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Female fitness: exercise for hips at home

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Female fitness: exercise for hips at home
The contents

  • Example exercises for effective weight loss thighs
  • Additional exercises to increase workload
  • Tips for enhancing the effectiveness of fitness

The thigh is one of the most problematic areas of the female figure. That they in most cases are localized extra fat deposits. To reduce the volume of the hips, women need to put a lot of effort because physiological characteristics do not allow women to quickly and easily get rid of fatty tissue in the lower part of the body. But if you approach the problem comprehensively, to do the exercises and eat correctly, make hips more slender can in the shortest possible time due to the individual characteristics of the female body.

Example exercises for effective weight loss thighs

Women wanting to get rid of excess body fat in the thigh area, must hold regular fitness classes based on high intensity training the following movements:

  • Cross-side lunges.

To perform this exercise, you need from the direct vertical position to step aside, to transfer body weight to set aside the supporting leg and bend it. Neospora lower limb needs to stay straight and rest on the floor with the whole foot surface. It follows, then, keeping your back straight, tilt your body and put the palms on the floor on both sides of the support foot. Leaning on hands and pushed off with the heel of the supporting leg, the cross-motion to transfer body weight on the other leg straight to side the lower limb, which previously were the main support. This element of fitness classes need to be repeated 30 times, doing 15 lunges on each leg and as while straining press.

  • The attacks of the runner.

Standing smoothly, it is necessary to perform the widest step forward and sit deeply so that the knee of the supporting lower extremity were above the ankle and were not on the toes. Brushes should rest on the floor, placing them on the same line with the foot. Externally, this position should resemble the start position of the runner. Further, the exercise is required to transfer body weight on the front foot and the palm of your hand, and then lift newporno lower limb by 15-20 cm from the floor. Finding the point of balance to stay in position at least for a second. If the level of physical training can not hold the leg in the air, you can lightly touch your thumb to the floor surface. For effective weight loss thighs these attacks need to be repeated 15 times on the left and right lower extremities.

  • Dynamic “Scissors.”

This exercise is the alternate deep lunges, performed with a jump. Thus it is necessary to make more and swings of the upper limbs. Putting forward, for example, the right leg, to raise up my right hand and the left retract. During the period of execution of the hand must also work actively, and legs. These movements help to spend more calories and thus accelerate effective weight loss. “Scissors” is easier to perform than the number of repetitions, and time. First be enough and 30 seconds, but with the improvement of the physical form length of an element should be increased.

  • Diagonal lunges.

Standing smoothly, you need to put one foot forward, pointing it diagonally, and down into a deep squat, trying to touch the floor with your palms. Rebounding heel, to rise out of the lunge and re-allocate the other leg in the opposite direction, then down in a squat. Movement of the lower limbs in this exercise vaguely resemble the work of feet when skating. Diagonal lunges can be performed either for 15 times for each leg, or for 30-60 seconds.

Additional exercises to increase workload

If necessary, amplification of the load in the occupation of fitness, or if you want to add variety to the training process, you can add to the above some more complex movements:

  • “Cliffhanger”.

For its implementation need to accept an emphasis lying, spreading his palms by a distance equal to the width of the shoulder joint, or a little more. The head should be lifted, pointing her chin forward, and look – away. Much straining press and preventing deflections and rounding of the back, you must pull one knee to the stomach, sending the kneecap to the opposite axilla. Not pausing to straighten his leg back and make bringing the other knee. In this exercise, you will need to move vigorously, but without breaking technique. If all movements are correct, then a few reps in the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks and thighs will be strong tension. Footwork so it is recommended before the onset of acute burning sensation indicating activation of the process of effective weight loss the most problematic parts of the female body.

  • Plies.

Standing with a straight back, should be widely set feet, turning them out, strain the abdomen, buttocks and thigh and then sit down, pointing your knees to the side. In the bottom position the hips should be wide open, and both the inner side along with the groin area to form a straight line, parallel to the floor. Pausing in plie for 2 seconds to rise from the squat and repeat the exercise 15-20 times. While performing the last repetition you need to stay down for as long a period of time.

Tips for enhancing the effectiveness of fitness

To enhance the effectiveness of fitness activities carried out with the aim of reducing the volume of the hips, women need to actively put into practice the following recommendations:

  • you need to exercise regularly, combining cardio and strength training. Cardio stimulates effective weight loss and weight training makes muscles stronger and more elastic;
  • before each workout you want to workout, performing during her jumping jacks or skipping rope, Jogging, high lift hips or zahlest;
  • in parallel with the regular exercise you need to reduce caloric intake and eliminate all junk foods;
  • the load should be systematically increased. This can be done by increasing the number of repetitions, complicating the technique or using additional weight.

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