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Exercises with a tennis ball: 6 effective options

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Exercises with a tennis ball: 6 effective options

Tennis balls are not only used for its intended purpose, but for regular fitness classes. This versatile sports equipment can be the best assistant adept at HLS during independent training. Complex of simple exercises will help to strengthen health, improve reaction speed, and develop a sense of balance. To achieve maximum effect, you must perform each exercise for three minutes, making an arbitrary number of repetitions.

Single fitness exercise ball

Many sports fans do alone. They can diversify the training program with the help of two useful exercises.

The first has to do with basketball. Every fan of a healthy lifestyle, knows how to dribble in basketball, it is part of the school curriculum. Similarly, it is necessary to practice with a tennis ball, changing lead hand in the rebound. Over time, you can go to training with two balls simultaneously.

To throw the ball rebound from the wall is also useful. It is desirable to throw and catch the projectile with one hand, but regularly change the working arm and the angle of the shot.

Paired exercises using a tennis ball

The list of available exercises is significantly expanded, if a supporter of a healthy lifestyle has the opportunity to engage in a pair. To train with a partner even more fun.

The first exercise is a shots from behind. Partners need to stand one by one facing the wall, maintaining a distance of several meters. Standing in the back throwing the ball into the wall, without warning about the direction of the throw, and standing ahead should try to catch him. The speed of reaction and intuition develop just phenomenal.

Also very useful the crossfire. For its implementation need to stand facing each other at a distance of several meters. Both partners throw each other’s balls, but one of them performs the upper flow, and the second delivers the ball from the bottom with a rebound from the floor. This is a great way to train dexterity.

Another interesting exercise is called a lottery. One of the athletes takes in each hand on the ball and at any time close a fist. The second is to not let the ball touch the floor, anticipating the moment of falling. Partner has the right to make deceptive motion and release both balls simultaneously, therefore, his enemy is important not to let yourself be mislead.

In conclusion, it is possible to try so-called shot in the forehead. One of the partners should stand at a wall and Dodge flying him in the face shells. To be fair, it is desirable periodically to change places. This exercise has a beneficial effect on the reaction, develops mindfulness and the opportunity to earn a lump is a great incentive to try my best.

Boxing exercises – work with a tennis ball

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