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Features choice of cardio exerciser for fitness at home

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Features choice of cardio exerciser for fitness at home

The contents

  • The main factors influencing the choice of trainer for fitness
  • Exercise bike, treadmill and an ellipsoid for weight loss
  • Other variants of fitness equipment for physical activity at home

Home fitness with the use of special exercise machines help to create and maintain the desired physical form. Their advantage is relatively small size, which allows you to place them in urban apartments, as well as the lack of need to travel to sports centres for exercise. You can engage in at any time, not adjusting to the schedule of the gym. Most often for home use cardio exercise machines that provide aerobic exercise by imitating the movements of different sports. Not to be disappointed in the purchased shell, it is recommended to study important points that you should pay attention to when buying.

The main factors influencing the choice of trainer for fitness

The main criterion in the selection of trainer for training at home is its efficiency, because training is often time-limited, and to introduce additional programs many difficult. Below is a list of the cardio machines are considered most effective in reducing the weight. It should be noted that the effect depends largely on the intensity of the exercises, correct exercise technique and the adequacy of the chosen exercise.

When you select should pay attention to the dimensions of the device — not all apartments have enough space to be able without interference to accommodate a modern treadmill or an ellipsoid. As a rule, man is ready to allocate for sports equipment no more than 2 square meters. The defined parameters of the fit many machines, so the choice is quite extensive. There are compact models that have the ability to emerge — they will be invaluable in small apartments.

Before you buy, check the reliability and quality of parts. Poor quality fitness equipment can quickly become damaged or cause injury. Before purchasing sports equipment is inspected for the absence of defective parts, check them for resistance. During Assembly it is better to take the help of a specialist; while installing do everything strictly according to instructions. Before operation check the reliability of all parts of the simulator. At active fitness training design you need to check 1-2 times a month. For long-term work without breakdowns, it is recommended to choose projectiles known proven brands that monitor the quality of products.

Exercise bike, treadmill and an ellipsoid for weight loss

The most popular exercise machines for home gym are treadmill, Bicycle and elliptical machines. Each of them has its own specific designs and technical moves. The aim is to strengthen the cardiovascular system, weight reduction and elaboration of the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

  • Bike.

The shells vary depending on the method of creating resistance: it can be used with pads, straps or magnets. The first two options work independently, for the magnetic trainer will need a power supply, but it is considered the most durable of the three types. Also bicycles are divided into two categories depending on the landing: spinback and simulator horizontal type. For spinbike typical classical position of the cyclist when the housing is tilted forward, arms extended parallel to the hips. The horizontal option provides the fit is reclined and is suitable for people with diseases or injuries of the spine. On modern bicycles, the features of tracking speed, load level, calories burned, distance traveled, heart rate.

  • Treadmill.

Training on a treadmill are analogous to natural running man, but have their own characteristics. Remember that when practicing on the simulator, there is practically no phase of flight which reduces stress on the joints at the moment of touching the foot of the canvas. Treadmills also divided into three types: mechanical, magneto-mechanical and electrical. Without the use of electricity can only be mechanical: movement of the canvas is specified by the effort of the athlete. The two other options give the possibility to create various programs: physical activity change with increasing speed and changing the angle of incline. The equipment is not recommended for those who have diseases of the joints or spine.

  • An elliptical trainer or elliptical.

Mimics the movements of the skier, but the stop moves through the ellipsoidal trajectory. Quality simulators are large in size and require more free space than previous versions. The main advantage of Pegasus is its reduced physical stress on the joints; it is often used in rehabilitation activities for people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Fitness training on each of the exercise machines burn about the same amount of calories with the same intensity, so the choice of the projectile, it is recommended to take into account personal inclinations and preferences.

Other variants of fitness equipment for physical activity at home

People who want to save free space, it is recommended to buy a Stairmaster. This machine mimics climbing stairs and perfectly working leg muscles. With intense movements and maintaining the correct heart rate aerobic activity is generated that stimulates the overall weight loss. There are two types of Steppers: average, which represents a pair of pedals, connected, and equipped with a handle, which is used for balance and additional work the back muscles. Due to heavy load on the joints is not suitable for people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

To strengthen the muscles of the body, it is recommended to use the simulator-rider, also named after the rider. The design allows you to mimic the motion created during riding, when the body is lifted and lowered in rhythm to the steps of the horse. But, unlike riding one raises the body by the force of the hands, further strengthening the back muscles and chest. For Ryder are characterized by compact dimensions, it takes approximately one square meter, but if necessary it can be folded.

A rowing machine is less popular in home use because of their large size. It mimics the movement of the oars while rowing, working out arms, back and chest, but the burden falls on his feet. Not recommended for people with back trouble.

Regular fitness training on cardio machines will help to maintain good physical form and health. When choosing a model is to start from the state of your health, goals and personal preferences.

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