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Fight off spasm: 8 ways to ease monthly pain

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1. Take a hot shower or bath

Warm water has excellent therapeutic effect, gets the blood flowing, which helps to relax muscles. Namely, their stress — one of the reasons of the spasms.

2. Drink more water

Sounds strange, but in fact water helps to reduce the unpleasant feelings inside. In addition to fluid, eat fruits and vegetables with high water content: for example, cucumbers and watermelon. Warm water — even better, it helps the muscles to relax.

3. Get some exercise

It contributes to the appearance in the blood of endorphins that helps to reduce pain. Exercise also helps to prevent cramps. Just don’t work too hard!

4. Get orgasm

Not at all, but it works! Scientists still don’t know how, but the check is not exactly hurt.

5. Have a glass of alcohol

For example, wine or beer to relax the muscles and distract. A couple of hundred years ago, doctors had injected alcohol intravenously, to ease labor pains!

6. Drink ginger tea

Or add cinnamon, chamomile, mint. This is the secret ingredients that you’ll feel better within minutes. Ginger and cinnamon can relieve pain and reduce inflammation within the body.

7. Take care of yourself

Sign up for a relaxation oil massage or another relaxing treatment to less likely to think of everything.

8. Eat right

Less added sugar and fast carbs, more fibre and the pain will be not such sharp.

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