of fitness, during which you have to walk leaning on a stick, you must master the proper technique and strictly stick to it during the whole period of walking. To learn the Finnish walking, you should perform the following sequence of actions:

  • in the starting position you need to stand up straight and lock the stick in both hands with the help of special straps, located on the arms;
  • next, you should take a straight upper limb back so far that the angle between it and the housing was about 40 degrees;
  • simultaneously with the institution of the hands back, need to put forward the opposite hand, lower limb and transfer weight of the body, making this way a step. In other words, if the walk needs to simultaneously work the opposite pair of limbs: when a step is done with the left foot, back is given with the right hand. Thus it is necessary to control the upper limbs were straight.

Practice the skill the correct Nordic walking you can go to the full fitness training, taking into account such features:

  • during the period of walking is necessary to maintain a stable speed of approximately 6.5 km/h;
  • doing the Finnish walking, you need to constantly monitor straight back and even posture;
  • when walking must look forward. In the case when gaze directed at his feet, very often disturbed posture, which leads to a negative provision of physical load on the spine and joints;
  • the rhythm of the breath should match the pace of walking. You can’t hold the respiratory cycle. Inhale with nose and exhale through your mouth or both mouth and nose.

Tips for fitness training with sticks

Fitness training based on the Finnish walking, will be most productive and safe if used for their organization and direct carrying use the useful advice from experienced instructors of Nordic walking:

  • before the main exercise we need to make the workout. While it is necessary carefully to examine the joints with compound exercises joint exercises. In this case attention should be paid not only to the ankles, hip and knee joints, but also to those who are in the upper part of the body: shoulder, elbow and wrist;
  • it is very important to choose the right sticks to their length correspond to the height of a man, who will train them. If the stick is too long, then the walk will be unnatural to climb the shoulders, and if short, then the body will lean forward;
  • if the place of Nordic walking is necessary to reach by public transport, it is better to buy a telescopic stick;
  • clothing for practicing walking with sticks should correspond to specific weather conditions, and your shoes have good shock absorbing characteristics to offset the negative impact of physical load on the foot.

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