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Extended qualification period for Olympia 2020

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The 2020 bodybuilding and fitness competition season has been radically changed due to the threat of coronavirus. Most tournaments have been delayed or canceled altogether. Given all this, many athletes were worried that the 2020 Olympia would not take place at all. All assumptions about this ended when the president and chief executive officer of Olympia, Dan Solomon, confirmed the new date and venue. The 2020 Olympia show was rescheduled for December 16-20, 2020. In addition, the event will now be held in a new location – Planet Hollywood Resort in downtown Las Vegas Strip. Since the Olympia Weekend was postponed, the qualification period for her was also extended. Now, the final date for the end of the selection for Olympia has been set for October 18, 2020. Also, a number of competitions was postponed from July to November. This leaves a certain number of tournaments for athletes to perform and try to earn their qualifications. The updated 2020 calendar can be downloaded here, the most significant events of them: Tampa Pro (July 31 and August 1, 2020) Pittsburgh Pro (September 2-5, 2020) – No Men’s Pro show for this event. New York Pro (September 5, 2020) Prague Pro (September 26, 2020) Athleticon (October 10, 2020) – rescheduled for 2021 Olympia Weekend 2020 05/20/2020 261 0

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