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Exercises for recovery after a workout

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Exercises for recovery after a workout
The contents

  • Phase and time period of recovery after fitness training
  • Indicators of quality of recovery after exercise
  • Equipment recovery following intense fitness

The recovery period is just as important to achieve positive outcomes of physical activity, as well as their regularity. Performing high intensity exercises, you need to understand that muscle fibers get small injuries during the healing process which strengthens muscles and forms new cells of muscle tissue. Accordingly, the process of development of the muscles happens in the recovery period.

Phase and time period of recovery after fitness training

It is considered that the recovery period after fitness workouts divided into 4 phases:

  • Fast regeneration.

This phase begins immediately after exercise and lasts for half an hour. In this period, the body being in a state of stress that goes as quickly as possible to recoup their energy and other costs. To process payments after gym was productive, it is necessary to help the body restore reserves of nutrients with a special sports nutrition.

  • The slow recovery.

This phase is characterized by the desire of the body to regenerate damaged tissue at the cellular level by protein, amino acid and enzyme synthesis. In addition, during this period, normal fluid and electrolyte balance and the absorption of all substances involved in the formation of new muscle cells.

  • The supercompensation phase, occurring 2-3 days after fitness training.

The length of this period is 4-5 days. Within him are all the same processes as in the slow phase, but their leakage is observed the intensive growth of physical indicators. The main peculiarity of this period is the need for the following fitness classes until you complete the supercompensation. Otherwise, the results of the training will not progress.

  • Deferred recovery.

This phase occurs in the case of missing fitness training and implies a high-quality restoration of forces and capabilities of the body without proper strengthening muscles and improving physical abilities such as strength and endurance.

The average duration of recovery period after intensive exercise depends on individual process:

  • to remove the lactic acid from the muscle tissues, you need 1-2 hours passive recreation, and the moderate movement activity concentration of lactic acid in the muscles is reduced to normal 50-60 minutes;
  • after exercise with long rest breaks compensation for a loss of glycogen occurs within 5-24 hours. If the exercises were performed over an extended period of time without rest intervals for the recovery of glycogen levels in the body may need from 10 to 48 hours;
  • the level of ATP-PC is restored within 2-8 minutes after the fitness classes.

Indicators of quality of recovery after exercise

Because of the above time values can vary depending on the individual, when determining the extent of recovery also need to focus on the following indicators:

  • the progression of the results of the exercise.

Muscles can be strengthened and developed only if full regeneration. In addition, the performance of strength and endurance can be increased only with the full restoration of the resources of the organism;

  • good health.

When the regeneration process has been successfully completed, the person feels inflow of forces and during the subsequent fitness workouts watches increased physical capabilities;

  • a healthy sleep.

In case of incomplete recovery, the person may feel sleepy during the day and have trouble falling asleep;

  • heart rate appropriate to the age and state of health.

If a few hours after exercise pulse rate exceeds the physiological norm, then we can talk about overtraining or dysfunctions of the cardiovascular system. In the first case it is necessary to increase the duration of the period of rest between the gym and the second to go to the doctor for consultation and direction of the survey.

Equipment recovery following intense fitness

Quality recovery after performing intense exercise should include the following actions and activities:

  • aerobic exercise.

Such physical activity accelerates blood flow and allows together with him to bring from the muscle the lactic acid and other substances that are in the result of rendering on the body physical stress;

  • passive recreation, which involves complete rest.

The recovery period for a continuous duration of sleep should be between 8 to 10 hours. Thus the need to sleep on orthopaedic mattress and pillow, so as to reduce the negative impact on the musculoskeletal system. In addition to full sleep, passive recreation includes strict adherence to the regime (bedtimes and rise at the same time);

  • massage.

Thanks to the manual exposure on the soft tissues can accelerate the process of regeneration after physical exercise. In addition, massage reduces swelling, edema and hyperemia of soft tissues, eliminates spasms and excessive muscle tension, improves blood and lymph circulation, promotes oxygenation of cells and excretion of waste products arising from anabolic and metabolic processes. Restorative massage, unlike other types, you must do 20 minutes after a workout. The optimal duration of manual manipulation on the soft tissue – up to 20 minutes;

  • water treatment.

Warm tub, sauna or steam bath to increase blood circulation and sweating which in turn, promotes rapid tissue regeneration and high-quality restoration of the entire body;

  • proper nutrition.

The menu should contain all essential nutrients, namely: protein, slow carbohydrates, vegetable fats, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

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