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Extension on the block – whether to include in the training?

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Tired of hanging skin on the hands? Don’t know how to pump up triceps? Prefer classes that are not associated with the use of dumbbells and barbells? In this article you will learn how to give hands a beautiful look in a short time.

Solved the problem by using one exercise

One of the most effective ways to eliminate “stale” the skin is the extension on the block. This exercise is popular especially among women. In the process of its implementation involves the following muscles.

  • The triceps brachii.
  • Big and small chest.
  • Broadest muscle of back.
  • Wrist.
  • The bottom of the trapezoids.
  • Abdominal muscles.

That is, this exercise is included in the category insulation. In compliance with proper techniques, using the extension on the block can quickly give your hands relief and strength.

How to perform

This exercise is not complex, but has a number of details that need attention. Follow the following sequence of actions:

  • Choose a weight burden on the simulator.
  • Stand, stand feet shoulder width apart ( you can make a small ledge, the main thing – to take a stable position).
  • Put your hand on the handle of the simulator (it can be different types, but most commonly used video). The palm should be located on the handle (thumb at the top).
  • Squeeze your elbows to your body, bent at an angle slightly larger than 90 degrees.
  • Tilt the case, transferring your body weight on the bar.
  • Straining only your triceps, exhale and pull the handle down until the full straightening of hands. Hold this position for two seconds then inhale slowly return to starting position, continuing to engage the muscles of the hands.
  • Please be sure of exactly which muscles are tensed during the exercise. If you feel that in addition to the hands tense up other parts of the body, the task is performed incorrectly.

    The advantages of such training

    Consider the main benefits of the extension on the block:

    • A favourable impact on the condition of the triceps (develops his power and there is relief).
    • Eliminates loose skin.
    • Increases the amount of hands.
    • Isolated pumping three-headed shoulder muscle.

    In addition, this exercise does not cause difficulties in the implementation, so popular among most athletes.

    Similar methods are classes with the same principle of action with the use of other types of handle or reverse grip. In addition, this exercise can be performed in the position back to the simulator, which gives the opportunity to better feel the tension of all heads of the triceps.

    Aluchem the performance

    Pay attention to the following tips, they will help to achieve the desired result faster.

  • During exercise, slightly bend your knees and tilt your body forward.
  • Need extension on the block at the end of the training the arms.
  • Initially perform three to five approaches ten to fifteen times.
  • Do not use this exercise for pain in the shoulders.
  • Don’t forget to hold the handle for a few seconds and strain the triceps.
  • What kind of handle should I choose?

    The choice depends on what result you wish to achieve. If you need to focus on the elaboration of the long head of the triceps, use the direct GIF, but if you want to work the exterior muscles, then you need to use a v-handle.

    Summarizing, we can say that the extension on the block – effective exercise that can be used by not only women but also men (it all depends on the selection of weight and number of approaches). To get the result, it is important to follow all the subtleties of the exercise. In addition, do not forget about proper diet, as it plays a major role in any training. Do not stop, continue to improve. Be healthy and beautiful.

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