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Features fitness workouts when you are Jogging

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Features fitness workouts when you are Jogging
The contents

  • Features Jogging as the fitness directions
  • Jogging for weight loss
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with Jogging

Running is one of the most common types of fitness that allows you to quickly and safely reduce weight. But many people, getting training, face the same problem — a lack of stamina. For making long runs it is recommended to stick to a special technique called jog, which enables the most productive use of the musculoskeletal system. The origin of this word, literally meaning “quiet lynx”, already indicates the approximate technique: the slow shuffling of feet, with slight removal of the stop ahead. In addition, you can find the American version of the name “Jogging”, which literally means “mincing”.

Features Jogging as the fitness directions

Jogging is most often carried out automatically if you turn off the mind and not choose a movement technique, because at its core, it is considered the most simple option. During the long run people unknowingly pulls the pelvis backward, reducing step length and stops high lift legs.

In order to select the correct rate, you must consider the intricacies of the following motion:

  • The push from the earth exercised all the sole of the foot, not just the heel.
  • Stride length should be slightly shorter than when walking at a moderate pace.
  • The pelvis is slightly withdrawn to the rear; housing, by contrast, leans forward.
  • Arms bent at elbow joints at 90° and hold near the body: when moving, you need to ensure that they didn’t move to the side, swinging the torso.
  • Gaze is directed forward, not allowing his transfer under the feet, otherwise in the cervical region there will be a too strong tension, which can negatively affect health.
  • When driving up the hill you need to reduce the step length and deepen the breath.
  • During the descent to reduce speed, step length can be increased.
  • When running should not raise high the leg: the distance between the earth and the sole should be sufficient to avoid tripping. Sahrastani the heels back should also be avoided.
  • If the fitness exercise is carried out on a flat surface, while running, adhere to the following breathing rhythm: breathe in for 4 steps, then exhale 4 steps. If the athlete has a low rise, the number of steps can be reduced to three.
  • Average speed of movement Jogging is 7-9 km/h. If the height of the athlete is less than 150 cm, then the average speed is reduced to 5-6 km/h; at very high growth the athlete is able to run faster than 10 km/h.

Physical exercise when you are Jogging lower than in interval or sprinting, but it also allows you to burn large amount of energy, stimulating weight-loss.

To fitness classes was comfortable and no harm to health, it is necessary to choose the right clothes and shoes. The choice largely depends on the time of year: in summer you need to choose the shoes or sneakers with comfortable soles. With excessive cushioning Shoe running can cause severe difficulties. Tracksuit should be free, it is desirable that it does not interfere with the movements and well breathable. In winter it is better to think about buying thermal underwear that will not allow the body to overheat or, conversely, freezing cold.

Jogging for weight loss

Many people use Jogging as a means to reduce weight that allows you to smoothly and safely burn excess fat. It is especially suitable for people having difficulties with health, not allowing the use of interval running. The average heart rate in this training doesn’t exceed 140 beats per minute, which is the best indicator for fat-burning cardio training.

On the fitness training is recommended to observe the following rules:

  • Time of day the athlete chooses, focusing on their own life; the only restriction is class night.
  • Training should be conducted at least 3-4 times a week, if you wish, you can run daily.
  • To determine distance traveled is recommended to use the tracking: to download the necessary app for every smartphone that supports geolocation.
  • To track heart rate there are special heart-rate monitors, worn on the arm or attached on the chest above the heart.
  • To speed up weight loss, it is recommended to choose routes with lots of UPS and downs.
  • Jogging should be increased gradually, starting with 15 minutes and gradually bringing their duration to 60 minutes on a hilly terrain.

    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with Jogging

    Increasingly in the modern world for the people in the foreground taking care of your health and body. They are reviewing their diet, enter into the habit of daily exercise, choose an active and healthy relaxation. Healthy living becomes a conscious choice of many people, Jogging is the best fit in this picture of the world.

    Of the benefits of running are often singled out the following:

    • Increased blood circulation is strenuously supplies oxygen to the internal organs. Strengthens the cardiovascular system, reduces the risk of stroke, varicose veins, thrombosis.
    • Improved blood flow to the brain acts as an excellent prevention of stroke.
    • Strengthens the musculoskeletal system, increases muscle tone, increases their endurance.
    • To maintain a healthy lifestyle and Wake up the body before a work day is enough run with a duration of 15-20 minutes.
    • Regular workouts help to stabilize the blood pressure bringing it to normal.
    • Improves mood and health, strengthens the immune system.

    A healthy lifestyle involves caring for your body, so before training is important to ensure that the athlete has no contraindications to this type of fitness:

    • It is impossible to jog people undergoing surgery less than a month ago. In some cases, the ban is valid up to 3 months.
    • For flat 2 and 3 degrees need special insoles to avoid injury of the joints.
    • Forbidden to run at a high temperature, sprains or bruises.
    • People with high blood pressure need to lower it before the start of classes, as the risk of stroke in such a situation increases.

    In the presence of excess weight you must first reduce his gentle manner, for example, correction of diet and regular walking at a fast pace. Otherwise, a large load may damage the joints.

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