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Female fitness: exercise for chest muscles

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Female fitness: exercise for chest muscles
The contents

  • Basics fitness workouts for the chest muscles
  • The basic exercises with weights for chest muscles
  • Fitness classes with a body weight for the chest muscles

Most women start to visit the gym or perform yoga exercises at home to reduce excess weight and correct such obvious flaws, such as flabby arms, stomach, waist unexpressed or flat buttocks. The muscles of the thoracic are very often left without proper attention, although its development largely depends on the attractiveness of the breast is one of the main advantages of the female figure. Strong muscles efficiently support the mammary glands, allowing the female breast is a long time to preserve elasticity and seductive form. Besides well-developed muscles of the thoracic provides much more functionality other related muscle groups, thereby increasing the efficiency of the power fitness workouts for the upper body.

Basics fitness workouts for the chest muscles

To achieve the most effective results from the power of fitness, aimed at strengthening and developing the chest muscles, you must know the basics of building their muscles and understand the mechanics of working muscles.

The muscles of the breast form two muscle groups:

  • the pectoralis major, which with proper development through fitness workouts for the most part and creates a beautiful breast shape;
  • small, located under the pectoralis major and functionally assisting her, and also responsible for bringing the upper limbs to the body.

Working the chest muscles is inextricably linked with the work of the muscles of the shoulder girdle and the triceps muscles of the shoulders. For this reason, experienced trainers do not recommend in one lesson, fitness exert pressure simultaneously on the chest and triceps, such as intensive training can lead to overtraining. Much greater impact can be achieved if we work out these muscle groups on different days. In this case, the load will be consistently progressive in nature and distributed evenly, and fitness training will not cause stress in the body, but only the positive effect of developing and strengthening the chest muscles.

To study any part of the muscle force training used in the basic and isolating exercises. The first engaging multiple joints and muscles, and the second — to purposefully train one specific muscle group. Basic training techniques are aimed at overall strengthening and development of muscle tissue, stimulation of their growth and the growth of physical indicators of the strength and endurance, and insulating pursuing its goal of forming a clear relief of the muscles. Usually isolating training movements begin to include in fitness training only after the muscles will increase in volume as a result of regular basic training, and physical training will reach a medium level.

The basic exercises with weights for chest muscles

Exercises that effectively work all the muscle groups of the chest and is performed with free-weights or using special equipment, include the following:

  • Presses lying. This basic element of strength training can be performed with a barbell or with dumbbells. Each embodiment has its unique positive aspects and disadvantages. So, for example, working with a barbell, you can change the width of your grip and the angle of sports bench, and thus to efficiently work out all the muscle groups of the chest. By carrying out this element of military fitness training with dumbbells, you can increase the range of motion and to extend the area of working muscle tissue. In addition, with dumbbells easier to control the weight increases by only 0.5-1 kg. Another advantage of using dumbbells in the bench press is the fact that work inevitably involved muscles-the stabilizers to inactive when the bench press bar. This is due to the fact that, squeezing the dumbbell up and bringing them back to the starting position of the exercise, you need to keep the projectiles in a straight path and to make sure that they were in the same grade with each other.
  • Breeding dumbbell lying on the bench, which is necessary from the starting position, which implies the fixation of dumbbells in front of chest at arm’s length, raise the shells to the sides, keeping the elbows slightly bent to protect the joints. This element of fitness classes allows you to work both muscle groups of the chest.
  • The mixing of the upper extremities in the simulator. You need to sit in the simulator, previously putting in it an adequate resistance, to take up the rails and breathing, to bring hands together, exhaling at the peak of exercise. This element is similar in technique to the previous one, but on rendered effect is completely different.
  • Fitness classes with a body weight for the chest muscles

    If you cannot regularly visit the gym, women for the development of the chest muscles can limit the performance of such exercises using your own weight:

    • Push-UPS.

    Depending on the initial level of muscle development and experience in strength training women can do push-UPS in a variety of ways, for example, from the wall, from the hills, with emphasis on the knee or in the classical technique from the floor, focusing on palms and toes. In the initial stages to strengthen your chest kind of push-UPS is not too important, much more important than strict adherence to proper technique when performing exercises and regularity of the work, allowing from time to time to increase strength and muscle endurance.

    • Pushups on the bars.

    These pushups are technically more challenging than the standard, and therefore could be the the new girls, but their effectiveness allows you to quickly and efficiently strengthen the muscles of the chest. For this reason, you should try for each class to do at least 2-3 dips, strictly observing the technique of data strength exercises. In addition, note that when changing the angle of body tilt the emphasis of the load is shifted to the muscles of the lower or upper part of the chest.

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