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Female fitness: exercise program for beginners

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Female fitness: exercise program for beginners
The contents

  • Features fitness workouts for women
  • The nuances of plan exercise
  • The role of nutrition in the effectiveness of the training
  • Additional tips for organizing fitness activities

Girls, for the first time crossed the threshold of the gym with the goal of solving such problems with figure as overweight or sagging muscles, often feel confused because they do not know how to organize the training process and what exercises to perform. In addition to the desire, they have no theoretical framework, using which you can make physical activity as effective as possible. Therefore, women who have decided to do fitness, you should study the theory of the training process and the nuances of a programme of fitness classes. This approach to training ensures obtaining obvious positive results in a short period of time.

Features fitness workouts for women

Fitness training for women differ slightly from men’s training. These differences must be taken into account to derive maximum benefit from exercise. Thus, women’s training has the following features:

  • with limited amount of carbohydrates entering the body with food, exercise for weight loss be as efficient as possible. Moreover, in such circumstances, the female body becomes more hardy and strong;
  • female muscles composed primarily of fibers of the first type, so girls are able to perform many reps without feeling too much fatigue. For this reason, women can conduct fitness training for certain muscle groups once a week as men but two;
  • a woman’s body recovers quickly, so the rest periods, both between approaches and between classes, in the women’s training is much shorter than in the male;
  • cardio moderate intensity in practice are more effective than high-intensity aerobic exercise. From this it follows that the basis of women’s fitness to reduce excess weight should be moderate cardio, such as Jogging, jumping rope, Cycling at a moderate speed. Interval techniques can be applied for a variety of training and overcoming the “effect plateau”;
  • women performing strength exercises, should work smoothly, without using an explosive technique, which is characteristic of men’s training.

The nuances of plan exercise

A plan of exercise, girls must consider the following nuances:

  • it is important to determine the priority that must be addressed through physical activity. The purpose of fitness training can be weight loss, increasing muscle mass, develop endurance, increase strength, recovery and prevention of diseases. Most girls pursue several objectives, but for making the most effective program, training you need to select the priority. So, for example, strengthening the muscles, but not working on the reduction of body fat, women can achieve a more three-dimensional forms of the figure. In this case, girls need to focus on fat-burning exercises, not power;
  • the load in each workout you want to distribute descending. This means that you first need to perform the most complex training movements, and then simple. In addition, it is important to observe the order of consideration of the muscle groups, according to which in the beginning of the lesson exercise the large muscle groups and small – at the end;
  • the number of repetitions in each set depends on the purpose of training. If by exercise you need to reduce the volume of adipose tissue, you should work in the mode of mnogopoliarnosti by completing each training movement at least 20 times in each set. To build muscle, you need to complete 12-15 repetitions in the approach. To increase strength you need in each set, perform 6-8 repetitions, working with a large operating weight. The number of approaches each training movements can vary from 3 to 5;
  • in one workout you need to include no more than 7 exercises;
  • each lesson should start with a light warm-up cardio and workout the joints. This workout allows you to enhance the productivity of workouts and also makes them more secure;
  • finish your workout with stretching exercises, which increase the elasticity of muscle fibers. The result is a hitch regeneration and hypertrophy of muscle work more effectively.

The role of nutrition in the effectiveness of the training

Nutrition is an important part of a fitness program. The performance of physical activity directly depends on how well-composed diet and how strictly enforced the correct mode of eating. Catching up on fitness, should eat this way:

  • it is important to stick to the daily calorie intake, based on individual anthropometric data and lifestyle features. All harmful and high-calorie foods must be excluded;
  • in addition to the norms of caloric content in the diet should be a balance of nutrients, which depends on the purpose of training. When conducting studies to increase muscle mass the amount of carbohydrates should be more than workouts for weight loss;
  • 2 hours before the fitness classes and an hour and a half after he should refrain from eating. An exception may be the protein shake consumed immediately after exercise. Menu before class should consist of slow carbohydrates to provide the body with energy. After exercise should consume more protein products;
  • proper nutrition includes the special water regime, under which you need during the day to drink at least 30 ml of water per kilogram of weight.

Additional tips for organizing fitness activities

Fitness classes can become even more productive, if in addition to all these nuances of women will take into account such recommendations:

  • you should train regularly but not too often, as muscles need time to recover. In the period of rest between fitness workouts need to sleep at least 8 hours and carry out beauty treatments, stimulating blood flow to the muscles, which were load;
  • plan exercise should be corrected as soon as the level of training of the muscles;
  • the fitness program should take into account the menstrual cycle, reducing the load in the critical days.

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