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Features fitness workouts for beginners

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Features fitness workouts for beginners
The contents

  • Main features of fitness
  • The types of exercise and training options
  • Beginning fitness training

Fitness classes represent the sport, the main purpose of which is to improve the physical fitness of the athlete, bringing weight to normal and maintaining health. Due to the large number of different options lessons every person can choose for themselves the best exercise that will help to achieve your goals. Most of the training is similar and the rules you need to know the beginner to avoid mistakes and injuries.

Main features of fitness

Most of people are turning to fitness in the hope to lose weight. With regular training it can be done fairly quickly, the only condition is compliance with the principles of a healthy diet or maintaining a special diet. From the diet must be removed all the harmful and high-calorie foods.

Conduct classes both at home and in the gym, but in the second case the effect will be higher if you train under the guidance of an experienced mentor. When choosing a place should be guided by personal feelings and preferences, as many people are not comfortable to train under foreign views and great success they reach home.

Regular fitness workouts provide the following positive aspects for humans.

  • Strengthen the heart muscle and vascular system of the body, expand the respiratory organs.
  • With regular practice the body becomes stronger and more resilient – many everyday actions will be much easier than before.
  • Losing weight the skin becomes more smooth, reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  • Classes are the prevention of many diseases, such as osteochondrosis, arthritis, sciatica, stroke, heart attack, hypertension.
  • Correctly chosen direction promotes the production of serotonin, responsible for good mood and joy. In permanent employment the person becomes able to cope with depression and depression without the use of medication.
  • Properly chosen physical activity is recommended for everyone, but it is important to remember that any direction has its contraindications. Before the training, it is recommended to visit a doctor who will assess the physical fitness of the person and recommend the level of permissible stresses. Exercise should be postponed during exacerbation of chronic diseases and high body temperature. If you have diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease, cancer, the presence of prosthetic is necessary to consult the attending physician. During pregnancy it is recommended to train under the supervision of a special coach; the post-Natal period from school to abstain to obtain a doctor’s permission.

    The types of exercise and training options

    The physical fitness of all people are different, therefore decided to allocate four options of the load on the nature of the impact:

    • rehabilitation after operations, injury or exacerbation of chronic diseases;
    • the improvement of the body and restore energy after a hard day;
    • the maintenance of the current physical form;
    • the increase in the strength and endurance of the body.

    The first option loads is usually selected by the doctor or trainer exercise therapy according to the disease and the General condition of the person. The second and third options fitness programs a person can be on their own, choosing the most suitable exercise for him. The fourth type it is recommended to learn under the guidance of trainer, as it requires a gradual buildup of physical activity.

    The most popular destinations available to most people include:

    • Aerobics.

    Includes the direction of the dance, the slide, and Aqua aerobics. Exercise performed under a rhythmic music with high speed.

    • Pilates.

    Assumes a relaxed slow motion without the heavy loads. The main advantage is considered a low probability of injury, the development of flexibility and plasticity of the body.

    • The body Flex.

    Characteristic direction is exercises accompanied by special breathing techniques, providing the flow of oxygen and acceleration of metabolic processes.

    • Training with fitball.

    This shell is a large rubber ball, which perform various physical exercises. Due to the need to maintain a balance when working with a fitness equipment great worked small muscles of the body.

    • Tai-Bo.

    Is a mixture of movements from Boxing and Eastern martial arts. Movements are performed to up-tempo music that requires an athlete’s stamina and a large number of forces.

    When choosing a fitness-direction it is important to start from personal preferences, the classes should bring joy and pleasure. It would help to visit them regularly and not to leave in a few weeks.

    Beginning fitness training

    To fitness training benefits, it is important to treat them not as a boring obligation or compulsion but as a cheerful and positive pastime. Beginners are encouraged to take the survey before the start of classes. Many modern fitness centers offer a sports doctor who will assess the current state of health and will comprise the training program. In addition, it measures the physical parameters of the body (blood pressure, pulse), and parameters including height, weight, body circumference of chest, waist, abdomen and hips. Some centers offer ECG in the resting period and high loads.

    An important condition for fitness workouts is their safety for the athlete. The load level must be chosen so that people could cope with it. For this first lesson is recommended under the guidance of a coach. It also shows the proper technique of performing exercises and will help to fix it.

    For beginners it is recommended to remember the following principles:

  • Fitness classes should be taken seriously. In training it is important to always do your best, not sparing himself.
  • Should not be afraid of making mistakes. They are a necessary stage of mastering the technique.
  • It is important to plan your schedule to avoid absences. Beginners are recommended to train 3-4 times a week.
  • Between classes should be a day of rest, which is needed for muscle recovery and energy.
  • Maintaining a proper diet will help to achieve the desired results. Constant overeating will negate all the physical effort.
  • The training program for the beginner includes 3 exercises: aerobic exercise, strength training and gymnastic elements to increase the flexibility of the body. Any occupation necessarily begins with a warm-up that prepares the body for further work.

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