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Features of the winter fitness in the fight against excess weight

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Features of the winter fitness in the fight against excess weight

The contents

  • Winter recreation and fitness on the sled
  • Physical activity in the winter on a snowboard
  • Skiing for winter fitness training
  • Running as a means to combat obesity

Winter is often called a time when many are unconsciously gaining weight because of the desire to avoid exposure to frost and inactive lifestyle, as fewer people are able to enjoy leisurely walks or active games in the snow season. Their movements are reduced to a rapid movement between the doors of houses and cars or public transport, and during periods of rest and vacation, many generally try not to leave home unnecessarily.

Such behavior often adversely affects the appearance, especially if a person avoids physical activity at home. To remedy this situation, to spend time and to keep the body in good shape is recommended not to neglect winter sports and learn different things. The most popular are: tobogganing, skiing and snowboarding; better trained athletes who do not want to lose gains, you can do a run. An important condition for such training is the proper preparation and selection of appropriate accessories and equipment.

Winter recreation and fitness on the sled

The sled in the memory of many people associated with children’s amusements, when a crowd of children, race worn with slides. Parents perceive them as a necessary accessory, which facilitates winter walks with the child. But the ride with hills on sleds is not only a game for kids, but also great fitness training for adults. Alternating climbs and descents on the hill provides aerobic exercise on the heart and blood vessels, strengthens muscles and nourishes the body with oxygen. In the process of riding a roller coaster hard spent calories, increases the rate of metabolism, which has a positive impact on the fight against obesity. In addition, the undoubted advantage of such a pastime is production of the hormone endorphin, which improves mood and giving joy.

For safe descents from a hill, it is important to choose the right vehicle:

  • Wide and low sled provide greater reliability and stability. Due to their design, less turn over, reducing the risk of injury during the descent.
  • For children it is recommended to use a sled with extra handles that will help you to hold on tight corners.
  • Inflatable sledges and tubing is not recommended for use on hills, surrounded by trees and bushes. Hit a sharp branch could rip the camera and ruin the vehicle. In addition, it should be remembered that the round tubing unguided process of descent: to change direction during the descent to them is very difficult, and when you hit a rock or ledge they can roll over and cause harm to humans.
  • Folding sledge, plastic, convenient for storage and transport, but when you purchase should pay attention to the strength of mechanisms: in case of accidental impact or pressing such models may spontaneously emerge in the process of descent.
  • Sled with a steering wheel give the opportunity not only to descend from the hills, but also to change the trajectory, circling the obstacles encountered.
  • When choosing materials you must consider the weight of the person riding, the conditions of storage and transportation. Wooden sleds are more reliable, but plastic is easier to transfer and storage.
  • If staying in the winter — a rare occurrence for you, then you can restrict the purchase of boats, which are considered more aesthetic alternative to children’s cards and have a low cost.

    Physical activity in the winter on a snowboard

    Snowboarding can be a wonderful way to combat excess weight in the winter, because in the process of launching the work includes all muscle groups of the body, providing a high calorie consumption. In addition, fitness classes snowboard strengthen the vestibular system, train the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as enrich the bloodstream with oxygen necessary for burning fat.

    Even if a person does not have a developed sense of balance and coordination, it is still recommended to try out this winter sport. Many people learn snowboarding: someone confident, and someone needs more time and a few drops to experience for themselves the rules of the road. Before the training, it is recommended to remember about contraindications: this physical activity is not suitable for people with heart disease and blood vessels, and also recently received damage to the spinal column.

    When choosing a snowboard, you should focus on your growth:

    • Novice athletes only started to learn snowboarding, you need to choose a Board below his height 20 cm
    • Over-trained athletes, mastering the jumps, you can choose sports equipment to below 25 cm.
    • For professionals and people who have attained skills to ride outside of the track, fit the boards below his height 10 cm.

    Insecure people who are afraid of falling, it is recommended to train under the guidance of an experienced instructor who will help to overcome fear and learn how to keep the balance in motion.

    Skiing for winter fitness training

    Regular walks on the slopes, at an active tempo can help you quickly get rid of excess weight: exercise not only the legs but also the muscles of the body and hands. Special thanks go skiing, have few contraindications and is suitable for most people. Even walking at a moderate pace can be a good fitness training — they will help to burn a lot of energy and give positive energy and good mood.

    When choosing skis pay attention to the following points:

    • The material can be wood or plastic. Wooden skis are characterized by lower price, while plastic cost more but are lighter in weight and move them easier. They are more comfortable while skating course as well as during the descent from the mountain and highways.
    • The structure of a ski also depends on the purpose: for skating make them more stringent; for classic, choose a softer model.
    • The length depends on your preferred stroke: under the classical walk, the height of the ski exceeds human height 25-30 cm; skate skis are shorter, their length exceeds the height of a man 10-15 cm

    Winter activities skiing can take place in a nearby Park or suburban woods and on mountain slopes: the choice depends on the preferences and fitness of the athlete.

    Running as a means to combat obesity

    Running is a classic exercise used to strengthen the heart, increase endurance and maintain harmony. With its help people are able to burn up to 600 calories in an hour workout and strengthen muscles, restoring their tone and strength. Jogging in the winter help to strengthen the immune system, reduce the risk of diseases of the vascular system.

    An important condition for winter Jogging is a preliminary preparation at home before you go out and start training, you must complete a set of exercises, which prepares the body for the subsequent load. In sub-zero temperatures on exposed skin apply the protective cream, which will help prevent frostbite. When running, it is recommended to breathe through the nose, to avoid colds throat. On especially difficult sites of a way acceptable to make exhalations through the mouth.

    For such studies, suitable conventional Jogging sneakers, but in a couple choose warm socks. It is not recommended to choose a solid, casual dress. The most preferred option, special clothing consisting of several layers, each of which has its own purpose. You should also make sure about the wool gloves and hat.

    Not to gain extra winter weight and to maintain your figure, you’re encouraged to go out and try different kinds of winter sports.

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