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Fat burning intensive fitness training Lower body

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Fat burning intensive fitness training Lower body
The contents

  • Use and benefits of the fitness system Lower body
  • Disadvantages and contraindications to exercise
  • Sample fitness training technique in Lower body

Lower body — system, high-intensity exercise, which can be used to study lower torso. Physical exercises that are included in this comprehensive system of training, reduce fat on the thighs and buttocks, and strengthen all the muscle groups located in the lower part of the body.

Use and benefits of the fitness system Lower body

With fitness training in the technique of Lower body women can have 2-4 weeks to achieve such positive results in formation of a perfect silhouette of a figure and improvement of the whole organism:

  • break down fat cells in the lower part of the body, which leads to a decrease in the volume of the abdomen, waist, hips;
  • the musculature of the whole body comes to tone and the muscles of the lower body are strengthened efficiently, including even the smallest muscle groups that are very often in everyday life do not work and do not receive adequate load when carrying out a standard fitness;
  • the muscles not only become stronger and more developed, but the relief is formed a clear boundary between the muscle groups;
  • trains the heart muscle due to the fact that when you exercise quickens the pulse and the heart is forced to pump more blood. This, in turn, strengthens the entire circulatory system;
  • develops the breathing apparatus, the lungs “open up”, increasing its useful volume and allowing you to saturate the body with oxygen;
  • blood enriched with oxygen better nourishes the tissues and organs, allowing normal operation of all systems;
  • accelerated metabolic and redox processes in the body due to a significant increase in the level of oxygen concentration therein;
  • increase endurance, agility, coordination and other physical abilities of the body;
  • due to the special hormones that are produced during exercise, improves mood, normalizes the psycho-emotional state, increases resistance to stress;
  • reduced visible manifestations of this lack of female figures as cellulite, increases blood circulation and lymph flow in the lower extremities, improves condition of the skin;
  • increases immunity and prevention of many diseases, including those that are a consequence of sedentary lifestyle and General physical inactivity.

The benefits of fitness in the technique of Lower body can be attributed to their following features:

  • opportunity in the shortest time to make a figure slim and toned, getting rid of such widespread and intractable disadvantages, as the fulness of the belly, thighs, and legs, and no waist;
  • fitness classes can be performed at home without the cost and time on the road that can not be avoided when buying a gym membership;
  • doing the Lower body system, you can spend a large amount of calories, consistently reducing body weight and maintaining body weight within physiological norm;
  • since fitness training led by the Lower body system, provide a quick and noticeable result, it’s very easy to develop the habit of exercise. And regular exercise is known to help maintain health, prolong youth and significantly improve quality of life.

Disadvantages and contraindications to exercise

Due to the fact that fitness classes in the technique of Lower body have on the body load of high intensity, their conduct for medical reasons may be contraindicated wide enough range of people. If the person has at least one of the following diseases, it is recommended to refrain from exercise on the system of Lower body:

  • heart failure, valvular heart disease and other diseases that hinder the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system;
  • the metabolic disorders and endocrine diseases;
  • asthma and various dysfunctions of the respiratory apparatus;
  • epilepsy.

In addition, to postpone the fitness training to improve health status at the time ailments caused by exacerbations of chronic diseases, acute inflammatory processes and infections of the body by viruses and infections. Women during menstruation, pregnancy and lactation should also refrain from exercise.

The disadvantages of modern effective system of physical exercise Lower body can be attributed to the following facts:

  • exercises performed in this technique, strengthen the muscles, but do not promote active growth of muscle mass;
  • the intensity of the load can be increased up to a certain limit;
  • good professionals, thoroughly trained to use this system of training, are fairly rare, so most people study the theory goes, and when carrying out fitness training no one, except themselves, can not control the correct operation.

Sample fitness training technique in Lower body

In basic training in the technique of Lower body includes 5 exercises:

  • Squats with a torso twist of 90 degrees.

Stand up straight, legs apart and arms outstretched in front of him, sit down so that your thighs become parallel to the floor. Dropping into the squat, you need to expand the body to the side. Repeat the exercise 20 times in each direction.

  • The trunk bending forward.

Standing straight, clench fists into the lock at the chin, tilt the body forward, avoiding rounding the back and bending the knees. Perform 20 tilts.

  • Attacks.

To make a step forward, leaving behind a single lower limb back. Bend both the knee joint and lower the pelvis down. Push off the heel of the supporting leg and rise up from the squat, returning to the starting position. Repeat the exercise, only doing 20 lunges on each leg.

  • Clapping feet.

Lying back on the sports Mat and placing his hands under the sacrum, you need to raise the lower limb vertically, and then slowly put them down by touching the feet of the floor surface. This exercise 60 times, dividing this number equally among the 3 approaches.

  • Squats-plie.

The technique of this training movements similar to the classic squats, only lower limbs in the initial position should be set as widely as possible, and squat to forward the knees.

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