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Exercises for the legs: recommendations and set of exercises

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Exercises for the legs: recommendations and set of exercises
The contents

  • The need for stretch marks
  • Strengthening leg muscles
  • Exercises for vessels
  • Exercises for joints
  • Exercise for health stop
  • Useful tips

Beautiful feet is not only the result of daily or regular cosmetic care, but also the correct physical exercise. So feet stay healthy and strong, it is recommended to apply special leg exercises. Such exercises will help relieve tension in the muscles, strengthen joints, blood vessels and even alleviate the effects of flat feet.

The need for stretch marks

Exercises for the legs always starts with stretching. Stretching warms up the calf muscles, helping to eliminate the possibility of injuries, sprains and spasms in blood vessels.

  • Exercise # 1.

Up against the wall push her hands outstretched at a distance of 2-3 steps. Tilt the torso forward, back straight. Perform cross-lifting the bent leg and subsequent leg swings back. Stop the exercise when you feel growing tension in the calves and thighs.

  • Exercise # 2.

In order to have a good warm up hamstrings, suitable for slow movements with the body bending. Sit on the floor, extend your legs and straighten your knee. Stretch your arms forward. On the exhale begin to lower the body body so that the forehead touch the thighs. Bend at the maximum possible distance for yourself, keeping your knees straight. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.

  • Exercise # 3.

This movement will help to relax the lumbar and efficiently perform the stretching of the muscles of the hips. Lie down on the floor, tighten to a breast, first one foot, then the other, then both. At the peak of the tension linger in the pose for 2-3 seconds and return to starting position. Perform the action for 2-3 minutes.

Strengthening leg muscles

Reinforced leg muscles not only keep in tone the entire body, but also increases stamina. In the complex of exercises for strengthening the legs and includes a range of simple but effective movements, so you can improve muscle without grueling workouts.

  • Rise on socks — the best stretch for the ankle. Rise to toes and lower yourself on the whole foot to work the calf.
  • Stand on toes, walk around in this position for 30-35 seconds, then descend briefly on foot and again repeat the action. In order to further study the joints, slightly bend your knees. In this case, the exercise intensity will increase several times.
  • To strengthen the thigh muscles perfect squats. The deeper one squats, the more muscle is involved in the work. For best results, use incremental weights. Do squats with dumbbells or weights, changing the tempo moves from fast to slow and Vice versa.
  • For stretching muscle tissue and ligaments of legs suitable attacks. Do them with different amplitude and at different rates. Alternate direct attacks with springing movements: in the second case, the main burden will fall on the ligaments of the ankle and the popliteal region.
  • Exercises for vessels

    Exercises for the legs includes exercises for vessels. Since a functional disruption of the vascular system may become a prerequisite for the development of various diseases, including varicose veins, vascular physical exercise for the feet is required. Stretching and a few simple movements performed regularly will help to maintain the health of blood vessels even in old age.

    In addition, most of these effective exercises you can perform not even get out of bed.

    • Exercise # 1.

    To normalize blood flow and lymph flow in the legs will help the movement with vibration. Slightly lift both legs and make them dynamic podrachivaya motion, as if imitating the work of the bustline. Then lower your legs again and lift them a little higher. Repeat podrachivaya action. Exercise, despite its simplicity, effectively restores the small capillaries, greatly improving blood circulation in the soft tissues of the feet.

    • Exercise # 2.

    Lie on any convenient surface, legs and feet are brought together and hands behind the head. Softservices in the pose and make podrachivaya undulating movement of the whole body, including the legs, pelvis and spine. Vibrating movements of such amplitude help cope with spasms, normalizes General circulation and prevent blockages.

    Exercises for joints

    Podirectory insufficient to cause joint disease continue to cause difficulties in carrying out basic household activities. For this reason, it is important to develop the joints and strengthen their muscles along with legs. Among the most useful exercises for the joint and ligaments include:

    • “Bicycle”.

    Lie on a hard surface, pull the straightened leg, arm position behind the head. Make motion simulating pedaling a Bicycle. Do them both forward and in the opposite direction. A great exercise improves joint mobility, flexibility and elasticity of ligaments. Enough 20-25 times on each side.

    • The rise of the legs.

    Lie down on your back, palms place under the gluteal muscles. On the exhale, slightly bend your legs and pull them to your chest. Then straighten your legs and return to starting position. Do exercise in 3 sets for 15 times. Regular performance of such movements get rid of the stagnant problems in the legs and hip joint.

    Exercise for health stop

    Few people know that gymnastic exercises for the calf area can be saved from such things as flat feet, edema, gout, spurs and varicose veins. To get rid of these diseases need to systematically perform a set for the feet. The most effective exercises for this area of the legs are:

    • “The fist.”

    Sit on any comfortable surface. Squeeze your toes as tightly for 4-5 seconds, then release and relax your foot. Repeat the movement for 2-3 minutes.

    • Roll to toes.

    Sit on a chair or bench, raise your foot on the toes, then slowly start the roll from toes to heel and back. Perform each exercise for 2-3 minutes.

    • Stretching fingers.

    Sit on a firm surface, pull foot forward. Start to pull the toes themselves, periodically relax the foot and repeat the movement again. Do the element for 2-3 minutes until you feel tension in the feet.

    Useful tips

    To exercises for the legs was the most effective, you can use a proven tips.

  • The best time to stretch your legs and holding gymnastics in the morning. At this time all joints and muscles are relaxed, allowing you to more carefully consider even complex areas.
  • After gymnastics experts recommend to perform massage (manual or with a vibrator), and also to do foot bath with herbal decoctions. This will not only help relieve tension from leg muscles, but also help circulation.
  • To relieve swelling, you can do foot bath with sea salt and practice vigorous rubbing to avoid fluid retention in the legs.
  • Exercises for the legs includes a set of simple but effective exercises. They help to relax the muscles of the lower body, stimulate blood flow and lymph circulation, strengthen blood vessels and joints give mobility. At systematic trainings everyone will be able to permanently ensure a healthy and beautiful legs.

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