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Exercises for girls at home

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In this article we will discuss a training program designed specifically for women who have no time for the gym, but there is a great desire to get rid of excess weight.

Every girl wants a little to lose weight. She always seems not enough ass or thighs tightened slightly fatty, the belly sagged and so on. In General, there is no limit to perfection. But not all women can afford to acquire a gym membership or find time for it. That is why we, in conjunction with a personal fitness trainer, has developed an exercise program at home for women desiring to stay in shape, no matter what.

In order to lose weight, build muscle or to build a beautiful figure, you need to exercise. Correctly structured exercise program – a half of success, the more important the desire and motivation. We offer you to explore ready-made set of exercises for women that will be discussed next.


To start is to list all the pros of home workouts, to add motivation and desire for sports:

  • Flexible schedule (only change yourself for health, free time, everyday life).
  • Independent choice of venue (at home, outside of town, the hotel – everywhere you can find the place where it happens to suddenly be for work or personal reasons).
  • Saving on gym membership (your personal trainer is here – you just pick the exercises according to his senses, and if you have health problems, you should consult with your doctor).
  • Favorite music during your workout (you will agree that the music, even the most complex of the exercises much easier).
  • The choice of different sets and workouts (sometimes it is mood that you don’t want to jump and jumping, but instead stretch in Pilates and tighten the muscles).
  • Comfortable clothing during the classes (not all easy to do in short shorts or sneakers massive, and there’s a choice for you – even in your pajamas).
  • Household toilet (public shower – a dubious pleasure).

Seems the gym is not left the slightest chance of success. Training home for girls – without any competition. All of these “advantages” clearly make the choice for us.


In fact, there are a whole set of exercises, for which no ancillary items are required. Exercise weight loss provide a good load for working through the main muscle mass and effective fat burning process. However, for simplicity and effective use of all the muscles you should use the inventory.

Training elements, a weighted auxiliary equipment, can improve the result from the class as a whole.

Here are the main items that will diversify the athletic exercises for girls at home:

  • Dumbbells: sports equipment, which are used mostly to exercise the muscles in the hands.
  • Fitball: a big bouncy ball for aerobics.
  • Elastic band: made of rubber is used to stretch muscles.
  • Fitness gum: is shakes the muscles on the thighs and buttocks.
  • Step-up platform: sports equipment, which is presented in the form of low benches with adjustable height levels, used for cardio exercise.

Exercise program at home

Here we come close to the most important point. Now consider a complex of physical exercises, which are tailored to the peculiarities of the female body. Just 30 minutes a day to workout at home, and a nice figure along with good health is provided to you for years to come: no exhausting sessions at the gym and unreasonably high costs for the services of a personal trainer.

Let’s start with the fitness workout that will prepare you for more serious exercise. The main complex consists of 5 exercises:

Classic squats

Starting position: stand straight, arms down along the body.

Exercise: deep parallel bending the legs at the knee, diverting buttocks back, then return to the starting position.

Repeat: 10 times.

Lunges from a standing position

Starting position: stand straight with straight back, arms lowered and relaxed.

Exercise: perform a wide step forward so that the knee of the second foot touched the floor, then return to PI and change of feet.

Repetition: 5 times each leg.

Lifting on socks

Starting position: upright position of the torso, legs together, hands along the body.

Exercise: rolling with the heels on the toes – lifting the whole body up with a one minute delay, then return to SP.

Repeat: 10 times.


Starting position: lying on back, body straight, hands along.

Exercise: lift the torso upwards, trying to grab the tip of the thumb, and toe touch the knees; then slowly return to the starting position.

Repeat: 8 times.


Starting position: stand on knees, straight arms resting on the floor in front of him.

Exercise: arms bending at the elbows on inhale and reverse on exhale straighten, possible chest to touch the floor.

Replay: 7 times.

There is one special exercise for women, which is aimed at improving the circulatory system:


To open the inner thighs and pelvic floor.

Starting position: lying on his stomach, body straight, arms extended forward.

Exercise: flexion of arms and legs at the right angle to make the pose similar to a frog (bent limbs go in different directions); in this position, wait a minute and go back to IE.

Repeat: 6 times

Home workout for girls

Sport gives energy and courage. And where else to take strength in family, work, education. When fatigue comes and goes, not enough time, and children require constant attention, so it is important to find 30 minutes a day and dedicate their most beloved and dear person – yourself. Physical activity and sports exercises at home to help regain strength and harmony when it is necessary. The main thing – to overcome laziness and do not listen to moralizing from that house to engage in ineffective and dangerous. So I think only people that lack motivation.

Be careful in the beginning. If your muscle tissue are not prepared for training and heavy loads, you should start with the fitness workout that is shown above. This complex is just a couple of weeks of regular run will prepare the muscles for full and lasting employment. You will then be able to dive into the world of sport, begin to do strength exercises and cardio at home with the use of special equipment.

You should not overdo it: 2-3 times – an acceptable number of classes per week, which will allow you to maintain the sport form at the appropriate level. Do not forget that muscles also need to rest – safely cardio to Pilates and strength training on an evening jog. Fitness workout at home for girls invented for maximum comfort of any housewife.

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