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Female fitness: exercise in the fresh air

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Female fitness: exercise in the fresh air
The contents

  • The advantages of physical exercise in the fresh air
  • Preparing for fitness training on the street
  • The rules of street fitness
  • Cardio
  • Simple exercises for losing weight and building muscles
  • A basic program of exercise in the fresh air

In good weather, you can postpone fitness classes in the gym and move outside. Physical activity outdoors is not limited to only one run. To make your perfect workout girls can, even with the use of benches, stairs and rails. Exercise in the fresh air is a great way to spend time, emotionally unload and bring the body in tone.

The advantages of physical exercise in the fresh air

Before you go out and proceed to direct the fitness trainings, it is necessary to determine their practical use. The advantages of physical exercise is really a lot. However, not all of the people they are decisive in the choice of fitness training. The main advantages of the outdoor activities include:

  • the free flow of oxygen to the cells and soft tissues of the body;
  • great variation of exercises;
  • the opportunity to plan training schedule;
  • the removal of moral tension;
  • the ability to be charged by cheerfulness and energy of nature.

Preparing for fitness training on the street

Physical activity outdoors requires a little preparation. Account some of the nuances will help to avoid in the process of a number of problems.

Before going to fitness, decide on a suitable location. It is better not to choose a training location near motorways or next to industrial facilities. Ideal for exercise — Park, an outdoor stadium outside of the city, forest, river. Suitable even an ordinary backyard a children’s Playground.

Required attribute any workout in the fresh air — a bottle of drinking water. Despite the change of place exercises on the street remains active ingredients of sport, during which it is necessary to maintain water balance. Dehydration is unacceptable either in the gym or on the street.

Depending on the type of fitness training (strength, cardio) you can take practice rounds. So, cardio in the fresh air, you can include exercises with a rope or a Hoop. For strength exercises you can take dumbbells, small weights or elastic sport belt.

The rules of street fitness

Physical activity on the streets requires adherence to a set of rules. Their implementation will help not only to achieve excellent results in a short time, but will allow you to avoid possible injuries.

  • The last meal before fitness training should not be less than 1.5 hours before class.
  • Between the approaches and types of exercise you need to drink water to restore water-salt balance. It is recommended to do small but frequent SIPS.
  • No need to overload yourself with physical exertion. If the exercises are hard, you can temporarily replace them with a brisk walk or active jumps.
  • Before any training, you must perform a complex warm-up to avoid sprains and delayed onset muscle soreness effect. The muscles should be thoroughly warmed up, and this will help either a separate stretching exercises or light Jogging.
  • Follow the correct breathing. Execute inhaling through the nose and exhale mouth. Try to breathe deeply and steadily.
  • After the program, run the hitch. Finishing exercises will relieve discomfort on the next day after a workout and fix the result.
  • Cardio

    For those who want to lose weight, cardio in the fresh air is the ideal solution.

    • Cross country exercise.

    Start Jogging, it is recommended with 7-10 minutes of easy running as a warm-up. The best option for the active weight loss is interval running. Within 2-3 minutes you need to run to the limit of their capabilities, then move on to the step, performed for 30 seconds, then repeat the cycle. This alternation of extreme physical load and rest stimulates fat loss. In the process of running you need to execute a landing not on the heel, and entire foot. Otherwise, the shock will have a negative impact on the joints. Running exercises can vary in the range of movements of the knees, running on the toes, the use of weights, periodically change the tempo and amplitude of the step.

    • Walking.

    Vigorous step — the perfect workout for beginners. To activate the breakdown of fat deposits it is advisable to walk on hills and rough terrain. To increase the intensity physical activity, muscle strengthening and development of the elasticity of muscular tissue you can also tilt from side to side, stretching the arms, lunges, goose step. Recommended walking time is 25-30 minutes.

    Simple exercises for losing weight and building muscles

    Training on the street include many basic, but effective physical exertion. Such exercises include:

    • alternate bending from a standing position to the right and left leg;
    • jumping on the spot with high knees;
    • burpee (jumping from rest position);
    • squats with weights (dumbbells, weights);
    • jumping rope (back and forth with knees or without loop, with rapid amplitude of the jump);
    • crunches and pushups on the bench;
    • lift your legs and chest in the slope (as a handhold, you can use a bench);
    • vis and pull on the bar;
    • the rise of direct and bent legs in vis on the bar.

    A basic program of exercise in the fresh air

    Exercise for the basic set should be evenly distributed by days of the week so as not to cause overexertion of the muscles. The following program outdoor fitness-workouts a week classes.

    Included in the exercises will help girls get rid of excess body fat, strengthen muscles, create a beautiful silhouette and will improve the overall stamina of the body.

  • Monday: running at a distance of 1 km; ascent knees bent legs in vis on the crossbar (2×15); reverse push-UPS on bench (2×15).
  • Tuesday: jump rope (10 minutes); pullups with a wide grip (2×5); basic attacks (3х8).
  • Wednesday: rest.
  • Thursday: squats (3×20); the rise of outstretched legs on the horizontal bar or uneven bars (2×15).
  • Friday: leg swings (3х8); pull on the bar with a narrow grip (2×5).
  • Saturday: jumping rope (10 minutes); lift the extended legs on the bar or bars (2×15), push-UPS from the bench (2×15).
  • Sunday: rest.
  • Two days of rest per week is the optimal amount of time for effective recovery of the muscles. Exercise program is perfect for novice athletes and those who are at the stage of drying of the muscles.

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