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Facial Slimming Massage: Types and Techniques

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Many people in the process of getting rid of extra pounds notice that the upper part of the body releases volumes more slowly than the lower. This is especially noticeable in the area of ​​the face and neck. The phenomenon has different explanations: kidney problems, hereditary features of fat accumulation, round head shape. Sometimes, even without being overweight, chubby cheeks may disturb, especially often women tend to make their physiognomic structure expressive and textured, removing roundness. This can help massage for weight loss face. Read about its types and methods in the article.

The effect of facial massage

The described procedure is able to correct not only the shape of the cheeks. Depending on the chosen technique you can:

get rid of facial wrinkles;
remove bags under the eyes;
improve the color and texture of the skin.

However, solving cosmetic problems is more likely a side effect. They come to the massage therapist for specific results that the procedures can give. There are three main requirements:

Slimming cheeks. Strengthening and toning muscles and skin can reduce fat accumulations under the dermis.
Facelift. Intense exposure to muscle fibers leads to a return of the clarity of lines in appearance.
Getting rid of the second chin. The impact on the facial muscles in the lower part is performed by plucking technique, which leads to increased blood circulation and accelerated splitting of fat accumulations in this area.

It is worth adding a recently discovered fact about the beneficial effects of facial massage on the human immune system.

Basic massage techniques for weight loss face

The essence of the manipulations is that when the skin is actively exposed to the skin, there is a rush of blood to the treated area, the production of elastin and collagen, which are responsible for the youth and elasticity of the dermis, increases, lymphatic drainage properties improve. Sometimes a quality massage course helps to avoid surgical intervention.


This type of manipulation is easy to perform independently. The effect begins with preparatory light stroking with the fingers. The movements should smooth the skin and lightly press on it, it is recommended to lead them along the ascending lines (from the infraorbital regions to the temples, from the center of the forehead to the hairline, from the middle of the chin to the cheekbones). The following is a direct massage:

Rubbing along the above lines on the verge of mild soreness.
Kneading is performed by spiraling finger movements over the skin, starting with light touches and gradually increasing pressure to strong ones.
Soft fractional strokes with the edge of the palm and fingertips on the face.

The massage ends with strokes similar to those at the beginning. After it is recommended to apply a nourishing cream.

classic facial massage

Japanese Asahi Massage

Eastern practice offers a completely different approach. Now popular massage for losing weight at home from a Japanese cosmetologist and makeup artist Yukuko Tanaka involves an intense and powerful effect on the skin and lymph nodes. Its name sounds like Zogan (Tsogan) and consists of two hieroglyphs, which literally means "make a face." Asahi happens:

deep muscle;
lymphatic drainage.

Tsogan is performed in the early morning or immediately before bedtime. Before the procedure, wash yourself and apply with a stroking motion a softening friction substance – a decoction of flax seeds, milk for the skin, almond oil. In the process, you can take any position, the main thing is to keep your posture perfectly even, and it’s easiest to do it while lying down. Next, you need to work according to the following methodology (the option of surface exposure is optimal for all people), repeating each movement 5-6 times:

Gently press without pressure the fingertips to walk from the outer corners under the eyes and above them (along the superciliary arch).
Place two fingers in the middle of the chin, and then lead around the mouth. Linger over the upper lip and press lightly.
Place three fingers of each hand (nameless, middle and index) a little lower than the cheekbone, and then with tangible pressure simultaneously lead them to it, then down along the cheeks to the neck.
Work forehead by pressing from the center to the temples.
Run your fingers along the neck from the bottom up.

Tsogan ends with soft strokes, if the skin is dry, you can repeat the application of a moisturizer.

Japanese Asahi Massage


This approach involves the free choice of facial areas, the main thing is that by the end of the procedure everything will be worked out. Circular movements are used, they should be rather big: capture an entire area (around the eyes, forehead, cheeks).

Spanish massage

Modeling (sculptural)

The essence of this technique is to relax muscles, relieve spasm, which allows you to eliminate small facial wrinkles or to avoid their appearance, and blood to actively enter all areas of the face. Massage is carried out with soft taps of the fingers along the following lines:

from neck to nape;
along the growth of hair to the ears;
from the urine to the chin.

Further, it will be useful to continue facial massage from the cheeks at home with pinching movements in the area under the cheekbones, as well as the neck and urine. Start and end the procedure is with soft strokes of the skin.

Modeling massage

Home massage with a bath towel

One of the simplest and most well-known methods of exposure to the face, involves moistened soft tissue. A terry towel is ideal. As a liquid, you can use:

cool water;
infusions or decoctions of medicinal herbs (chamomile, mint, sage, rose petals, calendula);
a solution of sea salt (1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water).

The towel should be curled up, dipped, squeezed slightly (so that it does not flow from it), grabbed at the two opposite ends with your hands and tapped to work on the neck, cheeks and forehead area. Especially this technique is effective from the second chin and swelling of the face. After that, apply milk or moisturizer to the skin.

bath towel massage


In the salon, the beautician can offer facial massage for losing weight of the cheeks using two special rollers. They were introduced into use at the end of the 20th century by the Frenchman Louis Paul Gite. Now, similar ones are easy to purchase for home procedures. Moreover, there are options from minerals and semiprecious stones (malachite, onyx, jade), the impact of which is considered healing.

Rollers should be taken along the massage lines of the face. They provide an intense and at the same time pleasant relaxing effect on the skin, promote the withdrawal of fluids, and reduce body fat.

hardware facial massage


Even such a simple procedure as massage can have an adverse effect if carried out without attention to the condition of the body. You can not do pressure manipulations on the skin in the following situations and diseases:

if weather sensitivity is noticed and atmospheric pressure changes;
with allergic reactions;

Skin diseases are the basis for refusing massage, if their manifestations are located on the face. In addition, you should refrain from procedures during the course of acute respiratory infections or influenza viruses.

Facial massage is a way to relieve swelling, awaken muscle activity and restore the beautiful contour of the cheekbones and neck. The breakdown of body fat is the result of a strong rush of blood and lymph to the zones being worked out.


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