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Features fat-burning workouts: schemes and complex exercises

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Features fat-burning workouts: schemes and complex exercises
The contents

  • Weight loss through strength training
  • The options exercise for burning fat
  • Power circuit fitness

Many people desire to keep fit call in the aid of exercise. To burn excess fat and reduce body weight, often resorting to repetitive or interval cardio training, allows you to consume large amounts of energy. But to create a beautiful shape only fat burning will not be enough; we will need strength training, which will create the muscles that are responsible for athletic type of body. Therefore, athletes are increasingly going the other way, achieving weight reduction via anaerobic (weight) training, using different approaches in the program.

Weight loss through strength training

Usual cardio (aerobic) workouts, which begin many beginners burn not only fat but also muscles, so the person quickly begins to shrink in volume. Ultimately, without strong muscles remain flabby body, often with sagging skin due to drastic weight loss. Aerobic fitness training are forced to work faster heart actively expend calories, but only during the period of the occupation. The peculiarity of anaerobic training is to create a state of enhanced oxygen consumption after exercise. Properly conducted strength training is able to stretch this state for up to 38 hours, forcing the body hard to expend energy. The result of this approach is the gradual burning of body fat with preservation of muscle mass, and in the end, the person receives a beautiful body with relief muscles and a thin layer of fat.

An important condition of such trainings is to create caloric deficit when their consumption exceeds the consumption. For thorough control, it is recommended to count the number of calories consumed so as not to touch the required standard.

For quick muscle recovery after strength training requires good quality food with plenty of protein. Avoid high carbohydrate foods, containing sugar or wheat flour. High calorie content in such products does not allow the athlete to adhere to established boundaries in the diet, so weight loss will be very slow or stops completely. A prerequisite for muscle growth is a good rest, including adequate sleep.

The options exercise for burning fat

Power fitness training have a large number of embodiments and for a long time, athletes adhere to the rules that to burn fat the most effective mnogopoliarnym approach. This principle involves the repetition of each exercise from 15 to 30 times in one approach. This version of the program, many athletes seem tedious and boring, and when working on machines often ineffective. Therefore, fat-burning workout, it is recommended to use a more dynamic and productive approaches to significantly enhance the.

  • Super set.

One of the most common things to burn fat, it is based on performing two exercises in a row on the muscles-antagonists. For example, the attacks in motion and immediately behind them pull rod or dumbbells on straightened legs.

  • Doucet.

Involves the performance of two identical elements in a row without a break between them. For example, a bar press lying and immediately after the bench press the dumbbells in the same position.

  • Triset.

Brings together in one cycle three exercises at once; all entries should be sent to work different muscle groups. For example, bench dumbbell in a sit position, just behind him salageanu on the platform or bench, and then pull rod in an inclined position.

  • Duplicate.

All the elements are performed without a break between them and there should be no more than 5. The main feature is that the first and third exercises are repeated.

  • Combi-sets.

By analogy with super-sets associated in cycle 2 elements in a row, but between them there should not be any physiologically reasonable. For example, pullups with a wide arrangement of palms on the bar and bench press bar up.

  • Hybrid sets.

Involve bringing together two or more items in one cycle. The options may be different, the main condition is the proper technique of movements. Cycles can be: lunges with weights, then lunges in movement, then squats. Or squats in sumo style plus thrust rod to the chin.

Each athlete chooses the most convenient approach and builds a training program by his rules. In addition to approaches, the athlete may choose a principle of constructing the workout.

Power circuit fitness

In addition to training conducted with the combined approaches of exercises, the athlete can use options such as interval and circular program.

Interval program involves alternating periods of active loading and short rest periods. In the schemes can be used in the following combinations: 40 seconds to load — 20 seconds rest; more prepared athletes use a period of 50 seconds loading and 10 seconds of rest. The number of intervals depends on the degree of preparedness of the athlete and may vary from 4 to 15 cycles.

Program interval fitness classes might look like this:

  • Warm-up that includes elements of cardio, 5 minutes.
  • Some burpees with push UPS for 40 seconds.
  • Steps on the spot, 20 seconds.
  • Cleaver, 40 seconds.
  • Steps on the spot, 20 seconds.

To repeat the cycle from 5 to 15 times depending on the degree of preparedness of the person.

Circuit training aimed at reducing weight requires consistent implementation of the elements one by one. After you perform one lap doing a repeat cycle and so from 3 to 6 times. The number of repetitions of exercises in one circle is adjusted depending on the weight of the weights and its direction: from 6 to 15 times. The schema may look like the following:

  • sumo squats – 10 times;
  • lunges – 10 reps on each leg;
  • hyperextension – 10-15 times;
  • pull – UPS- 5-10 times;
  • dumbbell bench press on a bench with a sloping back – 10 times;
  • twisting 20 times.

Between the elements of breaks no. After performing the proposed scheme do 1-2 minutes rest and repeat the cycle again.

In exercise, the fat burning it is recommended to use free weights, not exercise machines as work with barbells and dumbbells involve a large number of muscles due to the need to stabilize the body. In the process of adaptation of the body weight should be increased to achieve greater effect from the fitness classes.

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