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Female fitness: exercise for beautiful breast

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Female fitness: exercise for beautiful breast
The contents

  • A little bit about the problem
  • Plastic surgery or effective exercises?
  • Approximate set of exercises
  • Exercises with dumbbells
  • The “right” bra
  • Care of decollete
  • How much you need to do fitness exercises?

Loss of elasticity of the chest — some women, this problem is completely unknown in the power of good natural abilities, others are forced to hide their Breasts under the bra modeling. Girls who want to make your Breasts more attractive, you can suggest an effective fitness to perform special exercises to improve the bust.

A little bit about the problem

Asymmetry and loss of shape of the breast is a serious women’s issue. The reasons for these negative changes can be different:

  • reduction of body weight;
  • breastfeeding;
  • age-related changes.

To return to the attractive breast shape and lift the bust area in most cases — with proper and regular exercise using compound exercises to correct the muscle tissue of the mammary glands.

Plastic surgery or effective exercises?

The chest and the whole chest area require regular care and constant attention. You need to care for our body not only with the help of cosmetic products — beauty should observe for a couple health. Often when a woman notices a problem with Breasts, she had a thought about surgery. Plastic surgery can indeed dramatically improve the situation. But each procedure has its pluses and minuses.

First, it is a rather expensive path to an external transformation, and it is far not everyone. Second, there are situation where surgery for a number of objective reasons can not give the desired result.

It should also be taken into account that any intervention in the organism is always significant risk to health.

In most cases you can do much less drastic ways: effective exercises for chest solve the problem without having to go under the knife.

Approximate set of exercises

For the beauty of the breast need to exercise daily, at least 20-30 minutes.

One example of a small complex, which will strengthen the muscles that support the bust:

  • lie down on a gym Mat, placing the blades small roller. You can do it, just turning the towel. Take the dumbbells and stretching his arms up, start to keep and breed them in hand. To achieve maximum effect, you need not to rush to do all movements slowly and smoothly;
  • stand up straight and press your palms towards each other at the level of the breast. Push neither of them with maximum force and hold the load for 10 to 15 seconds. Perform 3-5 of these approaches;
  • repeat the previous exercise, only with a small addition in the form of a small ball between your palms;
  • a set of exercises for the chest have to include push UPS: 10-15 effective exercises — the chest will gradually regain its elasticity;
  • stand up straight, picking up a tape or a spring expander. Arms out in front of him and after 1-2 seconds pause, pinch them again. Make 10-15 repetitions.

Regular exercise with the help of this complex will lead to the desired result, transforming the cleavage the better.

Exercises with dumbbells

For women’s health exercises with small weights is very useful. They can be used to correct the breast form, actively to struggle with excess weight, at the same time to strengthen the heart and blood vessels, significantly improve metabolic processes.

Lesson with dumbbells can be organized so:

  • lift the dumbbells up and, bending your elbows, lower them to the shoulders. Perform 2 sets of 10 times. Recommended weight sports equipment — 1-2 kg;
  • take a projectile weighing 5-6 kg in both hands, to make you comfortable to hold it. Raise it to the level of the chest, slightly spreading his elbows to the sides. Lower down. Do 3 sets of 8-10 times;
  • lift the shells on themselves, while in the supine position. At slow speed build-move your hands together, slightly bending the limb at the elbows. Keep the body in a static state.

Performing this set of exercises, you can quickly bring the Breasts in good condition. To do this exercise every day and buy a few dumbbells of different weights or a couple of teams of sports equipment.

The “right” bra

It is important not only to make your breast beautiful and elastic, but also to maintain it in this state. And to do so without the “right” bra impossible.

Often the problem of choosing comfortable underwear face and young girls, who are quite satisfied with the condition of their Breasts. Therefore, we give some General advice that will be useful to all women:

  • Always try on the bra before buying. Put it on and follow a few habitual movements: raise your hands, lean forward and to the side, arch your back. At any position of the body, the bra should not cause discomfort.
  • Slide under the gum index finger. Optimally, if he is loose enough, and the edge of the bra does not cut into the body.
  • For the bulk of the breast should choose lingerie with wide straps.
  • Remember, bras with effect “push-up” over time can ruin the shape of the bust.
  • Preference for underwear made of natural materials.
  • Thus, combining exercise with a good, comfortable bra, you can always be confident in the beauty of his chest.

    Care of decollete

    Do not forget that your skin requires special care. Periodically she recommended massage. Once a week use to care for the decollete beauty mask. A perfect result gives a douche: he gives breast firmness and improves the tone of all muscles.

    Proper nutrition is one of the important conditions for the preservation of young breast and maintain the health of the whole organism. Eat more fruits and vegetables, limit myself in sweet and flour, give up bad habits. Start to take care of yourself, and soon you will see good result of their labors.

    How much you need to do fitness exercises?

    About frequency fitness exercise: you must train daily or at least every other day. But do not just give your body a serious burden. In this case, even the most effective exercises can backfire.

    The first week exercise for 15-20 minutes a day, learning the technique of performing the movements. In the second week of training, you can increase the duration to 20-30 minutes. Then, if you feel that you cope well with stress, allowed to extend the exercise to 40-60 minutes a day. This is enough to get a positive result after 1 month. But do not think that pulling up the chest, you can then to stop training. In regular training effect will keep long, so it is advisable to gym became a habit and was not only a necessary requirement but a useful hobby.

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