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Female fitness: exercise for arms in gym

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Female fitness: exercise for arms in gym
The contents

  • The structure of the muscles of the hands
  • The principles of planning for women’s workouts
  • The frequency, duration and intensity of training
  • The basic exercises
  • Insulating load
  • Female power fitness exercise for pumping the muscles of the hands
  • Training at home
  • Sports nutrition for muscle growth

For any girl fit sports hands — a great opportunity to demonstrate feminine shoulders and embossed silhouettes of the upper body in the open tops, summer shirts and dresses.

To achieve the desired results require hard work on the muscle corset. There are a set of exercises for the full development of the muscles of the arms, which are tailored to the peculiarities of the female anatomy. With it, you can achieve impressive results after a couple months of regular training. Hands will be not only strong and resilient, but will also begin to acquire a beautiful relief.

The structure of the muscles of the hands

The shape of the hands creates large muscle groups:

  • the triceps muscle is involved with extension of the arm at the elbow and shoulder (triceps);
  • two-headed muscle responsible for flexing the arm at the elbow and rotate the wrist (biceps).

On the muscles of the hands and affect the smaller muscles, such as shoulder and elbow, the radial extensor of the wrist and finger extensors.

You need to keep on training were studied, and upper arms, and forearms. This is not only important for a harmonic appearance. Strengthening the muscles of the forearms helps exercise and other muscle groups — it becomes easier to perform many exercises from pull-UPS to deadlift.

The principles of planning for women’s workouts

Features of the anatomical structure, the scheduling of classes for women, require compliance with the following principles:

  • Hand muscles are small and get tired quickly. The training is made to study each muscle you have no more than three exercises.
  • It is very important to load all the muscles evenly. It is necessary to change the order of exercises and the type of load.
  • In each case the number of repetitions of exercises depends on the physical shape of the athletes and goals of the training. When developing an individual program should consult with experienced fitness instructor.
  • Workouts you can do 2-3 sets (12-15 repetitions). To increase muscle strength and endurance, you should perform 3-4 sets of 6-10 times. Active to build muscle you must increase the number of repetitions (at least up to 8-12 times).
  • A combined system of training will help to achieve several goals. Therefore it is better to take turns to alternate the exercises with a specified number of sets and reps.
  • The frequency, duration and intensity of training

    For maximum development of each group of muscles recognized as the most effective system of split-training. It has a number of features.

  • Separate parts of the body is allocated a certain day of the week. So the body has time to fully recover faster and creates muscle tissue.
  • Exercises for development of muscles of hands you can include in your workout plan 1-2 times a week.
  • Duration of fitness should not exceed 60 minutes.
  • Classes should be conducted in the most intensive mode. The break between sets is necessary to reduce gradually, perform supersets and drop-sets.
  • To increase the working weight should gradually.
  • To achieve inclusion in the small hand muscles using isolation exercises. Muscle growth thus it is possible to provide a secondary load, performing many complex movements.

    To prevent the muscles to get used to, you should vary the isolation of the load. For extra effort on the biceps, do pullups and rowing on the machine with the help superyoung grip is when the palm is turned in.

    To stimulate growth biceps is also possible, completing the isolation exercise workout back muscles.

    Exercises on the chest muscles with a narrow formulation of the hands will help to additionally load the triceps.

    To cause muscle growth will help the increased intensity of training: the use of shock exercise helps to prevent adaptation of muscles and stop their growth.

    The basic exercises

    The basis of the power fitness workout for pumping the biceps muscle is lifting barbells for biceps. Be sure to include this exercise in terms of training especially if the training is focused on muscle building.

    For qualitative examination of indispensable triceps French press lying. You must do it in an intensive mode, gradually increasing the weight to increase muscle mass went faster.

    Insulating load

    To exercise with an isolation exercise on the major muscles of the hands gave the best result, you should use the following tips:

    • always keep your wrist tense and in a straight position;
    • training biceps or triceps, be sure to lock the elbow;
    • the shoulder should be motionless: let the arm bends only at the elbow joint.

    These rules will also help to avoid injuries of the elbow joints and wrists.

    Female power fitness exercise for pumping the muscles of the hands

    Standard training consists of two supersets for biceps and one for triceps superset.

    Superset 1 (3 sets of 15 repetitions for each exercise):

  • Lifting barbells for biceps lying on a flat bench.
  • The lifting of the dumbbells on a biceps, sitting.
  • Superset 2 (4 sets of 15 reps each exercise):

  • Lifting barbells for biceps on the Scott bench: shoulders and elbows are fixed and lie on a special stand.
  • Alternate bending of the arms with dumbbells from a standing position, grip the “hammer”: when the palms are turned to each other.
  • Superset 3 (4 sets of 15 reps each exercise):

  • French press from a seated position.
  • Extension, dumbbell — prone, regular grip.
  • Straightening hands down on the block.
  • Training at home

    For the study of the muscles of the hands do not have to visit the fitness room. You can do at home. You only need to acquire additional equipment to secure the insulation of the load: mini-bar, chest expander, dumbbells.

    It should be remembered that a free weight cannot contribute to the fast growth of muscle mass. To avoid any stagnant adaptation of the muscles need to gradually increase the load, engaging with dumbbells or small decorative rod.

    Triceps can additionally load, just wrung out from the chair.

    Sports nutrition for muscle growth

    Sports supplements — protein, creatine, weight gainer, arginine, BCAA, amino acids — make the training more effective, accelerating the muscle-building process. Sports nutrition designed for athletes with different level of training, helps safe muscle growth. Before taking supplements desirable the advice of an experienced coach.

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