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Features of breathing during exercise at different times of the year

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Features of breathing during exercise at different times of the year
The contents

  • Basic breathing technique during physical activity based on running
  • Features techniques of breathing during fitness workouts, including Jogging
  • The nuances of winter fitness based on running

Intense physical exercise, which includes Jogging, involves rapid breathing. It is very important to control the process to provide the body with sufficient oxygen, which is so necessary for the normal functioning of systems and organs. Improper breathing during fitness activities not only reduces work efficiency but also negatively affects health, causing dizziness and bouts of shortness of breath.

Basic breathing technique during physical activity based on running

To breathing techniques used during Jogging and other fitness workouts based on it, are the following:

  • breathing with involvement of the abdomen;
  • rhythmic breathing, matching with a certain number of steps;
  • the mouth breathing;
  • nose breathing;
  • performing breaths nose and mouth simultaneously;
  • deep breath.

Regardless of the chosen type, so as not to choke while running, you need to increase the intensity of physical activity gradually, thereby increasing the level of training and endurance. If you experience feelings of lack of air should reduce the running speed so as not to harm health. Only such approach allows to achieve maximum benefit from fitness activities, including different run.

Features techniques of breathing during fitness workouts, including Jogging

Each breathing technique has its own characteristics that must be considered in order to derive maximum benefit from physical loads exerted on the body when running:

  • Technique implementation breaths with involvement of the stomach, or diaphragmatic breathing. When using this technique the rest is easy to develop the lungs and to increase their useful alveolar volume. However, during fitness workouts, the bulk of which is running, to use this technique is not recommended because the abdominal muscles cease to perform its main function — the stabilization of the body, distracted by participation in the process of diaphragmatic breathing. To apply this technique while Jogging can occasionally to help if you have pain in your side. Much more benefit it will bring, if you do it not during exercise and at rest, thereby strengthening the diaphragm, developing the respiratory system and improve lung function.
  • Respiration in which inhalation and exhalation are carried out in accordance with a certain number of steps is too time-consuming and distracts from the monitoring of compliance with other important parameters, such as pulse rate, proper running technique, fixation of posture. For this reason, to use it in fitness training, especially if they are high speed or people with minimal experience in running, is not recommended.
  • Breathing through the nose. This technique is applicable only during the runs, providing minimal physical activity and performed low speed, and also under the condition of low ambient temperature. The reason is that during acceleration increase the body’s need for a large amount of oxygen, and throughput of the nostrils are not able to reach that amount of air. The lack of oxygen that occurs when breathing through the nose during intense fitness classes, could have negative consequences for health.
  • Technique involving breaths through the nose and mouth simultaneously is most natural for the body in conditions when it is under high physical load. For this reason, during the Jogging it is recommended to use this equipment. To her master, run to breathe in the nose and slightly open mouth, allowing air to freely circulate between them. This type of breathing during fitness classes gives you the opportunity to run with high speed and long distances without any shortness of breath, feelings of shortness of breath and other unpleasant symptoms of oxygen deprivation (dizziness, darkening of the eyes and blurred vision, weakness).
  • The nuances of winter fitness based on running

    Fitness training, which are based on activity in any type of physical exercise, despite its use for health promotion, the development of muscles, reduce excess weight and improve General level of fitness, have two big drawbacks. The first of these is a sufficiently large number of medical contraindications, and the second is the dependence on weather conditions.

    Indeed, in practice, most people cancel the fitness classes, which involve running, if the weather outside is unfavorable. But they are right only in part because running in the rain, in fact, you can get injured, but the correct organization of fitness training to run in the street even in winter. So, in the planning and conduct of winter Jogging you need to consider the following nuances:

    • it is very important to pick clothing that would help to maintain a comfortable body temperature, preventing overheating and overcooling during exercise. Such are the qualities of clothes for running, made of modern materials using membrane technology. Thus, deciding to go Jogging in the winter, do not skimp on gear. The same requirements must be presented to the winter running sneakers;
    • during Jogging in the winter the intensity of physical activity should be reduced, as breathing cold air, it is impossible to provide the body with sufficient oxygen. Winter runs at low temperatures (not below -20 degrees) is the only case justifying the use of techniques of breathing through the nose;
    • warm-up before the winter run it is recommended to start indoors, performing on the street just a few exercises with a warm-up exercise. Hitch you also need to run indoors to prevent hypothermia and to avoid health problems that may arise due to a sudden drop of ambient temperature.

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