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Exercises with dumbbells for back at home

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Back training at home. How to build muscle with dumbbells? Training program for men and women. What mistakes beginners? The answers to these questions, read this article.

The back muscles are the largest muscle group in the human body. Most of the beginners coming to the gym, spend time pumping the press, hands or chest, as these muscles draw the most attention. If the back is not getting load develops body asymmetry. Regular exercise the upper muscle of the Department help to prevent the described consequences. In the absence of the ability to visit the gym exercises with dumbbells for back at home will help in solving the problem.

The function of the back muscles

The dorsal muscles have a complex structure. They consist of separate muscle groups, divided into two categories: deep and superficial. Many fibers are intertwined, is able to withstand heavy loads.

The main muscle that forms the muscles of the back include:

  • •trapezoidal;
  • •widest;
  • •diamond-shaped;
  • •the extensors of the back.

These muscles are connected among themselves and with other muscle groups: the triceps, the back beams of the Delta of the infraspinatus muscle. Consider each part of the dorsal group is meaningless. During execution of strength exercises loaded divisions of the back, consisting of different muscles:

  • •neck;
  • •breast;
  • •lumbar.

Your back muscles play a vital role for humans. If no well-developed muscles of the feet and hands are difficult to exercise, without strong back muscles is hampered normal life: the upright posture, stability, movement of the body in an upright position.

Dorsal muscle groups:

  • •supports the backbone, linking the vertebrae;
  • •helps the spine to withstand heavy loads;
  • •protects bones, joints, internal organs;
  • •allows for any movement of the body.

A strong back prevents the development of diseases of the spine, which affects the normal functioning of internal organs.

Training a large muscle group, an athlete burns more calories and fat. Massive relief musculature of the back forms a V-shape, which is a key indicator of good physical training bodybuilders.

Training back muscles is important not only for professional athletes, but ordinary people leading a sedentary lifestyle. If people are constantly stooping, internal organs and the vessels are clamped, causing headaches and unexplained fatigue. More serious effects are manifested in the development of osteochondrosis, intercostal neuralgia, chronic back pain. Exercise with dumbbells for the back muscles is the most effective way to get a straight posture, improving overall health.

Is it possible to pump up back at home?

A bodybuilders regularly engaged in the gym, argue that to swing back in the home useless. In fact, the situation is different. Specialized fitness centers provide more opportunities for training the muscle Department, but to get a broad back can be doing at home.

More low impact exercise compared to the gym is associated with a feature of the development of the back muscles. Permanent progress is possible with a periodic increase of the weights used sports equipment. To ensure this condition at home is almost impossible.

But the described feature is relevant for people systematically involved in bodybuilding for over two years. For beginners, the back pumping dumbbells one weight will give effective results. Therefore, novice athletes do not have to go to the gym to trigger muscle growth.

Exercise with dumbbells

To get a result at home, swing the dumbbell back. Sports equipment with free weights give the best result. For training best suited to the following exercises:

  • Thrust dumbbells in the slope. The exercise is performed by placing the torso at an angle. In the initial position, straight arms with dumbbells aimed at the floor. When lifting the elbows bend and the shoulders are pushed back slowly until the blades meet, and then hand gradually return to its original state.
  • Abduction hands back in the slope. Original position as in the previous exercise. The blades are recommended to bring together in the beginning. Straight arms are pushed back slowly, until you take a horizontal position, then delayed several seconds and gradually lowered.
  • Pull the dumbbells to the back in the slope. The exercise is performed alternately for each hand. You must lean forward to lunge with one leg, leaning on her free hand. The dumbbell slowly rises to her stomach with the other hand, then slowly returns to its original position.
  • Raising the hands in the slope. During exercise the body and shoulders should be stationary. Hands smoothly up to the sides and slowly descend. The body is tilted, hands with dumbbells slightly bent at the elbows.
  • Most beginners are able to perform on each exercise 2-3 sets of 20-25 repetitions. The load is controlled individually depending on the physical preparation of the athlete.

