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Exercises with a rope for beginners: training rules

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Exercises with a rope for beginners: training rules
The contents

  • Benefits and contraindications to fitness training with a rope
  • Rules of the gym
  • The complex of exercises for beginners

A variety of exercises with a rope — special sports projectile with the weighting at the end — often used in the area of fitness, like crossfit. However, people who want to develop functional strength and to stimulate muscle growth through creative physical activity may also include working with the ropes in your fitness program.

Benefits and contraindications to fitness training with a rope

The advantages of the gym with ropes over standard strength training using your own weight, equipment or other sports equipment are the following features of the physical load exerted on the body in this work:

  • dynamic.

In a standard fitness exercises are working on muscle group shortens and relaxes rhythmically. While when working with ropes of muscles are in constant tension, for example, when the reduced triceps, rest your biceps and Vice versa. This dynamic fitness increases physical strength and muscle endurance;

  • isometrically.

With the help of ropes you can work those muscle groups that receive little exercise during standard fitness training with the use of the basic elements of strength training;

  • security.

The intensity of physical load during the work with the rope varies not by increasing the weight of the projectile, and due to the acceleration exercise. The wrist act as fuses: when the load becomes critical, the wrist is unable to perform its function of holding the rope, and the shell just slips out of your hands. In this case it is possible to obtain only a slight sprain, no serious injuries of muscles and joints.

Because when you work with the rope is quite an intense fitness workout with this exercise equipment can be contraindicated in cases of these health problems:

  • the low level of training of the muscles;
  • serious violations in the work of the heart, blood vessels, and breathing apparatus;
  • diseases of the spine and musculoskeletal system, including herniated discs and stretching;
  • the recovery period after the surgery of any complexity;
  • pregnancy, the recovery period after childbirth and lactation;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • a temporary deterioration in health status, triggered by infectious or viral infection of the body.

Rules of the gym

Fitness classes with a rope will be productive and safe only if their establishment and conduct complied with the following rules:

  • when you exercise, you should not use the Stander loop, since the work must be controlled by the strength and training of the wrists;
  • to increase the load by accelerating the pace gradually as strengthening muscles and developing strength;
  • the work with the rope should be combined with other strength exercises;
  • it is necessary to control heart rate and not to exceed the individual maximum, calculated by the following formula: constant factor of 220 to take the number of full years of training and the resulting value multiplied by 80%. It is very convenient to monitor the heart rate use a heart rate monitor;
  • the first fitness training should be under the guidance of an experienced coach.

The complex of exercises for beginners

In fitness classes for beginners can include some of the following elements of the training set with rope:

  • The alternation of the waves.

Take each brush on a thick rope and a little sit down. Keeping a straight back, bend at the waist. Put slightly bent at the elbow and the upper limb in front of him. Then the exercise should be slowly lift one hand up and gently lower the other down, creating ropes alternating waves. To work thus the need for several minutes until a pulse is not accelerated to the critical value.

  • Double wave.

This is a training movement engages not only the muscles of the upper part of the body, but also the press, because when it runs there is a need to eliminate the inertia of the ropes. Technically, the exercise is as follows: stand in a half squat, keeping your back straight, take your hands of the ropes and run at the same time both hands move up and down, creating waves on the projectile. The recommended duration is 2-5 minutes.

  • Jumping.

Take the starting position, taking the shells and dropping into a half squat. Pulling of the upper limb in front of chest, bend at the waist. Next, you need to dramatically jump as high as possible and lift up the ropes. Landing, should quickly lower the upper limb. During this exercise, except the muscles of the shoulder girdle, intensely works the muscles of the lower torso.

  • The twists and turns.

Descend into a half squat, take in your hands the shells and stretched at the waist, pull them to the case while expanding the case first to one and then the other side. The exercise should be repeated for as long as my body can take.

  • Jumping from a deep squat.

Take the starting position, assuming a deep squat position and fixation in each hand on the rope. To start the movement of the upper limbs, creating waves, and then suddenly jump as high as possible. Each jump must consist of two wave-like motion of the rope. To jump therefore, you should for 3-5 minutes.

  • The rotations are performed in the sitting position.

To perform this exercise, you need to sit on the floor, take the shells and give them inertia due to the ascents and descents of the hand, and then alternately pull the ropes to the housing, simultaneously turning the torso left or right.

  • Plank with a rope.

Make a level, horizontal position, resting on socks feet and one hand. In the other hand should hold the rope and carry them wave-like motion throughout the period of fixation of the strap. Changing the reference of the upper limb to repeat the exercise.

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