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Female fitness: exercise for effective weight loss knees

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Female fitness: exercise for effective weight loss knees
The contents

  • Best exercise for beautiful feet
  • Features of the diet for slimming the knees
  • Beauty treatments for effective weight loss knees

Full knees — the lack of a female figure, which is not uncommon even in slender women. This fact is due to individual physiological characteristics. But fortunately for those women who are not lucky enough to have from birth a slender knees, this defect shapes can be solved if you act in a complex with regular physical exercise, adhere to the principles of proper nutrition and carry out beauty treatments.

Best exercise for beautiful feet

To get rid of excess fat around the kneecaps, women with this problem should regularly perform such exercises:

  • Stand up, stretched out the top of the head to the ceiling, put the brush on the waist or on the back of the head, move the body weight on one lower limb and the other to lift a few inches off the floor. Finding the balance point, to perform newporno leg several rotations, working knee joint, first in one direction and then in another. Holding the working leg to shift the weight to the other and repeat the exercise.
  • Standing exactly together the stops, put tassels on the waist, to breathe and to make a pretty big step forward, dropping into a squat in which the knee joints of both legs are formed right angles. To return to the starting position, exhaling at the peak of the load when lifting. Repeat the exercise, taking a step forward with the other foot.
  • Continuing to stand up straight and hold the brush on the belt, you need to pull the toe of one lower extremity, slightly turning it to the side so that the inner side of the foot facing up. Breathing in, raise the leg forward, bringing it to the position in which the knee is level with hip. Gradually lowering the lower limb to repeat the exercise. After completing a certain number of repetitions data Mach one lower limb, to make the same number of repeats the other.
  • Lie on your back, stretch the lower limbs, placing the brush under the sacrum, and to perform strenuous movements toes, alternately directing them to the body and from it. To work therefore, you have a few minutes, not forgetting to breathe during this simple movement for effective weight loss in the knees.
  • Stand up straight, put your palms on the waist and spreading her feet to shoulder width Department, or even a little wider. To transfer the body weight on one leg and bend it. Next, you need within a couple of minutes to perform a spring movement up and down, bending and unbending the knee of the supporting lower extremity. Feeling a strong burning sensation in the thigh and knee, contributing to efficient weight loss, to return to the starting position and rest 2-3 minutes. After the rest repeat the training movement, changing the reference lower limb.
  • Standing straight, place the feet a distance equal to shoulder width. Inhale and, without rounding your back, bend at the waist. Take the pelvis back and lower it to the level of the hips is parallel to the surface of the floor. Stay in the pose for 2 seconds, starting to exhale during this period. Continuing to exhale, straighten up. Repeat the squats in 3 sets of 8-12 times each.
  • Lie back on a gym Mat, having the brush head and pull from the floor at the same time the upper part of the torso and lower limbs. In the obtained starting position necessary to alternately bend and straighten the knees, simulating thus driving on a Bicycle. To stimulate effective weight loss knees, footwork need several approaches of 2-5 minutes each.
  • In addition to specific exercises should be included in the plan to deal with excess fatty deposits in the knee following cardio:

  • All types of running.
  • Finnish walking sticks for those who do not consume high-intensity treadmill exercise.
  • Cycling.
  • Features of the diet for slimming the knees

    Performing physical activity for losing weight in legs and particularly the knees, one should not forget about the necessity of any change in the usual diet. Otherwise all work will be ineffective, since the body will be able to immediately fill all of its energy due to the calories from food. To achieve slim knees, in the power mode menu, make the following adjustments:

    • the diet should meet the daily allowance of calories. If necessary, when you want to lose fat not only in the knees but throughout the body, it is possible to create a slight caloric deficit, stimulate the body to more intense splitting their own fat reserves;
    • from the diet should exclude all high-calorie and unhealthy meals, giving preference to products rich in protein, slow carbohydrates and fiber, steamed by boiling or baking;
    • you should go with the habitual three meals a day to eating in which there are 3 main reception and 2-3 snacks. Naturally, the amount of portions it is necessary to reduce;
    • effective weight loss will take place much faster if you drink at least 2 litres of water a day, and thus speeds up the metabolic processes.

    Beauty treatments for effective weight loss knees

    Addition to exercise and a healthy diet can serve as cosmetic procedures that can significantly enhance the blood circulation in problem areas, and, therefore, stimulate the fat-burning process in them. The most effective treatments include:

    • Massage.

    It can be done by hand or with special devices, for example, MITT or roller. Massaging the area around the knees need to exert reasonable efforts to avoid damage to the joints.

    • Masks and wraps.

    Such procedures stimulate blood flow to the treated area, therefore, after testing the condition of the skin improves.

    • Warm baths with sea salts and essential oils.

    Data water treatments accelerate blood circulation and metabolism, which enhances the performance of dealing with excessive fat deposits on the knees.

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