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Exercises Mercurino: methods of weight loss from a renowned champion and coach

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Exercises Mercurino: methods of weight loss from a renowned champion and coach

Curcuminoid exercises aimed at burning fat and drying of the body. With their help you can lose weight and achieve a beautiful figure. The training focuses on the correction of the problem areas: belly, hips, legs.

Anna Kurkurin, exercises which many fans of healthy lifestyles helped to create a beautiful figure, in his methodology focuses on losing weight, strengthening muscles and reducing their volume. While working in her system is what is called drying of the body: reduction of body fat while maintaining muscle mass. But the drying process is successful, physical exercise must be accompanied by proper nutrition.

According to the system, which was developed by Anna Kurkurin, training should be carried out every day and take at least 40 minutes. To quickly achieve the goal, will have to work in an intensive mode, performing as many repetitions.

Training of the whole body

For the first exercise you need a dumbbell (1.5-2 kg). Taking a dumbbell in your hand and putting feet shoulder-width apart, descend into a half squat. The back maintains a flat position, the arm is bent, knee outward. Turn body to the left. Left knee not touching the floor and bent at an angle of 90 degrees. The other foot rests on the toe box. Holding the dumbbell pull the arm forward. To complete the exercise. Repeat for the other hand and other side of the spread. Do 20 repetitions. With the improvement of physical training do more repetitions.

The following exercise performed on your hands and knees. Pull your right foot back and withdrawn as far to the right. Keep the back straight, working the knee bend. Move the leg in a plane parallel to a floor surface. Do 20 reps of first one, then the other leg. At the end of the exercise, sit on the knees, palms resting on the floor and turn the hips in different directions, relieving tension from tired muscles.

Take the initial position as in the first exercise, incline the body at an angle of 45 degrees to the floor. Left hand with a dumbbell bend, abruptly straightened up and bent again. Change the hand.

Exercises for the legs

Take the emphasis lying and make a crisscrossing motion with your legs. First raise one leg and cross over with the other leg. Then change feet, crossing again change feet and so forth at a high pace. The body trying to keep straight.

Take the 10-kg disk. More trained increase the weight to 20 kg. Falls on the floor and take position lying on your side. The legs bend at an angle of 90 degrees. If you rely on the elbow, the load will shift from the hips to the waist. Put on knee drive and 20 times lift a leg, trying at the time of its sinking not to touch the other foot. Then the leg with the weights up and fixed in that position for 20 seconds. Again, perform 20 lifts of a foot. You can make a third approach for 20 repetitions, but in front of him again for 20 seconds to fix the air lifted the leg with the weights.

Exercises Curcuminoid. Fat burning training

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