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Figure at any age: how to successfully lose weight after 35?

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1. Remember the Golden rules of weight loss

Yeah, a lot changes with age, but some principles remain the same.

  • You need to eat less. If before your diet “weighed” 2000 calories, you 1500.
  • Need to lose weight more than a kilogram a week. It will be convenient to the body and you more time for the formation of useful habits.
  • Don’t skip meals. If the body does not receive Breakfast or dinner, just in case he will leave the calories that were going to burn. In addition, increasing the level of sugar, and you have to sneak sweet harmful products.

2. Watch the composition of a meal

If you do not overeat carbohydrates, particularly harmful, it will be easier to maintain a normal sugar level. It is important to have protein in the processing of which burned a lot of energy. That should be in the diet:

  • fruits and vegetables half of a meal. They are rich in water and dietary fiber, so it will take place in the stomach and will eat a lot of extra;
  • protein. Portion of meat, fish or eggs — the size of a palm;
  • slow carbohydrates — grains, beans, starchy vegetables like potatoes;
  • healthy fats — 7-10 grams per meal. For example, a teaspoon of olive oil, a quarter avocado, a handful of nuts.

3. Eat less and more often

The increase of insulin resistance (blood sugar) leads to the fact that you often feel hungry. Divide the food into three large and two small meals to was less hungry.

4. Curb your desires

Did not get to eat burgers and stay thin? But that does not mean you have to give them up! Eat as much as you need to feel pleasure. No need to eat the whole bag of chips. And also, don’t overuse alcohol, which also has calories.

5. More move

One diet for weight loss is not enough, especially if you’re about forty. Have and sports! Recommended half an hour of activity a day is the minimum that is worth doing. And at this time does not include Hiking. Exercise program discuss with specialists.

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