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Female fitness: exercise for weight loss at home

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Female fitness: exercise for weight loss at home

The contents

  • The positive side of training at home
  • Cons of exercise at home
  • The necessary equipment for weight loss and muscle strengthening
  • Basic training rules for weight loss and figure correction
  • Weight loss plan at home

To work on his body in terms of muscle strengthening, slimming and figure correction it is possible not only in the gym but also at home. This article describes the pros and cons of self-fitness, recommendations on the organization of home workouts with exercise plan that promotes weight loss.

The positive side of training at home

With all the pressures of work and everyday life you can always find 20-30 minutes needed for the standard fitness classes. Very convenient to organize an effective workout at home. Their advantages are obvious:

  • time-saving;
  • flexible schedule that can be changed depending on its capabilities;
  • no need to spend money on a subscription to a fitness club;
  • psychological emancipation: the house is not ashamed of her figure, and the lack of sports skills;
  • the opportunity to build an interesting exercise using video and plans found on the Internet or in special literature;
  • no need to buy special athletic shape: you can train in a simple and convenient home clothes;
  • young mothers can do at the gym without worrying who would leave a child to go to the gym;
  • after training, you can take a shower or bath at home in a comfortable and familiar environment.

Especially pay attention to the psychological benefits of losing weight at home. After all, not every girl is overweight decides to workout in the team. A house can be effectively addressed and to have complexes because of prying eyes.

Cons of exercise at home

Despite the many advantages of home training, such exercises have several drawbacks, considering that you need to make your choice in favor of one option or the other organizations of fitness.

  • at home there is no coach who can point out the error of performing exercises correctly and to put the technique movements;
  • at home for training use only the most simple equipment, while in the gym a lot of different equipment;
  • it is necessary to independently plan and exercise program, trying to choose the most effective exercises;
  • to do at home only if you have good motivation to practice — in this case the result will depend only on you;
  • at home there are many distractions that prevent employment, and there is always the temptation to interrupt the fitness to relax or postpone the lesson for later.

However, despite these disadvantages, home workouts for weight loss and body shaping can be attributed to the convenient and effective methods of exercise. Releasing for quite some time and exercising 3 times a week can efficiently pull up the body, tone muscles, get a powerful charge of positive emotions.

The necessary equipment for weight loss and muscle strengthening

Effective workouts for weight loss and improve overall physical condition of the body can be done without equipment. Classes weight also able to give a good load on the muscles to start the process of fat loss, strengthen joints and ligaments. Meanwhile, available inventory and make training more interesting, provide an opportunity to work more muscle groups and speed up weight loss.

As the main equipment, it is recommended to use weights or special weights for arms and legs, which can be purchased at the sports shop. Home fitness your regular decor: sustainable table, bed, chair. It will be good if home get, and such inventory:

  • fitness elastic band;
  • gym Mat;
  • fitball;
  • elastic expander;
  • massage roller;
  • TRX.

Possibly you can purchase for your home exercise bike or a treadmill. With their help organize the highest quality weight loss at home, using intense cardio.

Basic training rules for weight loss and figure correction

Start basic training with warm-up. It is a small complex of exercises aimed at warming the muscles, stretching and flexibility. Warm-up — 5-10 minutes. The same amount of time spend on the hitch after fitness. It consists of exercises to restore breathing, heart rate and deep stretching of the muscles.

When building your workout plan, always observe the following rules:

  • Do not start to exercise immediately after a meal. Before the training, must complete at least 1 hour.
  • If the pre-employment fitness was not possibility to eat, it is permissible to take carbohydrate meal 40-60 minutes before workout. It can be a Cup of oatmeal, a banana, a sports protein drink.
  • After a workout, you can eat no sooner than 30 minutes.
  • If the purpose of fitness is to achieve stable weight loss, you need to pay attention to their daily diet. If you consume more calories than you expend, weight loss at home will not give result.
  • During class drink water in small portions. It is necessary to improve the body’s metabolism.
  • At first, the trainings do not overload yourself with physical exercises. Let the muscle for 1-2 weeks to adapt to physical stress. Then you can make the workout more intense.
  • If you have health problems before beginning a regular physical exercise, check with your doctor for contraindications and limitations of physical activity.
  • Latest recommendation must be followed overweight people are planning to use home workout for weight loss.

    Weight loss plan at home

    To lose weight and bring the muscles in tone, you can start to do fitness on the following plan:

    Day 1 (Monday):

    • exercise “the boxer” (imitation of blows with movement in the room);
    • leg swings forward and back;
    • classic strap;
    • alternate leg lifts in the “bridge”position;
    • basic squats;
    • lifting and lowering of the trunk (on a press).

    Day 2 (Wednesday):

    • walking with high knee;
    • squats-plie with the legs spread apart;
    • jumping with breeding of feet and hands in sides;
    • leg swings lying on its side;
    • the exercise “Bicycle”;
    • the jumping rope.

    Day 3 (Friday):

    • lifting and lowering your legs in a standing position;
    • reverse plank (with your back to the floor);
    • side lunges;
    • running in place with zahlest of the leg;
    • leg swings up into position on all fours;
    • twisting from a sitting position.

    By implementing this plan, we must not forget to do warm-up and hitch, and to include in your workout cardio exercises. It can be running in place, Cycling (stationary bike), walking. Once the body becomes accustomed to the loads, should gradually increase the intensity and start to use for training dumbbells and other equipment.

    Losing weight at home is a very real process, the main components of which are regular employment, the right motivation and a healthy diet.

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