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Female fitness: exercise and nutrition for building muscle

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Female fitness: exercise and nutrition for building muscle
The contents

  • A three-day split for weight loss
  • Exercise program for weight
  • Advice on nutrition for girls
  • General rules of training for girls

Girls and women want to have slim and trim figure, and because of this they are going to the gym. Striving for a common goal in a toned body, each of them pursues his / her: someone wants to reduce the overall weight of the body, while others would slightly increase muscles volume, and some just want to maintain the shape and overall health with regular perform effective exercises.

Depending on what you want to accomplish, the fan of a healthy lifestyle, getting appropriate exercise and design a program of training, taking into account individual peculiarities of the organism and the level of physical development.

A three-day split for weight loss

Effective weight loss is achieved through a heavy load with a small weight of weights and lots of repetitions. Before starting such training must be preparatory period, during which there is a technique of exercise and strengthen muscles to further a more productive and intensive work. Depending on the level of physical training, this period may last from several weeks to a month, and then start a more thorough work on the body with the goal of weight loss. The optimal frequency of training for weight loss – three times a week, but in addition regular exercise is also very important to observe the correct diet.

To get rid of excess fat do the exercises from the following three day split:


  • working on any cardio machine for half an hour;
  • push-UPS from low support;
  • the layout of dumbbells in hand while lying on a flat bench;
  • training back muscles in the crossover;
  • flexion of the biceps;
  • dumbbell bench press sitting;
  • any three exercises for pumping the abdominal muscles.


  • a half-hour working on cardio;
  • any kind of squats with weights or leg press in the simulator;
  • training quads in the simulator sitting;
  • study of the biceps of the thighs in the simulator lying;
  • raising the legs in the simulator;
  • breeding dumbbells in hand, standing in the slope;
  • light cardio as a cool down.


  • a half-hour cardio training;
  • any basic exercise on traction for back and legs (Romanian, dead);
  • exercise hyperextension;
  • the thrust of the upper block for the head;
  • breeding dumbbells lying;
  • the bending of the arms at the biceps;
  • AB workout.

All of these exercises should be done at a fast pace, 3 sets of 20 repetitions, doing between sets one minute rest. Weight loss will be more effective if carried out workouts in a circle. For this you need to choose three exercises and do them all in a row 20 times without a break, then rest for one minute and again to perform the same set, performing only 4-5 such circle.

Exercise program for weight

To increase muscle volume and gaining elevation, you should choose more weight weights and do exercises at 3 sets each at 12 reps, while the tempo of the movement should be small. To train for mass, you can use this program:


  • light cardio for 15 minutes;
  • a press of a bar lying on a horizontal bench;
  • breeding dumbbell lying on a flat bench;
  • study of the pectoral muscles in a crossover;
  • extension of the triceps in the block;
  • lowering the dumbbell behind your head;
  • direct and oblique twists on bench press;
  • stretching exercises.


  • the cardio for 15 minutes;
  • the leg press sitting in the simulator;
  • training quads in the simulator;
  • training of the biceps of the thighs in the simulator;
  • raising the legs in the simulator;
  • the layout of dumbbells in hand, standing in the slope;
  • easy cardio.


  • the cardio for 10 minutes;
  • exercise hyperextension;
  • bending with a barbell (exercise “good morning”);
  • vertical thrust;
  • breeding dumbbells in hand while standing;
  • the bending of the arms at the biceps;
  • study of the lower press in vis on the bar.

Advice on nutrition for girls

Nutrition is an important factor in successful training. Any girl working out at the gym, should monitor the quality of your diet and is proportional to the ratio of protein, fats and carbohydrates. It is different depending on the objectives of the lessons:

  • for muscle building is about half of the diet should be carbohydrates, one third proteins, and the remaining 20% fats;
  • for effective weight loss first the diet needs to go proteins (45%), the carbs should be low (10%), and fats slightly more than a third (35%);
  • if the weight and shape you like, and you go to the gym to maintain appearance and health, eat proteins, fats and carbohydrates in approximately equal amounts.

Sports nutrition should be an integral part of the diet because in the training period to provide the body with the required nutrients using only products is difficult.

General rules of training for girls

The girls, wishing to tidy up your figure and gain a svelte shape, you should follow these General recommendations:

  • If you have a large number of excess weight to engage in weight training is not recommended, and work on the cardio equipment and even prohibited. So initially you should reduce total body weight with a correction power, and then proceed to hard training.
  • Before class be sure to do some warm-up exercises that you can incorporate cardio and simple exercises.
  • To facilitate training, monitor your progress and planning future lessons, keep a training diary.
  • The first classes should be very light, and should use a minimum weight of weights. Then within the first month, very slowly increase the weight, assessing your physical abilities.
  • For greater effect, training is recommended about once a month to completely change the fitness program, or to replace at least 50% of all its exercises.
  • Try not to eat at least 1.5 hours before workout and not eating the same amount of time after it.
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