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Female fitness: exercise secrets and workout

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Female fitness: exercise secrets and workout
The contents

  • Tips for organizing fitness activities in the gym
  • Features diet for women involved in sports
  • A set of core strength exercises

Many girls new to the fitness world think that the formation of dreams need to go to the gym and perform any exercises. In fact, the process of elimination of lacks of a figure requires a comprehensive approach. This set of measures involves regular physical activity provided by well-written fitness program, and making changes in the diet to ensure the body with all the nutrients without exceeding the daily calorie intake.

Tips for organizing fitness activities in the gym

Getting to the gym in the gym, the girls must first familiarize yourself with these important rules of organization and holding of training:

  • warm-up and hitch — such as a mandatory component of the fitness exercise as the main program of physical activity, and you cannot ignore them. Warm up facilitates the smooth introduction of the systems of the body in training mode that allows you to increase exercise effectiveness and safety. Hitch helps to relax muscles and activates them in the process of regeneration;
  • when you work with weights you need to use moderately heavy and heavy shells. It is this intense exercise promotes muscle growth;
  • the number of repetitions depends on the weight of missiles and training objectives. To develop strength you need to work with heavier weights and perform up to 5 repetitions in each set. In order to achieve the hypertrophy of the muscles to use moderately heavy projectiles and repeat training each movement 6-12 times. With the aim of increasing stamina and separation muscle to work with small weights and perform more than 12 repetitions in each set;
  • the basis of the exercises should be basic exercises, performing which is involved in the work several joints and muscle groups. Isolation training should be included in the training program, in small quantities;
  • the load intensity in the gym is necessary to periodically reinforce to prevent adaptation of muscles and the appearance of “plateau”.

Features diet for women involved in sports

The performance of physical activity depends on diet, so working out in the gym, women should adhere to the following principles of eating:

  • total calorie diet should not exceed the daily calorie allowance, which is calculated taking into account individual anthropometric data and lifestyle features. In the case where it is necessary to achieve not only strengthen the muscles but also reduce the amount of fat, the calorie content of the menu needs to be reduced by about 10%. Girls with ectomorphic body type to stimulate muscle growth is unable to increase by 10-15% caloric intake due to protein foods and slow carbohydrates;
  • the menu should be drawn up taking into account the ratio of micronutrients. For weight loss diet should include minimal amounts of carbohydrates (10-15%);
  • the number of meals should be increased from the usual 3 to 5-6, while reducing the amount of portions. This power scheme allows you to avoid an acute sense of hunger, under which the body begins to experience stress that leads to overeating and accumulation of body fat;
  • the volume of the liquid (pure water), drink per day should be approximately 30 ml per kilogram of body weight.

A set of core strength exercises

Fitness classes for girls wishing to achieve the perfect figure, should be based on the following basic practice movements, which, if desired or necessary, it is possible to add insulation:

  • Deadlifts.

To accomplish it requires to stand near the bar, lying on the floor, so that the socks were under her. Pulling the pelvis back, a little sit down and bend over to get a shell. To perform inhale and straighten the body by lifting the rod and exhaling at the highest point of its ascent. Repeat uprajnenii 3 sets of 8 times. Deadlift engages a large number of muscle groups, so it is necessary to include in the training program.

  • Squats with bar on shoulders.

Place the shell on the Delta, holding his hands, and stand up straight. To take the buttocks back a little and sit down to a level at which the thigh and the floor are parallel. Exhale, shift your body weight on your toes, not lifting with socks from the floor and straighten up. Repeat uprajnenii 3 sets of 8-10 times. If the minimum level of physical fitness, the squat to empty the fingerboard, thus honing technique and improving fitness. For a change the training process for girls-beginners can incorporate into classes of fitosanitaria in the Smith machine.

  • Lunges with extra weight.

As a weighting, you can use the rod, fixing it to the Delta, as in squats, or dumbbell, you need to hold in each hand. To accomplish this uprajneniyami correctly, you need to take the starting upright position and step forward. By shifting the body weight on front leg, bend both knees at right angles. Exhaling and pushing the heel of the lower limb in front, to the floor, return to starting position. Repeat attacks should be at least 10 times in each of the 3 approaches, working alternately on each leg. The fulfillment element not to lose balance, you need to constantly strain your muscles.

  • The pull-UPS.

It pregnancyandativan back muscles, hands and shoulder girdle. Despite the fact that pull-UPS are performed with their own weight, they cause a lot of difficulties. Technique pull-UPS involves lifting the torso to the level of parallelism of the chin bar.

  • Pushups in the gravitron or on the bars if they are in the gym.

To hang on the bars, holding the body in the upper position. Slowly sink down, bending your elbows. Exhaling, pull himself up, returning to starting position. This upraznenije to repeat the maximum number of times, strictly observing the correct technique.

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