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Exercises for the press: 1 level of difficulty and training for advanced

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Strong and prominent bark muscles are an indicator of high athletic training. The press provides a tightened waist and forms an aesthetic figure. However, with the training of this muscle group, not only beginners, but also experienced athletes have difficulties. To work out the abdominal muscles, a large number of exercises of varying complexity are provided for beginners and advanced athletes. Read more about which exercises for the press of the 1st difficulty level are most effective in pumping up muscles, and how to perform them, read in this article.

Exercises for Press Development – Level 1

The next workout is suitable for beginners who do not have strong core muscles. Simple exercises are introduced here that do not exert a strong load on the abdominal muscles. In view of the underdeveloped muscle tissue, beginner athletes will have enough of them to cause a pumping effect, increasing the relief.

For pumping:

Lie on your back with your knees bent. Lower your hands along the body, alternately pull them to the feet, slightly raising the upper part of the body.
The same starting position, but put your palms behind your head. Slowly twist, alternately trying to connect the right knee to the left elbow and vice versa. 30 second break.
Lie on your back with your legs bent. Spread them, and put your hands on your stomach, lock it in a lock and straighten so that they pass between the knees. Perform twisting, slightly lifting your back from the floor.
Similar IP, putting palms behind the head. Straighten your legs, take turns lifting them up one after another. Rest for 30 seconds.
Lie on the floor with your back, bending your knees, not connecting with each other. Put your hands on your hips. Perform twisting by moving your arms forward without lifting your legs.
The same IP. Straighten your arms to the sides, raise your legs above yourself. Perform twisting, trying to reach palms to the feet. 30 second break.
Lie on your back with your knees bent. Cross your arms over your chest. Do twisting by lifting the upper part of the body without changing the position of the body.
IP is the same. Stretch your arms and legs forward. Twist while tearing all limbs off the floor. Accelerate, but not completely, so that the arms, legs, upper body remain in the air, and the tension in the muscles of the core does not subside. Keep repeating.

girl shakes the press at home

Exercises for Press Development – Level 2

If the above workout does not put pressure on the abdominal muscles, go to the advanced program. The following level 2 abs exercises are recommended by Chris Heria, a renowned American athlete in the workout and calisthenics class:

Star. Lie on your back, straightening your arms and legs, spreading to the sides. Twist by tearing all limbs off the floor, trying to connect them together above each other. Again SP.
Star with one hand. It is carried out according to the same scheme, but only the left arm and right leg are torn off the floor, or vice versa.
Lifts of the body lying with bent legs. Pull one arm out in front of you in a straight position, bend the other by placing it on the opposite shoulder. In this state, perform twisting.
Holding the raised legs and body. It is done sitting, leaning back until tension appears in the stomach. All limbs are in the air.
Turns from side to side. They are performed in the position recorded in the last exercise.
Keeping raised straight legs above the floor at a height of 15 cm. Hands are extended along the body, the upper part of the body is slightly raised to provide tension in the press.
Alternating swings with legs. Conducted in the position recorded in exercise 6.
Raises straight legs lying 10 times in a row completely, to the middle, with a short amplitude.
Complicated option. Bend one leg, put the 2nd on your knee, continuing to lift above yourself, as described in the previous version.
Twisting from the “cross” position with touching the heels. Straighten your legs and arms, spread out to the sides. Bend your knees toward you, with your palms, try to reach your feet. Return to the IP.
Rises knees sitting. Seated position, resting his hands on the floor and slightly leaning back. Lift your legs above the floor, bend at the knees, pulling to yourself, then in the IP. Throughout the set, the heels should not touch the floor.
Complicated bar. In the standard form, but with movements of the pelvis up and down.

The duration of the program in question takes 7 minutes. Rest is not provided.

Useful Tips

To acquire a relief of abdominal muscles, regular exercise is not enough. To get the maximum result:

Adjust the power. In the absence of a diet, power loads will help to lose up to 2 kg of weight, and most of this volume is liquid.
Train cubes in conjunction with energy-intensive training. Pumping the muscles of the core will not reduce the waist, if you avoid heavy physical exertion.
Do not take fat burners, pumping only the abdominal muscles. These substances are aimed at activating the nervous system for more intense activities. Otherwise, the result is minimal.
Observe proper breathing. At the time of twisting, an exhalation is made, while unbending – an inhalation. The technique will not let you get tired before the muscles get the required load.
Train your abs daily. The muscle fibers of the cortex are restored faster, so they need more frequent study. You can pump 5-6 times a week, combining with strength training.

Use a training complex, adhere to the listed tips, and in 1-2 months you can brag of cubes.


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