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Features of gym-based exercises burpee

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Features of gym-based exercises burpee
The contents

  • The classic version of the exercise
  • The benefits and contraindications for fitness training with burpee
  • Features fitness-based burpee

A burpee is a complex movement training performed on its own weight, and exerting intense pressure on the whole body. The effectiveness of the burpee exercise is because it includes 4-5 full training movements performed in sequence. This sequence was in the beginning of the last century physiologist with the last name Burpee, and since then the performance of the same ligament movements could make sure the millions of people who care about their health and figure.

The classic version of the exercise

Classic burpee technique includes the following exercises:

  • Stand up straight. Lower limb to place on the width of the pelvis, and the upper freely to lower. This stand is considered the starting position.
  • Sit as deeply as possible, fixing the knees parallel to each other, and rests her palms to the floor at a distance of approximately 40 cm from the socks stop.
  • Sharp and quick movement to “throw” back lower limbs, taking the classic push-up position with support on hands and toes.
  • At this stage of the exercise, if the level of fitness allows you, you can do push-UPS in the classic technique, bringing the chest to the floor by bending the elbows. If the level of development of the muscles is insufficient, the press-up can be replaced with a strap that involves direct fixation of the torso for a few seconds.
  • Regardless of whether there has been any push-UPS or plank, then the exercise should jump to return to the emphasis of the squat.
  • While in the squat, you need to gather strength, to strain the muscles of the whole body, push off heels and sharply jump as high as possible. Jump up needs to be accompanied by clapping hands over head.
  • Land on the whole foot, not straightening the knee fully, and accept starting position in the exercise.
  • Classic burpee technique, depending on the level of physical training, you can add new moves, and thereby to diversify and increase the load in the fitness training.

    The benefits and contraindications for fitness training with burpee

    Fitness classes, which include the classic burpee, or any other, and it can provide an intense exercise for the following muscle groups:

    • the biceps muscle of the thigh;
    • quadriceps and muscles of the lower legs;
    • muscles of the upper extremities, including Delta, triceps and biceps shoulders;
    • the muscles of the buttocks;
    • chest muscles;
    • the cor and included in its composition the muscles of the press.

    In addition to work out major muscle groups, fitness workout based on burpees, have a beneficial effect on the body:

    • help to get rid of extra pounds due to the effect of weight loss achieved through the intensive pace of work;
    • acceleration in heart rate that occur during fitness activities on the basis of the burpee strengthens the heart muscle and vascular system.
    • the rapid rhythm of breathing develops the lungs and trains the whole breathing apparatus. This leads to an increase of useful volume of the alveoli and an increase in the concentration of oxygen in the body;
    • the increase in blood oxygen promotes the acceleration of metabolic and redox processes, and improvement of all systems of the body;
    • increased physical capabilities, including strength, endurance, agility, speed and coordination.

    The advantages of fitness workouts, which includes any variations of the burpee, can be attributed to the following factors:

    • this exercise can be done at home, with just a few square meters of free space;
    • to master the technique of burpees can people with the lowest level of physical training and minimal experience in the gym;
    • in the initial stages there is no need to purchase additional sports equipment and equipment;
    • the prospect of an increased load in the fitness workout based on burpees is almost endless: it is enough to increase speed or to add a new element in a comprehensive bundle;
    • despite the fact that energy consumption burpee depends on many factors (number of repetitions, the pace and number of exercises included in the bundle), calories spent in the training motion, almost comparable to aerobic exercises like running, walking, aerobics.

    Since fitness classes on the basis of a burpee have a high intensity load on the muscles and all body systems, their implementation there are a number of contraindications, which include:

    • diseases and heart diseases and other functional disorders of the cardiovascular system, e.g. hypertension or varicose veins;
    • of injury, disease, and dysfunction of the musculoskeletal device;
    • menstruation, pregnancy and the postpartum period in women;
    • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
    • temporary malaise, accompanied by fever, weakness and body aches, if these symptoms are caused by infestation of the body by viruses and infections.

    Features fitness-based burpee

    To fitness exercise to reduce excess weight, strengthen the muscles of the entire body and increase overall fitness levels of which are based on classical or any other technique burpee was safe and productive, you need to consider following features:

    • to start fitness training with a warm-up, working out during her joints and stimulating blood flow to muscle tissue;
    • beginners should perform a lightweight version of the burpee, excluding the exercise phase of push-UPS or jumping. To strengthen the load should be as strengthening muscles and developing stamina;
    • making a final jump up, you need to make every effort to jump as high as possible;
    • during this activity, it is necessary to control the back. The spine should be in a straight position and press into a constant voltage;
    • concluding the training, you need to stretch the muscles to get rid of the accumulated stress and to enhance muscle regeneration.

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