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Exercises for the buttocks: butt pumped before and after

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Usually before the summer season most of the girls, dreaming of a perfect figure (particularly in the gluteal part), rush to bring your body back in order.

Women start to go to sports halls, fitness, a study at home. However, not everyone turns to achieve the desired results in the field of pumping buttocks. Girl, watching beautiful pictures, which shows an inflated booty before and after, and have no idea what exercises to do for this.

Some people think that pump buttock just. This is not so. For a well pumped priests need to know and to do special exercises and patience. The muscles of the buttocks are the most voluminous and large in our body, so they are difficult to change, and at first will not even respond to your efforts.

Tune in to what some would not desire to affect the shape of the pelvis you will not succeed. You’ll have to deal with that gave you nature. The main thing is to forget what is too lazy to train at least 2 times a week and the main focus lay on legs, thighs and buttocks. Complex exercises will yield better results than pumping only priests.

Causes of underdeveloped buttocks
The main reason of underdeveloped buttocks, and the whole body is lack of exercise.

Our lives today are so lightweight that person during the work and in carrying out their daily Affairs very little is moving. And it’s bad for health and the body. Living in optimal conditions, working in offices, moving little and not particularly straining physically, the person weakens and becomes less developed.

Also do not forget about the fact that a woman’s Constitution differs from that of men. So, the female half of the deflection of the hull forward are stronger, and as a result buttocks look more protruding. Think it’s just what we need. But in practice, if a woman moves a little, her gluteal muscles are very weak. Plus quadriceps thighs degraded, and posture bent. In the end, the woman has nasty saggy ass.

Tips for young athletes

If you lead a sporty lifestyle, then you should know about these two concepts as anabolism and catabolism. anabolism is the increase in muscle mass and muscle fibers. catabolism, on the contrary, the decrease in body mass. That is, if you want a beautiful toned butt and want to show off to her friends how to pump up the ass pictures before and after, you have to forget about fasting and diets. If you suffer from overweight, then before you start regular exercise to pump the priests, will need to lose weight. Then pass a set of exercises for the glutes, and then again to lose a few pounds, and so continue until, until you reach the desired result. As you can see, a complete woman will need a long time to aim to a good result, but it’s worth it: the sacrifices we make for interest and admiring glances from men.

Proper diet for beautiful buttocks

Intensive training is stressful to the body. The body will try itself to get rid of unwanted effects of stress and stretching the muscles that will occur after excessive stress. This will require a large amount of energy and renewable elements in the form of proteins. The energy we receive through carbohydrates, so during an active lifestyle you need to eat right, getting food with the right amount of nutrients, and most of it is spent during exercise.

Often girls who have reached good results, expose photo with the inscription “as I pumped up the ass before and after”.Looking at these photos, there is a desire to look the same. To quickly achieve protruding taut buttocks will also help correct usage of calories per day. To correctly calculate the calories you need for the special formula found in the Internet. Main thing is to choose food that is your figure.

After calculating the correct spread ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The best are the proportions: 20/25/60 respectively.

Exercises for pumping buttocks

According to the knowledge of athletes and coaches the best exercises for building buttocks are the following:

In addition to leveling the gluteal muscles, such exercises involve the muscles of the hips and legs, allowing you to make feet beautiful and pumped.

Women often don’t want to do presses on the front region of the thighs, afraid to get too powerful legs. This is a big mistake. Without such exercises do not get rid of cellulite and skin senility. Plus other light movements will occur with difficulty. However, if you perform all exercises correctly, follow the correct technique and not to feel sorry for yourself, then the load will be mostly on your butt and not on your hips. Based on this, the fear pumped legs just illogical.

It is worth to note that if you have a bad degree of preparation, before you begin exercising with barbells and other weights during the first weeks, try to comprehensively strengthen your body. Otherwise you can get injured, stretching, after which do a long time will not be able to exercise.

The principles of training

To correctly build buttocks need to practice often, gradually increasing the load. This can be done in two ways:

  • To add additional weight each workout.
  • To increase the number of repetitions of each exercise in one approach (but try not to exceed 15-20 reps). You can increase the number of approaches.
  • With each new exercise endurance your body will grow. Gradually you will see how increased time in the gym (two to three hours instead of the usual hour). Looking at myself in the mirror, you will note a huge difference compared to how you looked before the start of training.

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