    Additional exercises

    To ensure greater performance is possible by combining exercise with dumbbells for posture classes and other sports equipment. For a full elaboration of the dorsal muscles of professional athletes add in the training program:

    • •deadlift – pumping of the lumbar;
    • •sragi with a barbell (you can also use dumbbells) involves the cervical and the Delta.

    Deadlift is a complex exercise, doing which is necessary to monitor the position of the back. Excessive bending stresses on the spine are not benefiting. To comply with this condition the head should be facing forward. Deadlifts also performed with dumbbells. But the performance is lower, and the forces of exercise gets longer.

    Srage performed by lifting the shoulders. In the movement accept the part of the blade. Rise on the inhale, down – exhale. Opposite breathing faster causes fatigue, improving the effect. Performing a circular motion is a common mistake that even professional athletes. The described system also gives the result, but creates a high risk of injury.

    Exercise the pterygoid muscles

    Pterygoid muscle is one of the main parts of the dorsal division. They form V-shape. Many beginners pterygoid muscles are lagging. To solve this problem a separate set of exercises:

    • •pull dumbbell to the belt in the slope;
    • •alternate dumbbell pull hands to the belt in the slope;
    • •dead lift – this exercise additionally has the stress on the rectifiers and the broadest back muscles.

    Describes a training program aimed at the formation of a beautiful posture. These exercises do not make the back are massive and therefore are suitable for men and women.

    Another popular exercise, aimed at the development of the pterygoid muscles are pull on the bar. In modern stores sporting goods a wide range of wall-mounted pull-up bars at affordable prices. In the absence of the ability to set the shell home for a workout, you can use a Playground in the yard.

    Training of the broadest muscles

    The widest problem area of the back. A dumbbell – not the most suitable equipment for pumping the specified muscle Department. The most effective exercise for developing wide – thrust block in the simulator.

    Best muscles develop:

  • The thrust of the upper block. The exercise is performed in the sitting position. It is necessary to press the legs to the floor, straighten your back, tilt your head. The vulture is attracted to the chest wide grip, and the blades have to connect. Movements are made slowly and carefully.
  • Pull the lower block. In the process of exercise the body is kept straight. To reduce the load on the spine, must bend his back. The vulture is attracted to the belt, straightening your shoulders. In the process of movement of the blade needs to come together.
  • Pullover. The exercise is performed in standing position at a distance of 30 inches from the simulator. The neck wide grip rises to waist level, is delayed for a few seconds, then returns to its original position.
  • The greater selected weight, the more load is shifted from the back to the shoulders. Therefore, to strengthen the spinal Department with the listed exercises it is recommended to use medium weight.


    Beginners are often faced with the lack of performance, in spite of an intense workout. The reason of this phenomenon is the presence of mistakes made by beginners. To ensure steady progress, must adhere to the following tips:

  • Stretching before exercise inhibits muscle development. Instead, it is better to spend a workout, which will help to warm up and reduce the risk of injury while performing strength exercises.
  • Unprepared for the physical stress the body reacts poorly to training the back muscles. To avoid sprains, the initial weight of the dumbbells should not exceed 3 kgs.
  • The performance ensures proper performance technique of exercises, not quantity of repetitions. Attempts to increase the load due to incorrect movements pose a risk of injury and inhibit the growth of muscle fibers.
  • Training of the broadest muscle, you need to take your shoulders back. Due to the described technique will increase the load on the rhomboid muscles, and reduce the risk of stretching the shoulder Department.
  • If the class has any pain, discontinue the exercise. The presence of pain is an indicator of injury or incorrect exercise. Such training will not bring benefits.
  • To swing back 2-3 times a week, giving the muscles rest at least 48 hours. If you engage more muscles will not have time to recover, and growth will slow.
  • Muscles of the back are susceptible to asymmetry in the incorrect exercise. Therefore, during the exercise the load should be evenly distributed to all parts of the dorsal division.
  • Pump up your back muscles at home is quite difficult. But compliance with exercise technique and regular training will help to acquire a wide and ridged back.

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