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Features of the winter fitness training for girls

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Features of the winter fitness training for girls
The contents

  • The main components of human health
  • The benefits of exercise to improve the immune system
  • The benefits of fitness training for better health
  • A comprehensive programme of winter training sessions for girls
  • Key rules for winter fitness
  • The need for proper nutrition in the cold season

Winter — time colds and depression. The lack of sunshine, frequent changes in pressure, bad weather — all these not only affects physical health and appearance, but also on the emotional state. Especially subject to such influence female body.

Come to the aid of an active fitness workout. Scientifically proven that regular fitness activities strengthen the immune system, improve mood, improve the state of the nervous system, eliminate sleep problems, fills with vital energy.

The main components of human health

Human health is a fragile system that must be protected and maintained throughout life. Fundamental to the health of a phase:

  • physiological;
  • psychological;
  • physical;
  • social.

If it fails in one of these systems, an imbalance of the functioning of the whole organism. And he becomes more vulnerable to diseases. Fitness classes improve not only physical health, but also lift your spirits, harmonizes the psycho-emotional background. Physical activity gives a significant release of endorphins, which positively affects the psychological side of health.

The benefits of exercise to improve the immune system

British scientists have proven the beneficial impact of regular exercise on the immune system of a person. According to the results of their research people involved in fitness 3 to 5 times per week, the probability of disease of respiratory viral infections reduced by 45%. In a series of experiments was conducted with participation of men and women aged 18 to 35 years.

Fitness training not only reduce the likelihood of ill, but also reduce the level of severity of the disease. People with good physical preparation transfer all of the symptoms of colds much easier and without complications. This is because the moderate weight loads improve blood circulation and cause the white blood cells and other cells to move actively. Respectively the infectious agents they fall faster and the fight against viruses is much more efficient.

The cold, lack of sun and vitamins cause the body to stock up more food sources. That is why in the cold season, many people have increased appetite, which leads to the recruitment of extra pounds. Active fitness classes will help to cope with this problem.

The benefits of fitness training for better health

Systematic fitness classes have a positive effect on human health. Their advantages are:

  • improvement of mobility of joints, flexibility of ligaments, to bone strength;
  • strengthening muscle fibers, thereby reducing the load on the spine and the joint and ligamentous apparatus;
  • improving the appearance of the condition and elasticity of the skin;
  • stimulation of the blood supply of all organs and systems;
  • normalization of the endocrine glands;
  • activation of inflammatory processes in cells;
  • strengthening the immune system, promoting the efficient confrontation of different viruses and diseases;
  • improving metabolism and excretion of toxins from the body;
  • the launch of the fat burning processes, getting rid of excess weight, that is both prevention of the appearance of dangerous diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, of angina pectoris;
  • increase endurance and work capacity of the body.

A comprehensive programme of winter training sessions for girls

The program fitness workouts for girls have to include exercises for different muscle groups.

Exemplary lesson plan:

  • mandatory warm-up to prepare the muscle tissue, ligaments and joints to work;
  • cardio training on the treadmill or on the elliptical trainer;
  • bench press or breeding hands with dumbbells for inclusion in the work of the shoulder girdle and hands;
  • classic and side lunges with dumbbells to strengthen your thighs and buttocks;
  • classic squats (or a more complicated version — squats);
  • sit-UPS on incline bench to strengthen the press;
  • push UPS from the bench;
  • lifting legs in vis;
  • stretching.

Key rules for winter fitness

Fitness classes in the winter require compliance with some rules:

  • it is preferable to arrange the training in the first half of the day;
  • need a quality workout to eliminate muscle rigidity and stiffness;
  • the training program should include elements that involve in work all group of muscles;
  • it is desirable to increase the duration of the sessions to 1.5-2 hours, as in winter the body needs more time to get down to work and start all the vital processes;
  • classes should be held with moderate intensity: excessive load may destabilize the immune system;
  • mandatory relaxing treatments after activity.

The need for proper nutrition in the cold season

In winter special care should follow the diet. The body for smooth functioning requires a variety of nutrients and minerals. To strengthen the immune system and enhance the protective functions of the organism it is important to eat foods rich in vitamin C. these include citrus, cranberry, black currant, sauerkraut, onions. Very useful for the organism, the decoction of the hips. It not only stimulates the immune system, but also gives courage and strength.

To maintain a good figure, you must limit the intake of foods with high content of fat and carbohydrates. But there are foods with healthy fats: sea fish, olive oil, avocado, pumpkin and flax seed. Their consumption improves the health and condition of the skin, normalizes the function of internal organs, protects the body from toxins and pathogens viruses.

Breakfast is better with the milk products and wholegrain cereals. This ensures normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. A lack of iodine, potassium and magnesium can be replenished by including in the diet of marine cabbage, seafood, legumes, beef, fresh fruit. Such vegetables as beets, carrots, bell peppers contain the immunoglobulin A, which can slow the activity of pathogenic microorganisms.

The taste of any drink will reveal and complement the various spices: ginger, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon. In addition, they have a vasodilator and warming effect, stimulates cerebral blood circulation, reduces cholesterol levels.

Regular exercise in the fitness centre will help girls to stay in shape, strengthen a muscular corset, eliminate body fat, will contribute to the optimal performance of all organs and systems, beneficial for health and immune system. Articular exercises, stretching, cardio-training, aerobics and normalize the nervous system, increases stress, fill the body with strength and vigor.

Winter fitness classes in conjunction with a balanced diet will help to prevent poor health and viral diseases. And will also help to look great in any weather.

A properly selected set of exercises will improve the circulation of white blood cells and antibodies, increase serotonin levels, to promote the release of endorphins. Regular cardio training will improve the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, will significantly reduce the risk of respiratory diseases.

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