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Features fitness during drying

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Features fitness during drying
The contents

  • Features fitness during drying
  • A set of exercises for drying
  • Nutritional guidelines for drying

For the holiday season, many men aim to make your body more ripped and nicely to outline every muscle. To help here comes the admission of professional bodybuilders, called “drying”. It helps to significantly reduce the thickness of fat, giving the muscles a clear and voluminous look. It is important to understand that to create embossed shapes need to have to have some amount of gained muscle mass, otherwise the result will be negative. Slim people is to first conduct fitness training on muscle growth, and only then to give them a clearer line.

Features fitness during drying

Drying is the process that allows the athlete to minimize the fat layer thickness, while retaining the greater part of the muscles. The end result of fitness workouts should be a dry embossed body with nicely defined muscles. Bodybuilders use drying before the competition to demonstrate the results of their work. Training program the paint so that to the desired date to reach peak form. Amateur athletes are not tied to a specific date, and to dry the body they are also not required, so the training program for them much easier.

Drying consists of two important parts: of special exercises and maintaining a specific diet. If you exclude one of these parts of the process, the drying will not give the desired results.

Positive drying is that training is not necessary to use special equipment or large weights: the program may consist of such exercises as push-UPS, leg lifts in the cantilevered position, the “Superman” Jogging intervals. To work out the legs also use a jumping on a platform or using a jump rope, squats, lunges, lifts on his toes with the weights. In the presence of sports equipment the program can be supplemented with a variety of rods of dumbbells or barbells, flexion of arms and presses, and pull-UPS.

An important role in the drying process play cardio is to do it recommended at least 3-4 times a week. It doesn’t have to be grueling fitness classes at the gym, you can use a Jogging in the street at an average pace. They will help to reduce the thickness of fat, fill the body with oxygen, improve blood circulation. In addition, at home you can use exercises with a rope, but only if there are no problems with joints.

A set of exercises for drying

The most effective version of fitness activities for drying is considered circuit training. Its principle simple: a circle consists of 5-7 exercises that perform 15-20 repetitions one after the other. After completing one circle, make a small pause in 1-3 minutes and repeat the circle again. Just one workout beginners perform 3-4 of the circle, the more experienced athletes do 5-6 cycles, often without breaks. The average duration of training is approximately 30 minutes.

Exercises you can pick yourself, given your capabilities and problem areas, but newbies often use standard schemas, for example, is painted on the week ahead.


  • push-UPS in push-up position 20 times;
  • lifts of the lower extremities at a right angle in vis on the crossbar 20 times;
  • squats with small weights — 20 repetitions;
  • rod weights in an inclined position — 15 reps;
  • jumping rope — 1 minute.

Between exercises break should not exceed 5 seconds; between cycles, rest 2 minutes. Only doing 2-3 laps. On Tuesday carried out cardio — running Jogging 5-7 km.


  • deadlifts with any convenient weighting;
  • dumbbell bench press lying;
  • bending of hands with dumbbells or barbell;
  • breeding hands;
  • rises on his toes with extra weights;
  • squats with weights.

All the exercises are doing 20-25 times, rest between the elements — no more than 10 seconds between cycles — 2 minutes. Number of laps — 2-3.

Thursday conduct cardio exercise — Jogging at average pace of 5-7 km. on Friday repeat workout program Monday. Saturday repeat running, your distance, if possible, increase to 8-10 km. on Sunday doing a day of rest. The load should be increased gradually by adding the number of laps and increasing the weight of the weights.

Nutritional guidelines for drying

In addition to regular fitness, the athlete must adhere to certain principles of nutrition, otherwise the desired results will not be. For the proper conduct of the drying must follow these rules:

  • Definitely balanced and close to lunch.
  • Food should be properly distributed according to the amount of food: approximately 20% of the daily consumption accounts for Breakfast, 50% is allocated to lunch 30% dinner.
  • Removed from the diet of foods rich in saturated fats. These include: milk, cheese, yolks of eggs, butter, lamb and pork, mayonnaise.
  • Is strictly prohibited use of products containing fast carbohydrates. The list includes baking, chocolate, ice cream, confectionery, sugar, biscuits.
  • Not allowed to eat canned and salty foods — they cause stagnation of water.
  • Between meals allowed to take small snacks consisting of fruit or vegetables.
  • The last meal should be 2-3 hours before bedtime.
  • Before fitness training, and after them it is recommended to take 1.5-2 hours without food.
  • Every day should drink 1.5-2 liters of clean water.
  • To preserve vitality and maintain health is recommended to start taking vitamin and mineral supplements.
  • It is important to exclude completely alcohol and Smoking.
  • Usual daily calorie requirements should be reduced to 400-600 kcal. Nutrition should be balanced in nutrients. Is very important to get the daily requirement of protein to provide muscle building material. To withstand drying is not recommended for a long period. For athletes it is an average of 4-8 weeks in the future, the caloric intake should raise.

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