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Exercises or proper bench press on the shoulders

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The human body is an amazing mechanism, able to work miracles, and the structure of our muscular frame affects consistency and power. Today we will talk about how to bring the shoulder girdle is in perfect shape, what is the advantage and the benefit of the exercise “bench press shoulders” in the simulator. Read and gain knowledge.

The bench on the shoulders of the exerciser. A few common provisions

For any women one of the most important criteria of beauty is the graceful, slim figure with uploaded within reasonable limits muscles. It is this ideal body is forcing any girl to be careful to avoid gym exercise outdoor weight (the same dumbbell bench press lying or sitting). Affirm with certainty that they are right. A couple of months in hard training men and trapezoidale in the shoulders start to scare. To avoid such trouble, you should pay attention to the equipment. And the body will strengthen, and will help you to learn the right exercises to perform. In General, the pros weight. Today let’s talk about the bench press on the shoulders of the exerciser and technology of its performance.

And, actually, that this is and is there any benefit?

The bench on the shoulders of the trainer classic shareware-basic exercise, which strengthen muscles of the shoulder girdle, specifically:

  • Dynamic stabilizers. Obviously, first and foremost, on the exercise pumped the biceps and triceps.
  • Stabilizers. That is muscle and trapezium and levator scapula.
  • Front Delta.
  • Supraspinatus, pectoralis major (clavicular division) muscle, the average Delta, the serratus anterior muscle and the trapezoid.

The list of benefits of this exercise is not inferior to the largest listing of involved muscles. Let’s review the main ones:

  • the muscle mass of the deltoid muscle will increase substantially;
  • the beams of the deltas will be strong and sturdy;
  • shoulders, especially the upper part of the shoulder girdle is strengthened;
  • long is a bar press lying, and the results are not impressive? Exercise on the simulator will help them to improve;
  • the shoulders will gain symmetric, proud and proper form;
  • weak bones is no longer an excuse;

Due to the increase in the level of minerals in the bones, their density will increase significantly. Osteoporosis is no longer scary.

  • had a shoulder injury, and in the hall I want? Press on the shoulders in the simulator what you need. And doesn’t hurt herself and can’t stop.

How to perform the bench press on the shoulders?

The difficulty level of the bench on the shoulders of almost zero. Coming in first (well, at least the second time) in the hall, you can begin this wonderful exercise that can strengthen your shoulders, without negative consequences for your figure and health.

So, we proceed to the techniques. Let’s start with assumptions:

  • First contact the trainer and set the necessary parameters, i.e. we set the desired weight.
  • Sit in the simulator, the legs tightly into the floor ubiraem full stop, pre-spread wide for them.
  • Hands come from behind handlebars.
  • Press belly strained at the time of exercise.
  • Eyes straight forward in front of him.

You took the original position and is now ready to move on to the main action:

  • Breath. On the exhale, bent at the elbows straighten, gently pushing handlebars up.
  • The peak at the top exercises should be delayed for 1-2 seconds.
  • Accept original position.

How many repetitions you will do and approaches depends on you and your coach. Technique you know, and this is important.

Options and the nuances of the bench press on the shoulders

The simulator is interesting because it can perform not only the classical version of the described exercises, but several others of his species. For example,

  • Bench face to bench;
  • Bench press neutral grip.

There are some nuances in the exercise, which will allow to significantly improve its effectiveness. Want beautiful shoulders? Remember!

  • The grip should be wider than shoulder width, but not essential.
  • Hands when taking the handles of a simulator should be slightly above the shoulders. For this you need to adjust the seat height.
  • The weight must be slowly and steadily lower down and push up sharply and powerfully.
  • The exercise is performed from the lower to the upper peak, that is full range.
  • Elbow during bench press is not necessary to unfold to the end, increasing the risk of injury, and decreases the effect of the implementation.
  • The head, lower back, and whole back in General, and buttocks can not be separated from the seat surface. The feet remain constantly tightly pressed to the floor.
  • Even if you want to try for three, don’t overdo it. Handlebars must not drop below shoulder level.
  • Squeeze, that is pushed – make a powerful exhale, return to starting position – a gradual breath.
  • The maximum number of repetitions should not exceed 12, and approaches enough for three.

The question arises: how to swing lovely ladies?

The main challenge in this case – do not overdo it and keep the proportions. That is to create a sophisticated silhouette, while maintaining femininity and beauty. To achieve the objectives and to implement these points we have prepared a plan:

  • a course of simulator training – 10 weeks (no more, no less);
  • training is held no more often than twice a week, what with a decent break. For example, Monday – Friday;
  • to do this exercise in the simulator: press behind the head in the simulator Smith bench press shoulders with a neutral grip, press the hand-to-hand in an appropriate simulator.
  • Repetition and approaches ranging from 8 repetitions in 3 sets, finishing with 16 reps in 3 sets.

Should just want and your body will be able to fully transform. With the bench on the shoulders of the trainer can change a lot. The figure will become more attractive, straight posture, scoliosis will not be over. Benefits weight. Work and you will create the body of your dreams.

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