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Features fitness training for beginners and professionals

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Features fitness training for beginners and professionals
The contents

  • Exercise for beginners
  • Fitness workout for the seasoned athlete
  • Mode of fitness training for professionals
  • Tips for composing an exercise program

All novices in the sport are constantly interested in how many times a week should go to the gym to achieve good results and subsequently fix them? Which mode should be aerobic and strength exercise, and how to correctly include exercises in the overall training program? Which of the many types of training to choose? How to determine the best one for your level of training duration and frequency fitness workouts?

The frequency of sessions per week depends on many factors:

  • goals set by the athlete;
  • able to devote time to a particular type of training;
  • level of physical training and the absence of health restrictions.

Before you begin any of the exercises in a particular sport, experts recommend to seek medical advice to rule out possible health problems and to confirm the absence of contraindications.

Exercise for beginners

The most appropriate number of fitness classes for inexperienced athletes three times a week. If you do the exercises every 1-2 days with a medium level of intensity, the body will have time to relax and rejuvenate for the next training. After a few weeks in this training mode, you can expect tangible positive result.

There is no need to exercise daily and without interruption. First, the body will not have time to relax, resulting in rapid fatigue, sleepiness and degradation of muscles. Second, the lack of rest puts the body in a state of stress, and this has a negative effect on health, including psychological. Even between exercises and private approaches must be pause.

There is a list of factors that have an influence on how quickly your body is able to renew spent energy resources:

  • The intensity of fitness training.

More active and intense fiznagruzki leads to a rapid loss of energy. With three regular fitness classes beginners not to worry about his health: overtraining or neuraminadase in such mode is impossible.

  • A common way of life and mode.

On the recovery of the body affected a person’s ability to have a qualitative rest and keep physical activity outside the gym. If a person in addition to sports additionally engaged in other vigorous activities, physical activity in the hall will be less to harass him.

  • Individual metabolic rate.

High metabolic rate allows you to recover faster after strenuous physical activity. People moving this indicator significantly faster than those who lead a sedentary or inactive lifestyle.

If you have free time for young athletes it is recommended to start to combine exercise of the power of nature with cyclic loadings across all days of the week. For example, on Mondays you can carry out anaerobic exercise in the gym. On Wednesdays to perform aerobic fitness exercise for at least 30-40 minutes. The main rule of successful training is not to overwork and carry out activities systematically, without gaps.

Fitness workout for the seasoned athlete

Athletes with little experience is also must pay attention to quality of rest after a series of physical activity. If adaptation to three times a day the exercises took place successfully, then it is permissible to switch to a more complex level: the sport up to 4-5 times weekly. At this stage, is allowed to break a week-long training on small cycles: two days break three days break.

At this level a set of exercises assumes the athlete’s specific skills. It is necessary to clearly control the duration and intensity of fitness training. The more often a person exercises, the less the volume should be exercise.

Intense strength training is recommended 2 times a week, and in the intervals between them should include cardio and days for recovery.

Mode of fitness training for professionals

Pros can train in emergency mode: 5-6 times weekly. If you only want to keep fit, it is enough 3 to 5 fitness classes a week. For the athlete, actively preparing for the competitions and in General are in good shape, the strenuous strength training should not in volume exceed 20% of all performed exercises. This means that every fifth training should contain a high amount of exercise. The remaining time can fill out moderate training.

Professionals especially carefully it is necessary to watch your pulse. Don’t overdo it and strain your body sports elements with high intensity.

Tips for composing an exercise program

Those who do not know where to start to create their own exercise program, it is recommended to listen to General recommendations. They will allow you to avoid common mistakes and to pay attention to important aspects of training.

  • It is not necessary to visit the fitness center in poor health, colds and General malaise. It will not give any positive results and will only aggravate the unhealthy state.
  • Don’t forget to eat right and to abide by the rules of healthy sleep.
  • If there is no motivation to exercise, then try to fight yourself. Do not succumb to laziness. Better to let the exercises will be held in Lite mode than absent in any given day. Even a small activity physical activity will bring more benefit than skipping class.
  • If there is no opportunity to train in a hall, pick up an initial program to the fitness training at home. During the transition to secondary, and professional level in any case have to go to the gym, but the first steps can be performed at home. The main regularity of exercise.
  • Don’t neglect the warm-up complexes: light jog or simplified elements have a positive impact on athletic performance.
  • The main rule when compiling a program the fitness training individual approach. Consider your capabilities, lifestyle and motivation. In this case, you will be able to choose the optimal mode of training that will allow you to always stay in great physical shape.

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