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Extreme fitness: advantages and disadvantages

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Extreme fitness: advantages and disadvantages

The contents

  • Kinds of extreme fitness
  • The impact of extreme human
  • The benefits of extreme fitness
  • Disadvantages of extreme active holidays
  • Contraindications to dangerous sports

The popularity of extreme fitness is recently gaining momentum. This is due to the fact that people are already not enough of those emotions and adrenaline they feel from the usual sports (basketball, figure skating, football, athletics, etc.). They need something more, and this gives them extreme. Unusual and even dangerous outdoor activities can not only build their character and to cultivate willpower. Extreme fitness helps to get rid of the negativity, overcome stress, inner fears and get the thrill. However, not all so rosy as it sounds. Many extreme sports are dangerous for health and even human life.

Kinds of extreme fitness

Lately there are more types of extreme fitness. Many competitions and some even include in the program of Olympic games. From the standard of sports, they have increased the complexity of the maneuvers, a high level of risk and the availability of special equipment.

Consider some of the extreme sports:

  • Volcanology or volcanic surfing.

A descent on a special shell on the lava frozen on the slopes of a dormant volcano. The Congress is carried out in special gear averaging at a speed of 60 km/h.

  • The human catapult.

Flying at a speed of 200 km/h with a subsequent landing on the trampoline or in the pool. Launched with a huge slingshot. This extreme fitness is dangerous because there is a risk of landing wrong and getting injured.

  • Base jumping.

Jump with a special parachute without insurance with any fixed surface with a minimum height of 50 m (crane, bridge, building roof). For this type of extreme sport even competitions. According to statistics, doing base jumping, die every year 15-25 people. Cause of death – non-disclosure of a parachute.

  • Spiriting.

Downhill skiing with a parachute on his back. This extreme fitness is considered to be very dangerous and banned in many ski resorts.

  • Cave-diving.

Scuba diving in water caves, caves. This extreme fitness is dangerous because at any moment you can get lost, be in the sections of the cave with ice water. Also, do not always have the opportunity to rise to the surface in case of an emergency.

  • Bungee jumping.

Jumping from high structures with an elastic rope attached to the feet or another part of the human body. This extreme fitness is not very dangerous because the risk of personal injury is 2 to 1000000.

The impact of extreme human

Consider the impact that the extreme active rest, according to experts, has on people:

  • Physical dependence comparable to drug.

This is due to the release into the blood large amounts of adrenaline. People involved in extreme need of a new portion of this hormone and thrills.

  • The psychological dependence.

Frequent classes extreme fitness cause a person addictive in which he becomes unable to enjoy any other way.

  • The suspension of reality.

Often, it is one of the main reasons that provoke people to engage in extreme sports. Sometimes it is a way to cope with stress. Often, however, the desire to escape from reality to the detriment of human values (family, work, school, etc.).

  • The appearance of problems of a psychological nature.

Extreme fitness often creates non-standard, dangerous situations for humans, in which occurs the death of nerve cells. Over time, this leads to nervous exhaustion, appearance of irritability, anxiety, etc.

The benefits of extreme fitness

Despite the presence of risk, extreme active leisure has many advantages:

  • overcoming internal fears, complexes;
  • the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and Express themselves;
  • education, strengthening of willpower and self-confidence;
  • combating depression, stress, elimination of other negative emotions;
  • the opportunity to gain a burst of positive emotions, to regain lost interest in life;
  • the release of endorphins, which cause a person feelings of joy, satisfaction, delight, and happiness;
  • maintaining the body in good shape, working out all muscles, exercise joints and ligaments;
  • new friends, communication with interesting people, a change of scenery;
  • new personal bests;
  • the opportunity to see the world, to visit unusual and exotic places.

Disadvantages of extreme active holidays

Cons of extreme fitness:

  • High level of injuries and mortality.

Before you start to engage in any activity, need to be familiar with the extent of his traumatic, to study and to take all necessary safety precautions, prepare for it mentally and physically, to purchase protective gear and training or training with a trainer.

  • High loads.

Beginners should prepare for the fact that at the initial stage of training (if regular) will hurt your whole body.

  • High cost.

Absolutely any kind of extreme sports require considerable financial investment not only to pay for classes themselves, but also to buy (or rent) equipment.

Contraindications to dangerous sports

Like any other sport, Xtreme forbidden to engage in certain health problems. Contraindications extreme fitness:

  • high myopia;
  • insulin-dependent diabetes;
  • diseases of the respiratory system;
  • varicose veins;
  • problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • disc herniation;
  • diseases of the kidneys and liver of a chronic nature;
  • rheumatoid arthritis.

Only after passing a medical examination, after weighing all the “pros” and “cons”, you should start training with Xtreme. Otherwise, instead of thrill and adrenaline, you can get a lot of trouble, disappointed in their actions, to regret the money spent and time.

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