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Expander in strength training: exercises for the study of the different zones

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Expander in strength training: exercises for the study of the different zones
The contents

  • The use of the projectile
  • How to choose a harness for fitness workouts
  • Training with a harness for hands
  • Physical activity for breast
  • Training the back muscles and the press
  • Exercises for thighs and buttocks

Rubber expander or sport harness is a unique shell for fitness workouts that will help to bring the body in shape. Despite the limited number of exercises that can be done, the wiring has many advantages. It is a safe equipment that can do even a beginner. The wiring can act not only as a separate load, but as a complication to basic movements to overcome resistance. For this reason, rubber expander holds a special place in the adaptations to strength training in helping to work through difficult areas of the body, including the abs and hips.

The use of the projectile

Sports harness, compact shell, which you can take with you wherever you go. This means that exercises can be done outdoors in the fresh air, further improving the oxygen exchange in the body. At home chest expander is also convenient to use: it takes up minimal space in a Cabinet or any drawer, requires no maintenance and little space for fitness training.

Harness — useful tools, which helps:

  • to strengthen your abs, legs, back, shoulders, buttocks;
  • to develop the elasticity of the ligaments and tendons;
  • to study the topography of the target areas;
  • to enhance the growth of muscle fibers;
  • to normalize blood circulation and lymph flow in soft tissues.

One of the main advantages of the fitness of the harness that the shell has many variations in length, width, density. The shorter and harder the projectile, the more resistance you need to work out the desired area of the body, so the intensity of the training increases and the result becomes more noticeable.

The rubber expander athlete can use to work small muscles, which difficult to develop with basic exercises. Classes with harness is also an ideal option for closing a session when the muscle tissue and large areas of the muscles that are already warmed enough.

How to choose a harness for fitness workouts

To classes of tangible benefit, it is necessary to choose the right expander. No need to purchase the harness with high density for the first workout, when the body is not yet ready for such power loads and can not cope with the resistance of the projectile. Start training with resistance bands, low density, gradually increasing the load and increasing the intensity of training.

To find the optimal width of the harness, first of all, decide for what purposes you need a trainer. If the main task is to work the press, you should choose a wide projectile. For pumping of the arms or legs will fit a long narrow ribbon.

Sports harness according to the configuration can have handles, and can be produced without them. The choice of a particular model are due to task training. For the study of press and chest is better to choose a fitness harness without handles, and for legs, arms and back — it is better to buy a shell with handles for more comfortable stretching. Experts recommend to have in the Arsenal of several options for rubber bands for alternating loads and add variety to the exercise program.

Training with a harness for hands

Often the rubber expander is used for pumping quality hands. Any exercise with a rubber band evenly loads the triceps and biceps, developing them gradually without overexertion.

  • Take suitable for fitness training harness, step on one side of the exerciser, the free end of the grab with that hand and slide it over the head. Stretch shell, pulling the arm up and bringing it back. Run the item in 2-3 sets of 15 repetitions. This load effectively strengthens triceps shoulders.
  • Step two feet to the center of the harness. The ends of the exerciser take hands. Perform flexion and extension of the arms at the elbow against the resistance of the harness and straining the muscles of the upper shoulder girdle. Do 2-3 sets of 15 repetitions. This workload effectively develops the biceps.
  • Physical activity for breast

    The complex effective fitness workouts for the chest area includes push-UPS with the harness. Due to the increased load, the lifting body is carried out with a lot of stress, so muscles are worked out effectively.

    It’s enough to take the ends of the sport of harness in his hands, while in the rest position, and a rubber band to place on the back. The rise of the case should make the effort to stretch his arms as high as possible. In addition to chest muscles, pushups also involve the trapezium and the Delta.

    Training the back muscles and the press

    The wiring is also effective in the struggle for attractive abs and a strong back. Resistance, which is required to overcome the maximum load of the target muscle, allowing you to get the desired result in 2-3 weeks after the start of classes.

  • Stand on the rubber strip, the edges of the shell hold the serried fingers. Not tilting your body, raise your straightened arms out to the side, then slowly lower them. Then stretch your arms in front of his face again, lower them. Bring straight arms back and return to starting position. This physical exercise is excellent strengthens the spinal muscles and the core, greatly improving posture.
  • Reverse crunches with a twist allow you to develop straight and transverse abdominal muscles. Secure shell the two ends to an immovable object so as to form a small tight loop. Lie on your back, extend your legs and push together. Lower leg position under the loop. Raise legs up, straining during exercise abdominal muscles. Overcome the resistance of the harness within 2-3 minutes.
  • Put your hands behind your back and take in each hand on the end of a sports harness. Follow the stretching of the projectile. Exercise helps to strengthen posture, considering infraspinatus, latissimus, trapezius muscle.
  • Exercises for thighs and buttocks

    By using a harness can accurately work out your calf and gluteal area.

  • Stand with your foot on the middle of the shell, the edges will catch and pull as high as possible. The free foot, take a step back. Perform the squat with the lunge. Do 10-15 reps 2-3 sets for each leg.
  • Hold the chest expander with your hands, get on all fours, holding the harness to the floor with his hands. In the resulting loop of rubber strap, insert the foot and stretch the tape, unbending the knee. Do exercises for 10-15 repetitions in 2-3 sets.
  • Lie down on your back with legs bent at the knees. One end of a rubber expander fix the palms on the floor so that the wiring was right above the hip joint or above the hips. Make gluteal bridge, stretching the wiring to the limit. The denser the inventory, the better will be the result. Follow the action in 3-4 times for 8-10 repetitions.
  • Band for fitness training — convenient and compact equipment that can exercise in the gym or at home and outdoor space. Small but effective simulator will significantly strengthen the abdominal muscles, legs, body, and also improve the endurance of the whole body.

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