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Female fitness: exercise in gym for weight loss

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Female fitness: exercise in gym for weight loss
The contents

  • Rules of nutrition for losing weight the girls
  • Warm-up exercises
  • Fitness program for beginner athletes

Many of the girls working hard in the gym, can not achieve the desired results and soon quit training. The reason of sporting failure is usually in a haphazard approach. It is not enough just to perform a variety of exercises, you should the whole training process to build on the basis of clear fitness program. If you are a beginner and your goal is to tighten muscles and lose weight just for you, we have prepared an effective lesson plan, as well as advice on nutrition.

Rules of nutrition for losing weight the girls

Started in the gym, you should reconsider your eating habits. The food in the process of losing weight is the primary factor. Without a well-arranged menu to reduce body fat will not work, no matter what exercises you do. We propose to consider the advice of the professional athletes that will help you learn the fundamental principles of sports diet.

  • Create a calorie deficit.

So the body began to consume subcutaneous fat, you must create a shortage of energy, that is to expend more calories than you consume with food. The consumption exceed the consumption of at least 300 kcal. To do this, gradually refrain from sugary foods, white bread, fast food, alcohol, snacks, carbonated beverages;

  • Eat fractionally.

Frequent meals in small quantities have a positive effect on metabolism, which speeds up the process of weight loss. In addition, the muscles, constantly receiving nourishment, effectively restored. The advantages of fractional power can be attributed to the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and lack a strong sense of hunger. Note that a light snack doesn’t need to cook the meat and garnish, a small handful of nuts. It is recommended to split the daily menu for 4-6 meals;

  • Properly combine protein, fats and carbohydrates.

All three groups of substances necessary for a person irrespective of his occupation. But many beginners make the mistake — exclude from the menu all fats. This is fundamentally the wrong approach to the sports diet. The subcutaneous fat is not formed from fat coming from food, and because of unspent carbohydrates. But there should not “rush to extremes” and refuse to carbohydrate foods. Otherwise, you simply will not have the strength to workout. In order to effectively lose weight, you must adhere to the following ratios: proteins 50%, fat 20%, carbohydrates — 30%. The carbohydrates should be mainly complex: cereals, whole wheat bread, pasta;

  • Drink plenty of pure water.

During strength and speed exercise, the body loses a lot of liquid. Be sure to drink at least 2 liters of clean water per day. Drinking plenty of fluids replenishes the moisture reserves prostimulirujte the stomach;

  • Observe discipline.

Sports diet is based on certain restrictions, so you’ll have to exercise willpower. Try not to exceed the daily rate of calories. Visualize the desired result, it will help “not to break” from the diet.

Add that to eating for weight loss should be as natural and simple. Cook foods steamed or boiled. Possible, give up roasting, Smoking and deep-frying. Don’t forget to eat fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. Plant foods will give you the necessary vitamins and minerals, and will also eliminate the feeling of hunger.

Warm-up exercises

Professional athletes understand the importance of warm-up activities. Therefore, any, even recovery training, starts with a good warm-up and stretching. If you are a beginner, offer to find out together with advantages of the workout.

  • Reducing the likelihood of injury due to good heating of the tissue and joints;
  • Increase the effectiveness of training by pre-training the nervous and hormonal systems;
  • The oxygenation of the body, improve blood circulation, training the cardiovascular system to loads;
  • The acceleration of exchange processes through aerobic exercise;
  • More effective weight loss due to the additional consumption of calories;
  • Psychological preparation for the upcoming lesson.

As you can see, the warm-up is simply necessary for athletes of any level. Start your session with a treadmill or elliptical, then do a series of bends and stretches the body. Then, proceed to the main part of the workout.

Fitness program for beginner athletes

The following fitness program is not only slimming, but also for forming a beautiful relief form muscle. In each exercise (except static), perform 3 sets of 15-20 reps. Rest between sets and 1.5 — 2 minutes.

Monday (strengthens thighs, buttocks, shoulders, press):

  • Warm up — treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike — 15 minutes;
  • Deep squats in the frame of the Smith;
  • Attacks jump split step;
  • The leg press in gakk simulator;
  • Abduction legs back in the crossover;
  • Lifting dumbbells in front of you on the front of the Delta;
  • Press the fingerboard above the head in the frame Smith (middle Delta);
  • Abduction hands back in the simulator-the butterfly on the back of the Delta;
  • Plank — 3 sets of 30 seconds;
  • Hitch — rope — 10 minutes.

Environment (exercises to strengthen the chest, arms, press):

  • Warm-up — cardio — 15 minutes;
  • Bench press with chest in the frame of the Smith;
  • Wiring dumbbells on a horizontal bench;
  • Bending of hands on a biceps, in the crossover;
  • French bench press with dumbbells standing;
  • Bench press with incline bench;
  • Bending of hands on a biceps on the Scott machine;
  • Reverse push-UPS from the bench;
  • Crunches on a Roman chair;
  • Hitch — rope — 10 minutes.

Friday (strengthen the back, leg press):

  • Warm-up — cardio — 15 minutes;
  • Deadlifts;
  • Deadlifts wide grip to the chest in a crossover;
  • Pull the dumbbell to the belt in the slope;
  • Romanian deadlifts;
  • Sragi with dumbbells;
  • Lifting on socks in the simulator for the calf muscles;
  • Push platform socks in the gakk-car;
  • The stomach vacuum — 3 sets of 10 repetitions (holding each repetition for 10 seconds);
  • Hitch — rope — 10 minutes.

Considered fitness program is for 2 months of training. Be sure to change it at the end of this term. Otherwise, the muscles will adapt to the loads and the efficiency of trainings will greatly fall.

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