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Female fitness: exercise program for home workouts

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Female fitness: exercise program for home workouts
The contents

  • The advantages and disadvantages of doing at home
  • The necessary equipment
  • Tips for performing fitness exercises and training
  • A set of exercises for weight loss
  • Exercises for women to strengthen the muscles and keep the body in shape

To be slim, toned and athletic, often to achieve these goals the girls choose the wrong way: use for weight loss and bring the body to tone those goods and products that promise fantastic results in unrealistically short time frames, and without workouts and diets. With this approach to achieve the objective are unlikely to succeed. To get rid of fat, adjust the relief of the body will only effective exercises, healthy eating and, of course, the right motivation. In order to get in shape, do not have to go to the gym. Can be enjoyed at home, choosing one set of exercises, specially designed for girls.

The advantages and disadvantages of doing at home

The benefits of home workouts for women:

  • The possibility of drawing up an individual study plan.
  • Saving money on a subscription and time on the road.
  • Psychological aspect. Completing a set of exercises at home you can not worry about what someone sees imperfections of your figure.
  • Variety of ready-made training programs, alternating which can significantly improve performance.
  • Comfortable stay. First, trainings will take place in a comfortable home setting. Secondly, after doing the exercises for women, you can take a bath or shower without worrying about hygiene, which in connection with a large flow of people in the gym difficult to maintain.
  • Have with training at home and its drawbacks:

  • Violation of exercise technique. Newcomers do not always notice inaccuracies in the performance of the item. This leads to lower performance and increase the risk of injury.
  • The lack of space and sports equipment to perform many movements.
  • The increase in motivation. The house will not be the coach, watching the process of training and incentive as the other girls have already achieved good results.
  • Distractions. Any exercise for women can be interrupted by domestic reasons: the call to the phone or the door, the message in social networks, the hail of the household, etc.
  • The necessary equipment

    For most exercises, done at home, no special tools. Using as a load the weight of your own body, can be good enough to work out all muscle groups. However, the additional equipment will help to diversify the training and make more efficient any exercise program. What sports equipment can be purchased for practice at home:

    • dumbbells;
    • elastic straps TRX;
    • gym Mat;
    • fitball;
    • hula Hoop;
    • the elastic band.

    Tips for performing fitness exercises and training

    Rules for the conduct of fitness training for girls:

  • Before the main part of the training, do warm-up (10 minutes), and finish the class with stretching.
  • Do not exercise on a full stomach. A full meal should be 1.5—2 hours before training snack for 30-45 minutes.
  • Exercise in comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • Properly breathe. Exhale with the mouth on the effort, inhale through the nose on relaxation.
  • Train 3 times a week. For weight loss any plan of the training proposed below, it is recommended to alternate with cardio.
  • Perform each exercise 6-12 times in each of the 5 sets. Rest between sets — 1-2 minutes.
  • Follow the food. None, even the most effective exercise for women will not give the desired result, if you consume more calories than is expended during exercise. If the goal is to increase muscle mass, the diet you need to add more protein products.
  • Drink water during the training: do every 10 minutes 1-2 small SIP.
  • After achieving the goal do not throw sports. Keep an active lifestyle to strengthen the result and maintain body in shape.
  • A set of exercises for weight loss

    For weight loss recommended circuit training all muscle groups. To increase the effectiveness of training and to develop General endurance before and after the main set of exercises to give the body aerobic exercise. It can be jumping rope, intense Jogging on the spot etc.

    • Fold from the supine position.

    Lie on your back, the body to pull in a straight line. Simultaneously lift upper body and legs, bending them at the knees. At the top of the exercise to touch fingers to the ankles. To return to the original position.

    • Push-UPS.

    Make the situation as for the classical push-UPS — leaning on socks feet and hands. Body to pull in a straight line. Fingers to send forward. Slowly bending the elbow joints, down to touch chest with the floor. Rebounding with force to return to its original position.

    • Pulling up his knees.

    To become in a position for push-UPS, your pelvis up a bit. Pull right knee to the left side of the chest to return to its original position. Repeat the exercise on the other leg.

    • Squats with jumping.

    Become directly, feet on width of shoulders, hands in the castle at chest level, knees slightly bent. Descend into a squat until the formation of a right angle between thighs and lower legs. To stand up abruptly and after a complete straightening of the body to jump. The top of the head to reach up, look straight ahead, hands down to the bottom. After the contact of the stop with the floor again to sit down, join hands at chest level.

    Exercises for women to strengthen the muscles and keep the body in shape

    A set of exercises, given below, involves the use of weights. With them, the training will be more efficient, and muscles are worked out better. As the shells need to take the dumbbells or if they are not, plastic water bottles, each weighing 2-4 kg (for beginners).

    • Plie-squats.

    Keeping both hands on the shell, positioning it in front of him — a little below the belt. The body is slightly tilted forward to maintain balance, feet wider than shoulders, toes to expand outward. Keeping your back straight and looking straight ahead, sit up to touch the back of the thigh with the calf muscles. Due to the adductor muscles of the buttocks and hips to return to the initial position.

    • Attacks.

    Stand straight with dumbbells in hands. Feet put on width of shoulders, look straight ahead, keep your back straight, legs lower down. Take a deep lunge to side on left foot, shifting the body weight on the left thigh and at the same time straight right leg. At the knee of the working leg should form a right angle. Fix for 1-2 seconds, return to original position.

    • Dumbbell bench press in a standing position.

    Picking up dumbbells, stand up straight. Feet put on width of shoulders, hands bent at the elbows, palms to deploy forward, look straight ahead. To lift the dumbbells, straighten the elbow joints, and to reduce their overhead. Fix for 1-2 seconds, return to original position.

    • The rise of the foot weighting.

    Lie on your back, head to any reliance. Throw your hands behind your head and hold on to the support. Clamped between the stop of the dumbbell. Exhale through the abdominal muscles to slightly lift the knees bent legs up. Inhale — to lower.

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