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Exercises on the bench press and success factors in fitness

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Exercises on the bench press and success factors in fitness

The contents

  • Fitness and its purpose
  • Healthy lifestyles and basic equipment for fitness
  • The beauty of the press – the result of regular exercise
  • Exercises on the bench
  • Factors for successful training on the bench

Modern fitness aims to build a beautiful relief of the body. And the trained human body is, above all, must demonstrate the absence of fat layers in the problem areas in the abdomen and waist. To be strong does not mean to have a beautiful body, just look at weightlifters, including a large abdomen is not uncommon.

Fitness and its purpose

The basis of fitness trainings is the creation of beautiful, flexible and relief of the body and all muscles of the human body the abdominal muscles are the most attractive to the eyes of others. It is much easier to increase the mass of hands or increase the traction force, than to achieve their dice, observing the principles of a healthy lifestyle. The organism accumulates fat stocks, despite gender and age. And force him to get rid of excess – not an easy task, but doable.

Healthy lifestyles and basic equipment for fitness

Training the abdominal muscles are quite affordable. For her expensive gym membership is not required. The most convenient and high-quality simulator, namely the bench press, can be purchased in a sporting goods store for a relatively low price. In addition to pumping press bench can be used for other exercises. The main criterion when choosing a bench is its strength. Not worth saving, buying a weight bench with plastic parts or too thin metal mounting assemblies. Design must comply with two postulates – the convenience and ergonomics. It is advisable to buy a bench with the widest adjustment range, tilt angle up to parallel to the floor. This will expand the range performed on her exercises.

Special attention should be paid to mitigating pillows and cushions – they have to be of quality material, and is removable. The bench should be as stable and have sufficient weight. In folded position it will occupy no more space than an Ironing Board, and easy to fit in a wardrobe.

The beauty of the press – the result of regular exercise

The abdomen consists of three main muscles. Cherished cubes is the rectus abdominis, crossed by tendons, waist – two obliques. All the exercises in fitness associated with a bench, aimed at the elaboration of these and many smaller muscles lying under them. Also in these exercises involves the muscles of the waist, from which depends the beauty of the posture. Abdominal exercises can be divided into three main groups:

  • Leg lifts with a stationary body.
  • Twisting of the body with stationary legs.
  • Simultaneous raising of the legs and body.

The main principle of exercises is to maintain tension in the press, not relaxing the muscle in the extreme points of the amplitude. Without weights exercises are recommended in the range of 15-30 repetitions. With the recommended weights of 8-15 repetitions. The weights can be taken up the pancake from the rod or sport weights fastened on the calf. Fans of a healthy lifestyle, regularly involved in fitness, you can perform the exercises according to the method of circular training with minimal rest breaks. The beauty of the body depends on your perseverance and commitment to self-improvement, but beginners should not be too zealous – the load increase should be gradual.

Exercises on the bench

  • Simple twisting.

The legs are fixed, the inclination of the bench is 45 degrees. Without lifting your pelvis and lower back, runs the twist of the upper body. You must feel the tension in the straight muscle of the abdomen. Hands pressed to the back of the head. To facilitate the implementation of the exercises the hands to cross on chest.

  • Twisting with the rotation.

Are utilized well as obliques. Starting position is similar to the first fitness exercise, when the body twisting is performed turning the body alternately left and right. You must feel the tension in the straight and oblique abdominal muscles.

  • Simultaneous twisting.

The bench is placed in a horizontal position. The legs are straight. It is necessary when lifting the body forward at the same time raise the knees bent legs. In the upper phase, a posture similar to the fetal position. In the lower full wave rectification, but you can not touch my heels and back of the bench.

  • Alternating twisting.

The bench is in a horizontal position. When lifting the body you need to bring right elbow to left knee and Vice versa. The extension of the body should be producing, not touching the bench with his head and heels.

  • The rise of direct legs in the slope.

Set the bench at 45 degrees, take the opposite position – hands under the cushions for the feet, the legs are straightened. To make the lift straight legs to 90 degree angle to the body. It is well worked out in the lower part of the rectus abdominis muscle.

  • A simple lifting of direct feet.

Is carried out on a horizontal bench. From the horizontal position raise your straight legs to an angle of 90 degrees or more. Controlled drop without touching the bottom of the bench.

  • The rise of bent legs in the slope.

Fitness exercise is similar to the rise of direct legs, but the raised leg bent at the knees. If alternately bend the knees when lifting, it is possible to complicate the exercise. The movement will be similar to the movement of the legs on the bike.

  • The rise of the ladder.

Exercise is very difficult for beginners in fitness. Can be performed on a flat bench and a straight line. The feet are raised straight, but stepwise and alternately. The first level is 30 degrees, the second level of -60 degree, the third – 90. At each stage – delay of 3-5 seconds. Exercise provides significant isometric load to the muscles of the chest.

  • Side leg lifts.

Starting position – lying on your side, legs along the bench. Leg lifts are performed strictly in the plane of the body, without bending at the knees. Raise the legs need to angle that will allow you to perform stretching of muscles and tendons, inner thigh. Ideally to 90 degrees. Exercise affects the intercostal muscles and oblique muscle of the abdomen. Well gives elegance and beauty to the waist.

Factors for successful training on the bench

When performing a training complex on the bench should consider a number of additional factors that will lead to success in loss of fat mass in the abdomen and waist. Priority outcome is the athletic beauty of the figure.

The regularity factor is most important when training in the gym or at home workout should be a well spelled out plan.

The progression factor of the load in mnogofotonnykh the body weight is increasing the number of repetitions, which is the main principle of moving forward in fitness. In the exercises on the bench with the weights is the weight gain the weights.

The factor of proper diet is to adjust the power depending on body type and metabolism.

The main factors of healthy lifestyles – avoiding harmful habits and normalization of the schedule of sleep and wakefulness.

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