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Female fitness: exercise for back muscles

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Female fitness: exercise for back muscles
The contents

  • An example of fitness to the muscles of the back
  • Exercises with weights to strengthen the muscles of the back
  • Tips for fitness training for the back

Performing various physical exercises for losing weight and shaping perfect figure, women often pay attention to the most problematic areas — the abdomen, thighs, shoulders. And some part of the body, such as back, getting only an indirect burden. For this reason, you will need to train your back to get rid of fat on it and achieve beautiful relief muscles, because strong muscles of back and proper posture additionally shows a figure and make it slimmer.

An example of fitness to the muscles of the back

In fitness training, the aim of which is reduction of body fat on the back and the development of core muscles, you can get in these training movement:

  • The mixing blades.

This exercise, efficiently working on the trapezius and rhomboid muscles of the back, you can perform standing, sitting or prone. In the last embodiment it is necessary to cross the tibia and fix them so that the feet do not lift off the floor surface during the mixing blades when the upper part of the body will spontaneously rise slightly due to the hand movement. Technically, it is training the movement fitness classes for back as follows: take a comfortable initial posture, hands to his castle at the neck, elbows dissolve in the parties. While in this position, open your hands and shoulder blades, taking the elbows back, straining the muscles of the upper back. Smoothly return to the starting position and repeat the element for another 10-12 times.

  • “Cat”.

This exercise stretches the widest muscle of the back and spine, and increases flexibility. For its implementation need to kneel down, put hands on floor in front so that the patella and brush were on one line, perform exhale as hard as you can and rounding your back, lowering his head and touching the chin to the neck. In this position you need to stay for 2-4 seconds and then bend your back down, lifting his head and directing eyes to the ceiling. Slowly repeat the item fitness workout 2-3 sets of 10 times each.

  • “Boat”.

To lie down on his stomach on the floor, keep the lower limbs together, and the upper to pull the face. Exhaling, you need to lift both arms and legs are maximally stretched in the back and stay in this position for 2-4 seconds. You can then relax, return to starting position and repeat the element for another 2-3 times. This exercise strengthens not only muscles, but also provides the load on the muscles of the limbs, abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

  • Hyperextension in the prone position on the floor.

To lie down on his stomach on the floor, lower limbs together, and the top — to pull along the body or have a head and rests his forehead to the floor. From this initial posture in exercise you need to slowly lift the upper body, tearing the chest off the floor and caved in her spine to fix the body for 2-4 seconds, slowly return to the straight horizontal position and repeat the whole sequence at least another 2 times. To increase the burden of the fitness training for the back, you can perform a hyperextension, alternately lifting the body and brought together the lower limb. This option is more suitable for women who have a sufficient level of physical training.

  • The “plank”.

Take the emphasis lying, in which points of support are the socks and feet of the forearm. Muscles of the whole body and not bending at the back to fix this posture for 30-60 seconds. At the end of this time to lie on your stomach, relax, and then repeat the exercise 3 more times.

  • Rotate the housing.

Lie on your back, upper limb to pull to the side, and the lower bend and stretch your feet to the floor. From this position, knees bent to guide one side, trying to put them on the floor, and the body, neck and head to rotate in the opposite knee from the side, doing a kind of twisting. Repeat up to 10 times, changing the direction of movement of the knees and body. This element of the fitness movement, relieves tension from the spine, strengthens the back muscles and helps to get rid of fatty deposits in the sides, making the waist slimmer and narrower.

  • “Downward dog”.

To lean on his knees and hands, to execute exhale and straighten your knees, pointing your pelvis up. When the body forms a triangle, to stay in this position for 10-30 seconds, without taking your heel from the floor and trying to breathe evenly and deeply. To repeat this element of fitness training 3 times.

  • “Dog face up”.

Lie on your stomach, lower limbs to pull back, bend the elbows and put the palms on the floor under the shoulders. Resting his hands to tear the upper body off the floor and bend your back, raising his head as high as possible. This position is necessary to stay on for 5-10 seconds and slowly return to the starting position, relax the muscles. Repeat the exercise 3-5 times.

Exercises with weights to strengthen the muscles of the back

Slimming back and strengthen its muscles women can do the above complex add these exercises with weights:

  • Pull the dumbbells standing in the slope.

Stand up straight, pick up a dumbbell or other heavy convenient items that can replace this type of sports equipment. Tilt your body, by giving weights to the feet and then bending your elbows and pushing them up, bring the dumbbells to your chest in a vertical path. Straightening of the upper limb, lower shells down. Repeat the exercise 10-12 times in each of the 2-3 approaches.

  • Deadlifts with dumbbells.

Stand up straight, place feet hip-width apart, take a dumbbell and stretched in the lower back, tilt your body forward. From this position, perform a dumbbell pull up at the expense of the flexion and extension of the lower back, the arms should always remain straight. Repeat the exercise in 2-3 sets of 10-12 times.

Tips for fitness training for the back

In order to achieve fast and effective results, while organizing and holding fitness classes for the back should take account of such advice:

  • before training you should always carry out warm up exercises to prepare the muscles and spine to subsequent loads;
  • first time in fitness training you can include all the elements of the complex;
  • for more effective weight loss back is recommended to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition and carry out more cardio;
  • when performing strength exercises the initial working weight should be minimal, but gradually it should be increased.

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