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Extreme fitness: exercise

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Extreme fitness: exercise

The contents

  • Crossfit is a fitness training at the limit of physical possibilities
  • Fitness classes in the technique of Bikram Yoga
  • Pole Dance is the ideal exercise for women
  • The benefits and features of exercises in the technique of Krav-Maga

Beautiful slim body, confidence and strength of spirit are closely linked. For this reason, physical exercise can be considered as an effective means of getting rid of excess pounds and strengthening muscles of the body, and as a way of self-esteem and developing leadership qualities. To obtain such a useful effect, beginners should choose a complex direction of fitness with intense physical exercise. Overcome difficulties, not only strengthens the body and develops on the emotional level.

Crossfit is a fitness training at the limit of physical possibilities

To do crossfit, and new to the fitness, selecting the appropriate training program, and experienced gym attendees in the period of occurrence of the “effect plateau”. Physical load exerted on the body during training in the technique crossfit, strengthens the muscles throughout the body, helps to get rid of fat and developing endurance.

At the first gym for this technique is learning basic training moves, and then a basis for the training program for a few weeks. The order of the elements is not repeated in any of the exercise below every time to the work involved different muscle groups, not allowing the body to adjust to stress and causing it to operate at the limit of physical possibilities.

Before fitness training in the technique crossfit, beginners should remember the following recommendations from the athletes experienced in the direction of fitness:

  • it is better to choose a few groups to have more opportunities to contact with the instructor, and the coach, in turn, could adjust the technique exercises and to pay attention to all the beginners;
  • not be amiss to become acquainted with the members of the group. Team spirit and the support of others a beneficial effect on the effectiveness of training;
  • you need to be ready for a permanent strengthening exercise. The only way to achieve quick and positive results;
  • the intensity of the load entails a high risk of injury, so you should not neglect safety when performing exercises;
  • classes crossfit because of its complexity and intensity usually last no more than 20 minutes, so you need to work efficiently enough to have time to work out all the muscles. This tactic contributes to the development of endurance during the fitness training.

Fitness classes in the technique of Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga is a fitness trend and a kind of yoga, in which physical activity is carried out under conditions of 40-degree heat combined with 40% humidity. Such conditions enhance the effect exerted on the main body 26 asanas of Bikram yoga. “The sauna effect” when you exercise, Bikram yoga allows you to get rid of excess fluid, which is important for people suffering from overweight and prone to edema.

That newcomers are not faced with unpleasant surprises during the first lesson in this unusual direction of yoga, they should be prepared, taking into account advice of specialists in this area:

  • dress for fitness training should be at a minimum. Instead of the usual yoga pants and t-shirts better to wear shorts and a top;
  • you should bring 2 towels-one necessary for the soul and one for the pot, which will be actively allocated during the execution of exercises;
  • experts do not recommend drinking the first 25 minutes of the session to stimulate the excretion of excess fluid accumulated in the body. After this period, need to drink small SIPS every time when there is a feeling of thirst;
  • the execution of each exercise should take 10-60 seconds;
  • if you experience dizziness or nausea, you should move to a cooler place and breathe deeply until the condition is not stabiliziruemost. After that, you can continue fitness training in the technique of Bikram yoga.

Pole Dance is the ideal exercise for women

Dancing on the pole because of some prejudice unfairly ignored by many women. Meanwhile, they provide an intense load on the major muscle group and the most problematic areas of the female body, and its efficiency can replace the standard fitness classes. And to verify this, you need at least once to try to work the pole. Thanks to poldens a woman’s figure becomes more slender and toned, and gain grace and elegance.

To fitness classes at the pole maximum benefit, women need to follow the following rules:

  • minimal set of clothing while pole dancing is not an aesthetic whim, but an urgent need to help the woman to hold your own body weight on the pole, holding the pole with the inner thighs, armpits and other body parts;
  • in addition to working at the pole, attention should be given exercises aimed at strengthening muscles and developing strength, such as sit-UPS, push-UPS, pull-UPS, squats;
  • it is strictly forbidden to use lotion or body cream before or during fitness training, since these cosmetic products diminish the quality of the coupling body with the pole, and this can lead to falls and other injuries.

The benefits and features of exercises in the technique of Krav-Maga

Krav Maga translated from Hebrew means “contact battle”. The technique of unarmed combat developed by the Israeli military and formed the basis of the exercise of this direction of fitness. Krav Maga combines the intensive energy consuming load to strengthen muscles, develop strength and endurance, strikes, throws and holds. Due to this, with the help of fitness technique Krav Maga is possible not only to improve the shape, but also to master the skills of self-defense, which is very important for the fair sex.

The risk of injury during fitness training in the technique of Krav Maga, despite its specificity, is minimized due to the fact that each technique is practiced under the guidance of an experienced instructor and sparring is performed with a partner of similar build and roughly the same level of physical training.

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