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Features fitness workouts in the gym: tips for beginners

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Features fitness workouts in the gym: tips for beginners
The contents

  • What mode fitness training optimal for beginners?
  • What exercises should be included in training?
  • What you need to know about beginner fitness training?
  • Power correction

How often, inspired by the examples of transformation, newcomers in the gym trying to achieve the same results. In the course are advanced exercises, intense daily training, sometimes even illegal drugs and steroids. But in order for the fitness benefit, you must consider the level of physical fitness and adhere to safe techniques.

Miracles do not happen, and after a couple weeks of training, the extra weight will not go away and my muscles will be a relief. But systematic work in the gym, patience and a properly matched load will allow to achieve the desired results.

What mode fitness training optimal for beginners?

Don’t need to train every day. The muscles, especially at first, need time to recover. It is therefore advisable to carry out fitness training three times a week. Each time focusing on a certain muscle group. The scheme might look like this: legs, back + abs, chest + hands.

In any case, you need to listen to your body and to observe safety precautions when performing exercises. Otherwise, instead of the raised muscles can get injured.

With regard to differences in women’s and men’s fitness, there is one difference. Women may not do exercises with weights, their training, often aimed at fat loss and correction of problem areas. Whereas men for the growth of muscles much more active in using various sports equipment, such as dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells.

Women have problem areas where fat deposits accumulate, most are thighs, buttocks, flanks and abdomen. This should be considered when drawing up the program of fitness training.

What exercises should be included in training?

Different kinds of exercise have different effects on the body. For weight loss fit aerobics, strength training, Pilates. To strengthen your cardiovascular system is better for Jogging, Cycling or swimming. To improve the condition of the respiratory system is ideal for yoga and body Flex. And muscle building is impossible without the exercise of power.

Fitness training have to begin with warm-up. Thus warm up the muscles and ligaments that have a positive impact on the future work of the entire musculoskeletal system.

Next is a set of core exercises. The list of fitness items depends on the muscle group, which is dedicated to training. When there is a focus on the muscles of the arms, chest and back, then the optimal plan is as follows.

  • Squats, 3 sets of 10 times;
  • Pull-UPS, 4 sets of 8 times;
  • The rise of the lower limbs raises, 3 sets of 12 times;
  • Crunches, 2 sets of 50 times;
  • The extension of the lower limbs at the treadmill, 4 sets on 12 times.
  • Hyperextension, 3 sets of 12 times.

Fitness workout for legs and buttocks:

  • Pull the vertical block, 2 set 12 times;
  • Pull the horizontal block, 2 set 12 times;
  • Wiring lying weights, 3 sets of 10 times;
  • The leg press, 3 sets of 10 times;
  • The extension of the lower limbs at the treadmill, 2 sets / 12 times;
  • Flexion of the lower limbs at the treadmill, 2 sets 15 times;
  • Pull rod for straight legs, 3 sets of 15 times;
  • Hyperextension, 3 sets of 12 times.

Certainly at the end of the lesson you should do some stretching. If you want to lose weight, at the end of the training you should do cardio exercises for 20 minutes.

What you need to know about beginner fitness training?

Fitness classes should not hurry and expect instant results. The effect of training in the gym will be cumulative. You must first prepare the muscles to stress, to cope with the extra weight, bring the body in shape, strengthen a muscular corset. So the first few months you need to hone techniques and improve their endurance.

In addition, you must provide all the conditions for recovery. Because the increase in physical activity does not go unnoticed, you may receive a lack of energy, fatigue.

There are a few simple guidelines that should be followed to fitness classes benefits:

  • First of all, it should establish a sleep mode. It is advisable to sleep before midnight and sleep at least 8 hours.
  • From bad habits such as Smoking, the obsession with alcohol, or sweet, should be abandoned. If you are not able to completely eliminate these destructive factors from your life, then at least need to minimize their number.

Power correction

Special attention deserves the issue of supply. Regular fitness training in the beginning are certain stress to the body that is not accustomed to such loads. Therefore, to maintain good health, you need to adjust your diet.

First of all, should be eaten in small portions, but 3 to 5 times a day. Don’t need all day to starve, and in the evening to eat a hearty dinner. Practice fractional power will provide a state of ease, there is heaviness in the stomach, heartburn, nausea. It is extremely important Breakfast. From the habit in the morning to just one Cup of coffee is better to refuse.

As for the diet, it is necessary to saturate menu protein based 2-2,5 g per 1 kg of body weight. Protein is the building material for muscles, because without him, progress to power training you won’t really notice.

It is important to observe the water balance and drink in day not less than one and a half liters of water (pure, without gas).

1-2 hours before workout is better not to eat anything. If there is a feeling of hunger, you can eat fruit, drink black coffee without sugar or green tea. During fitness training, you can drink water or special sports drinks. After the training, you need to immediately eat within the first 20 minutes. For this ideal protein food (chicken breast, eggs, etc.).

A long way starts with a small step. The concept of “fitness” includes not only exercise, but also the whole way of life as a whole: the mode of the day and nutrition, active and healthy leisure, avoiding harmful habits. And the path to a strong, healthy body with rippling muscles begins with the first workout. Systematic, common approach to nutrition and attention to technique fitness items will quickly and safely achieve your goal.

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